Boogie Palace Zone (sr_BoogiePalace1.wad, sr_BoogiePalace2.wad, s_BoogiePalace3.wad)

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Hello everyone. WAD These are the first that I created, so they are not "extraordinary", I grant you, but my personal view, I like them well for a first creation [...] This is a level 1 player. However, the act 3 is not a race, it was introduced in single player, but after 1 minute ten seconds elapsed, you will die and you return to the last checkpoint.The three acts supersede the act respectively 1.2 and 3 of the area Techno Hill.
It is building a nightclub.
Enjoy !

New version: I fixed the bugs, such as passages through the wall.


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Super Chris

Formerly SRB2PlayerFan
This wad needs a little bit of fix up because of the following:
*BPZ1 has a few cramped rooms
*BPZ2 has cramped corridors for the players.
*When the time reaches 1:09:99 on BPZ3, the player freezes and he/she must die to try again.
Why not merge the three into one? It's too much hassle having 3 separate acts in 3 different wads...

Okay so, the levels are cramped, textures are misplaced on some spots... And I got stucked in act 2, in that star-shaped sector with 4 Disco Eggman statues, didn't know where to go...

Also you should put more light in Act 3 and/or don't use dark textures, in that part with the minuses and dark brick texture I lost all my lives and gave up

Kim the Fox!!!

What am I doing here?
Blue Panther, you got stuck, you didn't got stucked, that doesn't exist.
And IE, you should impove your levels, because what that guys said were all. Don't worry, if you want support to make your mod, you can call me.


First levels are supposed to suck, more or less. Everyone just sucks in different ways.

My first level, for example, was this big pit that had the player jumping up a bunch of ledges to get out. GFZ texture set, as to be expected. Most of the jumps were higher than they should have been, just barely low enough for the player to climb up over the edge. There wasn't really any room to run, and I probably got my players lost frequently.

Yours? I dunno. You take a look. What don't you like about it? When I played the level, I wanted bigger corridors so my camera wasn't sticking so often. I wanted to jump over more meaningful gaps. I wanted to feel like I was on a journey, discovering what you had made for me. Instead, I felt like I was looking over your shoulder while you had Doom Builder open and following your thought process of "Hmm, I wonder what I can make next..."

That's not to say you can't change plans at the drop of a hat. I change my mind frequently when I'm in front of Doom Builder. But I always have a goal in mind, and I try to work towards that goal. I have goals of waterfalls, of rock faces, of temples. When I change my mind I simply change a goal. I wonder: Do you have a goal? Are you mapping aimlessly trying to make a finished product, or are you carving the idea from your mind into the level?

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(Front-all I'm french ==> I can not speak)

Hello, good evening ...
I would like to clarify, as BlueZero said, it is the very first level I made. It is quite normal that I have a bad level design.
Since my post on the mod "Temporal Line", I completely stopped SRB2. It was a game way too long and too hard to handle.
Now I have taken. Today, with a whole new level design that (hopefully) will blow up.
I'm full of ideas for levels, scenery, roads, etc..
Now the small problem ... .. is to read some tag properties or building level, I do not remember that simple gadgets.
I promise to see my levels Temporal Line or other levels to share soon.
Thank you for your comments, thank you thank you Kim for your help.
BlueZero: I am trying to improve at the maximum my level design. This is my first test file again. The problem of "run area" has been well fixed in my mod Temporal Line.

Thank you all.

Kim the Fox!!!

What am I doing here?
You're welcome, IE, and PM me if you need help with the Temporal Line mod, with mapping and with grammar issues in the cutscenes (you can have my help if you want to write correctly).

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Thank you thank you thank you very much, I like you.
I'll start to see some properties, create a small level to revise any of these properties, trying to win the contest, and then continue TL!


Also known as Teravolt now
I like you.
You won't once you see how rude he is on the IRC, ahahah joking Kim ;)
BTW, I found this odd graphical glitch in act 2... (or was it act 1?) on a checkpoint before the room you need to be on flipped gravity... I'll get a screenshot of it later if need.
Edit: Explorer, don't you think starting a 10 zone and 5 playable character mod for someone who can't even make a high quality level is a bit too much? Just look at all of the other dead mods here such as... Well, I kind of forgot their names. I remember Cape Cod, but I think that's only because the user was banned from here...
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Kimmy, I see that you really do want one.
For now, all I do is add zones in TL ... again and again. Finally, I must finish the first, hee hee!
I ask you soon to help the English language, with a thank you on the wad, but for now ... as I stopped for two month SRB2 ... I am armed with a notebook of SRB2 WIKI, and hop all the gadgets in the notebook !
Temporal Line advance to two per hour, ok ... I can not help it, I'm really sorry. I think even during my free hours of courses at my SRB2 level. Now, I get information on all the gadgets and the rest , and when I am expert in creating level, I throw myself on TL.
But you'll have to wait until I finish my training and I win this damn contest to help me.
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