Adventure Sonic (v1.5)

Adventure Sonic (v1.5) v1.5


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I love this mod, it all feels fantastic, but can anyone tell me the skin name, I can't seem to find it for BuddyEx.
Literally the mods name lol


Also if you wanna check skin names type "skin" in the console it will show the char your playing as skin name


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Sega should literally remake generations but with sa and boom as unlocks
Funfact:adventure sonic was "supposed" to be in generations bcs of the adventure era
But it was scrapped last moment
So yea team generations with the 3eras is "kinda" canon


i am now butthurt af we didn't get adventure sonic gameplay in generations. too good of an idea for 2010s sega i guess.


hey wasnt a new update going to come out when 2.2.10 released i assume the devs are busy but its been a bit since 2.2.10 released

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i am now butthurt af we didn't get adventure sonic gameplay in generations. too good of an idea for 2010s sega i guess.
Word out on the rumor mill is that Adventure Sonic (Or rather, "Dreamcast Sonic") was planned in the early phases of development, but later got cut and merged into Modern Sonic to trim down development costs and time. Similar rumors also include a cut 3D mode for Classic Sonic, and a more elaborate story that got trimmed down massively before release to meet deadlines. Take that all with a grain of salt, though.


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The mod needs a fix for spindash it's not full control in 2.2.10 plz fix it
...Can you explain in more detail what you mean? Maybe provide a gif of the problem in action?

Because from what you're describing, it seems to just be an issue on your end.


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Well you see you can't move the spindash or roll in any direction in 2.2.10 instead it works like the regular sonic spindash/roll which is wrong
Nope you prob messed up his spin control on the sa-menu
Just type "samenu" on console and on the 2nd option
Thats not an issue with 2.2.10 at all


wanna report something about the sprites, not sure why but when sonic is running left or right while the camera is facing him on the side, you can see that during his top speed running animation the incorrect sprite is being shown.

in the GIF, I am just holding left and right.


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