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Adventure Sonic (SA-Sonic) Progress

I haven't been getting updates for whatever reason, looking really good, Glad to see it hasn't died.
Major respect to everyone taking their time to really make sure this mod comes out great.
Makes me wish we had a modern knuckles to go with this or Modern Tails, SA2 eggman, just the whole cast, Ih ope someone picks up on that, or if can get the skill needed to make'em, already trying to learn how to make levels, and major respect to anyone doing this, it feels really hard to, really puts into perspective of the amount of effort that goes into making a good mod.
Best of luck to everyone this addon has made it so far!


Will there be a light speed attack? I'm bored and nothing is happening where I am, so I felt like asking a question.


uhh, sup




That dude who observes.
This SA-Sonic mod actually looks (arguably?) like it's created from the devs of SRB2, the flow of it is super identical to the original (because the base is the og sa1/2 yes i know.) So yeah great job on your progress :)

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