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[Open Assets] BoostStack 1.0

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indev submitted a new resource:

BoostStack - Addon that adds boost stacking mechannic

This addon adds boost stacking mechanic into the game, and also an API for using in other custom boosts.

Out-of-box, it supports:
  • All vanilla boosts
  • Slope boost
  • Acrobasics boost (optional. AcrobaTics haven't been tested yet)
Also, there is booststack global namespace in lua which allows adding new custom boosts. For example, booststack support have been added to slipstream in Sunflower's Garden for Tech gamemode, look for it in booststack...

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Welcome to releases! You can add the gifs now
Still doesn't work. Maybe mb having problems with uploads rn? In any case, thank you, i'll try to upload gifs later
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Welcome to releases! You can add the gifs now
Hm looks like my gifs were corrupted, made few new, they are working fine
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Thanks for creating this with us so I could host "Tech" again in Sunflower's Garden. :) Definitely was a fun adventure of figuring some stuff out, making sure even the more obscure things behaved correctly (in Tech), and that it was fully Acrobasic compatible without weird camera bugs or speed behavior (the really early versions were rouge...)

If anyone find any critical issues with other addons such as Acrobatics let us know and I don't mind trying replicate it solo. However, it helps a lot if you give as much details as possible if something misbehave, since it helps reduce time on figuring it out ourselves.

Some small note about slopespeed, if the speed feels too slow, try increase the speed. The default value was 0.3 in the pre-release, but I did reduce it to 0.1 for my server since I liked more subtle speed, but you may like 0.2 or 0.3 more.

Also thanks to Alug and rigged which are also credited in the OP. They both helped understand some things which increased the speed this could be developed to a lot, and were otherwise missed.

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