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Hey guys, for my college class I need to create a survey relevant to a certain population and collect responses. I figured I'd do one for SRB2, since this kind of information can be interesting to all of us around here.

This survey is anonymous, is ten questions long and will take approximately 2.46 minutes of your time. (Yes, I made that up.) It contains two basic demographics questions as well as questions about favorite/least favorite gametype, what the current version was when you discovered SRB2, among other things.

*EDIT* Thanks for your participation! I uploaded the results here in .pdf format. Sorry for sendspace...
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So you just started this now? (*Print's out a T-shirt*)

I have a Drunk Driving PSA due then as well.


I filled out the survey.

Also, I remember seeing an in-depth 25 question SRB2 quiz a while back.


If I recall correctly, that was trivia about the community at the time, not a survey.

Thanks for the responses thus far.


I was playing Starcraft on around nine or ten years old. I figured I'd leave a spot for it in case we had an intrepid soul or two.


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How to make SRB2 better?
I reponded: update more often XD

In all seriousness, glad to see the community helping one another.


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I think you made a mistake on question 5. I can't check "A lot better" in both columns at the same time.


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I took it.

One way to improve? BETTER CONTROLS >.>... is what I wrote. :P
I had trouble choosing between Tag/H&S and CTF as my fav gametypes, but I chose CTF anyway.


Same thing happens to me.

I know its late for some of you, but I fixed it for those who have yet to do the survey. To those 42 of you who have taken the survey as of the time of this writing, I thank you very much.
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