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Onyo submitted a new resource:

ATO - Auto Tourney Organizer - Tournament assistant with automation, announcements, logging, and disconnect protection!

ATO - Auto Tourney Organizer

ATO is a set of tools to help real, human tournament organizers run a successful tournament with the least amount of hiccups possible.

What does ATO do?
  • Automates running through a set of maps without needing to manually enter commands yourself.​
  • Announces to players when a new set is starting, and what map is coming up next.​
  • Automatically resets player scores at the start of a new...​

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Onyo updated ATO - Auto Tourney Organizer with a new update entry:


  • ATO now reads the server's inttime setting and performs map changes at the end of intermission instead of waiting until the vote screen.
    • Removed parameter ATO_IntermissionTimer due to now being redundant.
  • Removed restriction preventing non-random sets from starting during the vote screen.
    • If you start a set in the vote screen, it will move and start immediately! Make sure you notify your players before you do this.
    • Updated message when trying to...

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