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i want to be in this contest, but i am late with my maps and i think i can't take part at this because i have only 5 match maps :( :( :(

well, they are mine (no screenshots)

map90: Tropical Coast Zone

map91: Inferno Core

map92: Ice Sea

map93: Digital World

map94: Crawla's village (i am working on it)

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i got some:


You can try to enter one map if you can make it good however, you may enter only one map in each division.

i probably release some maps and for the next contest i put them with improvements, i know i can't win, i am not at the level of some editors :(


I will enter my new level Canyon Ctf It was going to be in my mod srb2 eggmanfan's update but It is here (Can we put these in net games)


How well does SCALE work in Match? I think it'd be cool where you have a "tiny arena" within a bigger arena, and there are small players in the tiny arena and big players stomping all over it.

Or how about a CTF map where the Blue Team Base is the big arena and the Red Team Base is the tiny one, right smack-dab in the middle of the BTB?

If you're short of ideas, try it!

Gemini Spark

The EX version
i probably release some maps and for the next contest i put them with improvements, i know i can't win, i am not at the level of some editors :(

It's not just about winning. Many people release their levels in the OLDC so they can get feedback on how they can improve their level design. Oh, and you can't submit levels into a contest if they were previously released, so once you submit a level into an OLDC, you can't submit it into future ones even if you improved it. (although you can put it into Releases and improve it there)

Technically, since this is the first 2.0 contest, you could port one of your 1.09.4 levels, improve it, and submit that into this OLDC.
Look, tell me with honesty; Have you EVER died from the 10 minute time limit in the classic games, OUTSIDE of the Death Egg?

Marble Garden Zone 2 from Sonic 3. I've died from the time limit a few times, because the level is very long and there's multiple routes.

And then one time I defeated Robotnik with exactly 9:59 on the clock on that zone. I scored 100,000 points for that little trick.


There is no time limit in SRB2 anymore, it seems, I've played over the time limit many times in the official game without modifying it.


It exists as a level header option.

True. It's Countdown = 600 for the basic 10 minute timer, if I remember correctly.

Anyways, I'm planning to enter the following, if I finish any of them on time:

Single Player: Midnight Meadow Zone (NiGHTS)
Match: Canyon Colosseum Zone
Circuit: Starlight Circuit Zone
CTF: None


i would rather not
I am currently working on a SP level for this contest, Twilight City Zone. It'll be in a similar style as Zephyr Hills, taking place partly in 2D and partly in 3D, but it has its own unique gimmicks otherwise.

The textures hurt my face. I think you might want to use varying textures, otherwise the scenery will get pretty repetitive.

I don't think I'll be able to finish a map in time for this contest...oh well, I'll enjoying playing and rating the different entries (especially the SP's).
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