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Bean the Dynamite 1.0


I apologize for the necropost, but I've only just found this release.

I have been having an absolute blast with Bean and ran through the game quite a few times (along with some map packs) trying to master his abilities. However, I've started to feel like he's a bit too strong after getting a handle on his mechanics; the height, distance, and turning potential he has in midair results in him rarely having to interact with the actual stage, making a lot of maps feel fairly same-ey with him.

Now, these custom characters were never meant to be balanced, but I had a hypothesis on how Bean's mobility could be brought down to be a bit closer to the vanilla characters (Knuckles, specifically, comes to mind) while also making him interact with the solid surfaces of the stage more. If a bomb explodes in contact with a surface or an enemy, Bean can bomb-jump as he does normally, but if he detonates the bomb in midair, he only gets 2/3rds of the force, drastically reducing his ability to gain height and out-thok the Thok.


I've never done any modding before, but I was so invested in this idea that I've learned some Lua and cracked open the mod to add four lines to make this behavior possible. As demonstrated, Bean can still gain some height with the bombs, but it's nowhere near as gamebreaking as normal; the bombs are more useful for maintaining his verticality rather than gaining it.


On the other hand, trying to time a bomb jump using a bomb that impacts the ground has a comparatively bigger reward, which makes sense given that timing a bomb for non-manual detonation is much harder.

And this is an example of nerfed Bean performing a similar skip to the one on the main page.

I'm not proposing a change to Bean, as the original version of the mod is already one of my favorite characters. But I thought this was an interesting experiment and a glimpse at a version of Bean that's closer balanced to vanilla mobility.


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bosses as bean are so fun
The only boss that is kinda difficult is the metal sonic boss fight because of how easy it is to blow yourself out of the arena
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