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Chili Dog (TerminalMontage Sonic) ***SORT OF ON HIATUS***


Chili Dogs

Hasn't anyone told you not to play with fire?​

I've been working on this project for a while now. It all started when I was dabbling in mod making and someone posted a model of TerminalMontage's Sonic on the Discord server. With the community given name, Chili Dog, development began. Almost half a year later, I have made a ton of progress. He has some passive abilities and a working Super Form. There is still no projected release date for him yet as there is still a lot to do, but because he is a highly anticipated character mod, I intend to make him the best that I possibly can. This means that I have to find that right balance between legit character and meme character, which looks like has been going well. As for how he functions, he should end up playing like how he appears in Something About Sonic the Hedgehog and Something About the Subspace Emissary with some extra creative liberties taken.

Main Abilities​
  • Speed Dash - Allows Chili Dog to zoom across the stage in the same way that he does during his appearances. He will be able to run straight up a wall (Due to problems with wall detection, he will likely only be able to go straight to the floor at the top of the wall, so no wall jumping or maneuvering across the side) and dash through enemies in a similar fashion to how Modern Sonic can dash through rings with his Lightspeed Dash. His Super Form will allow him to use an advanced version of this move where he can dash in midair.​
  • Spindash - Functions the same as a Spin Character's spindash. Nothing to write home about.​
Passive Abilities​
  • Sudden Stop - Like most speedsters seen in all sorts of media, Chili Dog will be able to stop on a dime. When running, all you have to do is let go of the movement keys. This sudden halt in movement allows you to act immediately out of it, such as executing a spindash. This can also allow for more precise platforming and just overall more control over the inane speed Chili Dog will have.
  • Riplacements - If you've seen a TerminalMontage video, you'll know that the background music usually consists of four types of music: The music from that game, a remix of the music from that game, another game song that was used in similar context, and, most notably, High Quality Rips from the SiIvaGunner channel. When playing as Chili Dog, he will replace SRB2's OST with an OST of his own. If you prefer to play with the original OST, you can disable the Riplacements in the console. Some examples of the new OST will be provided below and the full playlist can be found here
Chili Dog will be able to support other characters that are released on the MB. As of right now, he has support for Milne and Kirby
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I can't wait for this Character to come out. The Moveset, and Chili Dog Himself are going to be very fun and love letters to Terminal Montage.


Chili Dogs
Great Job Chezi but I think that maybe the jumball could be a little bigger.

The "jumball"

Yeah, I'm still experimenting with the ball size. It's an easy sprite to do, so it isn't too big of a deal to fix later


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I've heard you're looking for a coder... I actually previously worked with a [cancelled] TerminalMontage Sonic before, so I could help! I still have some leftover code for its super form and stuff. If you want just DM me in Discord [TeriosSonic#4976] and we could talk about it there.


I would really like to add this to my already large collection of characters I really like to play as. Can't wait!


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boi. i loved that video. and you're saying you're working on remaking that experience?! where do i sign for beta testing?


I have a question is he gonna have voice clips that u can control if yes it's the 2nd best mod ever is gonna come!

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