All SRB2 2.0 Emblem Locations

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Very clever. I never find the emblems for the character I'm playing as though for some reason, just the other character's.


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The one for Tails in GFZ2 is especially clever. But all of them are very clever indeed.


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Off Topic: Misleading title FTW

On Topic: They are hidden well. Except I can't try to find anymore of them since SRB2 doesn't load anymore. >_<
There are many awesome ones. Last I wowed was Knuckles one in CEZ2.

I´m having a really tough time trying to find Tails emblems in DSZ2 and RVZ1. I´ve flight on every room, I´ve go everywhere underwater (and underlava, even dying behind it with the green shield)... Yet there´s somewhere in both levels I haven´t been and I can´t see it...

Any clue? (Without spoiling the exact location, just a hint, like "it´s really high near some lava" or "in a secret path"...)


I never seem to find a character's emblems as that character, but while searching for a different characters emblem, and so I keep track of where they are


I loved Sonic's DSZ (2?) emblem.
[spoiler:8b5381cb5f]You have to get to the spot where you see a dragon on the floor. Step on the eye to open a door. Go in. Put 2 Gargoyels on a srping underwater. Then push it in the crusher so you can walk. Do the same with the next one. And there is the emblem for Sonic.[/spoiler:8b5381cb5f]


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I'm having a lot of fun looking for and trying to obtain them. One of my favorites so far would probably have to be Sonic's THZ2 emblem.
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