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Welcome to the general OLDC discussion thread! Feel free to post and discuss anything relating to the OLDC here, from questions about the rules to sharing progress of your entries!
Oh cool, another OLDC!
Time to not interact with it at all.

Hope you guys have luck!
I remember that I last entered the OLDC all the way back in 2009, and I've never released a map entry back then did horribly, hopefully older does indeed mean wiser...
I'm absolutely stoked to see what you all bring to the table, good luck everyone! Let's make a super dope experience we won't ever forget!
as cool as this is. this will not be able to convince me to start making maps

You somehow managed to take the spotlight, and in the same breath, make everyone immediately disinterested in your post. That's impressive, I'll offer that...

okay but japes aside, if you can decode this really crappy concept sketch, you now have an idea of what I'm doin' [its an underwater air purification plant]

Can't wait to see what everyone cooks up for this!
Can't wait to see what's coming out id this!


wish i could make maps, too...
Oh man. I'm encouraged to make maps but I'm never actually gonna be good at it... at least I get to see what other people have cooked up!
As somebody who's been lurking here on and off for years, has always had an interest in level design and wanted to try it. Sounds like now's the prefect chance to do so. I can promise you it won't be good but hey, who's first level is?

Good opportunity to get into vanilla mapping as well :>
Gonna try to make a vanilla singleplayer adaptation of one of my Kart stages, with updated assets and whatnot.
Can't wait to see what's coming out id this!


wish i could make maps, too...

You can, it's easy! Just grab Zone Builder from the Releases - Software section and check out Sev's tutorial videos for tips on how to get started! If you prefer a written tutorial to a video tutorial, there's one on the Wiki as well. There's also the #mapping channel in the SRB2 Discord where you can get help if you're stuck, or get feedback and tips. Good luck!

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