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BIRD MOD V3.1 for SRB2Kart v1.3

...Featuring a surprise...

Bird mod has these cool features.

  • Camera Tilting. THE SCREEN ROTATES.
  • Music Resuming. After Invincibility and Grow, level music resumes where it left off.
  • Frame Interpolation. Unlimited framerate: the Big Large FPS, from fkart.
  • Less Battle Votes. A tweak to voting that prevents more than one Battle map from showing up in the vote.
  • Improved map Command. You can search for a map using its level name!
  • Standalone Music Loading. Add songs without packing them into a WAD.
  • A new listplayers command to replace nodes.

And now for a break down of features...

There are more features than what's listed here. This is just what I felt was most important and require explanation.

When on a slope, the screen will tilt to match the angle of the slope. The screen will also tilt inward when turning. Sliptiding makes this stronger.

In addition to level music resuming, all music will also "resync" if you experience lag that would put the game out of sync with the music.

Activating Invincibility/Grow twice will start the music over instead of looping. For the same goal as the resyncing.

The music fades out and back in when dying!

Less Battle Votes applies when the current gametype is Battle. All votes except one (even Random) will be Race votes instead of Battle.

The Encore Choices option affects forced Encore mode as well. So you can force an Encore vote every round.

The new map command can find a map based on only part of its name! For example, running map ills in console would warp you to Green Hills. Parameters such as -force and -gametype may be abbreviated.

The addmusic command and -musicfile command line parameter have been added. Each of these takes two arguments, a file name and the six character name for the song. The six character name is basically what would be the lump name minus the O_ at the start. If the music you add replaces the currently playing music, the music starts over with the new version. Adding music files this way does not contribute to the wad count and you can add as many as you like--there is no limit!

The listplayers command replaces the nodes command. It outputs slightly different formatting, colors player names, and prints the total number of players in game. It is possible to list connected nodes with the nodetree command. Each node represents a connection. A node is not the same as a player. For example, on the server side each player has a node. But on the client side only the server gets a node.

CVars for the neeeerds...

  • showviewpointtext - Toggles the "VIEWPOINT" text in replays.
  • showfreeplay - Toggle the "FREE PLAY" text if you are racing alone.
  • lessbattlevotes - After a Battle match, show only one Battle option in the vote. The rest will be Race votes.
  • encorechoices - Show more than one Encore option in the vote, if the chance arises.
  • resume - Toggle music resuming.
  • fading - Toggle level music fading when resuming and fading on respawn.
  • resetspecialmusic - Start Invincibility/Grow music over if you activate it twice.

These are the advanced options for music fading and resyncing. You probably don't need to change these. All values are in milliseconds.

  • music_resync_thredshold - Amount of lag required to resync.
  • music_resync_powerups_only - Only resync Invincibility/Grow music.
  • invincmusicfade - Time to fade in level music after Invincibility.
  • growmusic - Time to fade in level music after Grow.
  • respawnfademusicout - Time to fade music out when dying.
  • respawnfademusicback - Time to fade music back in afterward.

haha screen go whirrr

  • tilting - Toggle camera tilting on slopes, as well as the other tilt options.
  • quaketilt - Toggle tilting when turning.
  • tiltsmoothing - Speed of tilt smoothing. Lower values are faster.
  • actionmovie - Tilt with earthquakes.
  • windowquake - Turn it on, I dare you.

Bird mod now includes fkart, but I'm not going to go into detail about that here. All the options for interpolation are in the Video Options menu.

Bird mod also includes changes in KartKrew master up to 25 September 2020. So there's some bug fixes in here too, like for engine sounds!

Source code HERE

And special thanks to the Birdhouse team. They give birds a good name! Hannu was also the one who ported fkart to 1.3, very cool of him. Birdhouse will probably get a release of its own soon, which will surely be bigger and better than what I have here, but I figured I'd give bird mod one last shot!

P.S. Eldog made a thing because he liked Less Battle Votes so much, check it out!


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I haven't been able to test how this truly works in a netgame, but I place enough faith in jameds to have gotten this working. However, do feel free to post if any issues crop up.
BIRD Mod replaces Less Battle Votes. Just read the original post. There's no changelog, because everything is new!
BIRD Mod V2 released!

These are the changes at a glance (read the OP for details):

  • listplayers command replaces nodes and getplayernum.
  • Instances of "node" where it may be confusing have been replaced.
  • Level music resuming, optionally disabled via resumemusic. Also see crossovermusic.
  • Level music fade in via growmusicfadein, supermusicfadein, and defaultmusicfadein.
  • showfreeplay toggles "FREE PLAY" HUD text.

The version of BIRD Mod is also identified on the menu and window title.
BIRD Mod 2.1 is released.

I added back kartvoterulechanges. It now sets the other two variables. Those two variables also can't be changed by admins. Sorry!

This update resolves "Netvar not found" warnings in console. If you don't mind seeing those, I guess you may not need to update, assuming the netcode plays nice.
Bird mod 3 is released!

Check the OP for details. Some things were added, others removed. Features that were removed include Reset Downloads and a number of options from Less Battle Votes. I also redid music resuming.
Updated again to 3.1!

I added some options to tweak the camera tilting, as well as an option to disable music fading. Also fixed camera tilting not applying on No Physics slopes.

And since the surprise is over, the OP documents camera tilting now.
Hey, I was wondering if there was a way to run this bird-mod on an Nvidia GPU, I'm interested in trying to run SRB2Kart on the GTX 1660ti that's in my Helios 300?
If you can run SRB2Kart you should be able to run bird mod too.
Be aware that Nvidia GPUs on laptops sometimes need to be coerced through Nvidia Control Panel to actually run with a game that it doesn't recognize. You should be able to select the .EXE and tell it to always run the GPU with the game. Alternatively, go into power settings and tell Windows to always be in High Performance Mode while plugged in.

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