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BlueM's Random Junk

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Too me at least, it seems hes taking a break from the community for a moment, its already been a while but I'm sure he has his personal reasons as to why, I suggest allowing him to keep his mind off and perhaps lay off talking here? If he does return I would rather not him be overwhelmed by doing so. I understand you are all worried and I am too- but we must remain respectful, clam, and patience. Trust me, if we do this and if he decides to return- I'm sure he would be thankful for not only waiting for him, but respecting his wishes- besides if he does return, we will have all the time to catch up and continue having fun together.

Thank you :wonderful:
Hello and welcome to all who came to view this thread!

This thread is all about the mods/levels that'll be working on!

As you can see, welp, you guessed it Right i'm currently working on Hesse Sonic mod!

These are all the sprites I have done currently.
these looked so good, I hope someone will use these in the future

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