Can a SRB2 Kart Android port be made?


So, since the Sonic Robo Blast 2 Android port is now OFFICIAL, and on the website, I feel like the next logical move would be to make a Kart port too. If possible, anyways. I'd LOVE to play SRB2 Kart, just to see what all the hype is about.
I think it is probably possible...


officially? probably not. but the source code is public on github so there's nothing stopping someone from just making one. Other than, you know, the effort it'd require.


Simmmmm criar pro Android simmmmm
we no hablar espanol
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Actually, a port is in the works!
uuh it's been 2 years
provabily has been canceled or they just forgot to give us news
or they're just working on it and not telling us,idk
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Well since the mobile port will be no longer be supported / will be discontinued after 2.2.9 this is doubtful
Hmm,i didn't know support would be dropped
No problem tho,working on a game and having to worry about it being functional in like,6 platforms isn't easy,STJR can focus on the PC version.
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