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Classic Chars (W.I.P)


yes a mod were (almost) everyone is in classic era
character in mod/or the mod= sonic,tails & knuckles

S abilities= spindash and air boost (the one how is showed in the last cutscene of sonic generations)
T abilities= fly,spindash and bomb throw
K abilities= dive,climb and glide and crouch
(no the abilities are not done its just a concept)
man thats offtopic i cant make something thats not even related to my mod or srb2 in the srb2 MB so pls use the offtopic channel cuz is not where u send it
I think the airdash makes sense for classic sonic, especially considering he saw modern sonic do homing attacks in a cutscene and immediately learned how to do it, unlocking it for the player, although it works differently for classic sonic, where the airdash is momentum-based

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