• The Official Level Design Contest is back! For those not in the know, the Official Level Design Contest (OLDC for short) is a contest held multiple times a year, accepting maps of all kinds, from all users, to compete against one another. During the voting process, voters are encouraged to leave feedback on every level they have played, which makes the contest a very effective way to get constructive criticism on your levels, allowing you to figure out what you might need to do in order to improve.

    Basically, if you want to get into level designing, if you're already an experienced designer, or if you're somewhere inbetween, join the contest! Show your work, get enough eyes on it, let people give you ideas and feedback, and you might even win the coveted title of Contest Winner!

    Please read over all the rules carefully, even if you were around during previous contests. Some rules have been changed, mostly for more leniency, and you may be happy to see some of the changes, especially if you're a fan of creating custom content!


    1. Make sure that the level works properly, that it is normally accessible, and that it does not interfere with other levels. This means that:
      • Single Player levels need to be completable, and show up as the first level when starting a new game.
      • Multiplayer levels need to have enough player starts, and need to be accessible via level select.
      • Existing resources (textures, objects, sounds, music, etc.) can not be overwritten.
      • Any scripts present in your level must not interfere with other levels. If your level contains significant gameplay changes, please ensure that they are contained solely within your level slot using a MapLoad hook. In this case, please notify us in your submission post.
    2. Previously released levels are not allowed. Private testing is allowed (and encouraged!), but the level must not have been released on the MB or elsewhere.
    3. The level has to be your own work. This means that ports, remakes and edits of existing levels are not allowed, unless the original level is yours. In such a case, the level should be sufficiently different from your original level.
    4. Aside from the Single Player division, the following Multiplayer divisions are present in the contest:
      • Circuit
      • Match (with support for SRB2 Battle's Control Point and Diamond in the Rough gametypes)
      • Capture the Flag (with support for Battle CTF)
      • SRB2 Battle's Arena
    5. Each participant can submit one level to the Single Player division, and up to three levels to each Multiplayer division. Collaborations are allowed, but fall under the same entry limits.
    6. Custom assets and scripts are allowed! Custom sound and music is also allowed. This sound and music must be under 3 MB total. This filesize limit is shared between all of your Multiplayer entries.

    To submit your level, create a new thread in the Contest Submissions subforum. If you submit multiple entries, each one requires its own thread. Entries are due twice per year, at 23:59 UTC (18:59 EST), which means the deadlines are as follows:
    • OLDC Round 1: June 1st
    • OLDC Round 2: December 1st
    After each deadline, all entries are gathered into two files. One contains the Single Player entries in a small hub world, with a map voting system courtesy of the SUGOI series. The other contains the Multiplayer entries, reorganized into a map rotation per division. Within one week, these files will be compiled and uploaded for the public to play through, which kicks off the voting period of two weeks. During this time, a discussion thread for the contest will also be opened. Once the voting period is over, the votes will be counted and the results will be made public as soon as possible.

    1. To vote, make a thread in the Contest Voting subforum. It will be private during the voting period, and will be made public alongside the results.
    2. The actual voting is done by ranking all entries of a division, from favorite to least favorite. You don't have to vote on all divisions!
    3. Participants voting on a division they have entered are required to rank their own entry first.
    4. When providing comments or reviews, remember to keep it constructive!

    Now get out there and get mapping! Don't be afraid to show off your progress. Good luck and have fun!

An Oldc vote (God i hope i do it right this time)


15.Aquatic Port - Roblox moment. That's all i'm going to say.
14.Hakuryu Dojo - is this level a refference to some game that i don't know? Anyways the maze was anoying beacause it turned out that you weren't even suposed to do it. The main problem is that its veeeeerrry long.
13.Albaster Fountain - Someone did a oopsie and now the background broke. Outside of the visual glitches, pretty fun level.
12.Overgrown heights 2 - Oh cool this one's back.It's fine i guess. A fun level. I got stuck behind the goal.That's it.
11.Galactic Facility - Cool level. I gets done what it was going for. The outside parts can be a bit confusing to navigate.
10.Azlant Ruin - Right after booting up the stage there's a ramp and you're suposed to run of of it. But I got stuck and the camera broke. Also in one portion of the level, when you're underwater the lighting makes it look like you're outside aka. not blue. The framerate in some spots can also sometimes drop to 14fps.Aside from that the level is pretty fun and dodging all these obstacles in the mach speed segment first time was satysfying.
9.Gate Garden - Nice level. Another reference to another game that i don't know but i don't really care. the level features some decent platforming but there's one issue. It doesn't have a death plane :insert gif here:.
8.Fatal Factory - Cool. Gives off SA2 vibes. And just like in SA2, I suck at rail switching. It's tough but fun.Really enjoed it.
6.Shadow of Aztlan - The sequel to a level from the previous OLDC. And i got a SIGSEV ;-;.10/10 you can push the horse. Fun level. love all the little easter eggs and I have no idea what's going on with the story but i like it c:
5.Knothole Coast 1 - Hey look SRB1. The level feels open but a bit empty in some areas.Enjoyed the little secret with the original. Nice try at replicating some of the gimmicks from the remake (:
4.Dark Marsh - Ayy Sonic Rush. Why do people say that this one's confusing to get through? It's just pretty much a straight line.Enjoyed the begening parts of the level, beacause the later half is a bit too tough. The combination of moving platforms and insta kill water can get a bit anoying.
3.Emerald Aether - A cooler more open version of GFZ. -10 points for the dragonflies or whatever the bomb shitters are called. I hate them.
2.Foilage Furnace - Wow just look at the visuals. No honestly this level looks really nice. In one part i fell and got stuck for a minute but I just needed to use a spindash jump to get out. Very fun stage to run through.
1.Pagoda Park - Right after booting up the level I instantly knew who made it(; (i don't really read the author names lol).Woah. This level was awsome. Not only are the visuals great but the level design is ecselent! I spent like 10 minutes in this level just running around and exploring. I also realy like the transition to Aquatic Park from Sonic Colors midway through to realy make the best out of the chineese/japaneese theme. The waterslide also caught me off guard and was a fun obstacle. Really well done.