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Adobe Valley Zone - A scrapped Sonic Overture level concept, translated into SRB2

Rolly Polly Pal

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Earlier this month, a zip file containing numerous assets for the cancelled fangame Sonic Overture was released to the public. Among the files included within was a series of tilesets and concept sketches for a so-called "Adobe Zone".


Conceived by Pixy-pie, the level sadly never got far past the initial draft phase, and was seemingly scrapped before the project as a whole ended up cancelled. After seeing the assets for myself, I was immediately inspired, and saw potential for these assets to be used for a custom SRB2 map with a very unique setting and aesthetic. So, with Pixy's permission, I have begun work on slowly turning Adobe Zone from a 2D concept to a full 3D level! I am also working closely with her to make sure the level adheres as closely to her vision as possible.

Here are a few of the screenshots I've taken so far. Please bear in mind that these are not indicative of the actual level design itself, I am still currently in the process of creating and importing textures and assets, and testing how they work in the engine. Consider them a proof of concept more than anything.






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Hey everyone, a brief update on developments that have occurred recently. College has me more busy than I expected but work is slowly being done on Adobe Valley zone. I dont have any real screenshots to show but I do have a small bullet point list to provide:

  • Firstly, changed the name to Adobe Valley zone as per Pixy's suggestion to give it more of an identity.
  • Speaking of, Pixy herself will be graciously working to provide higher res versions of object sprites in order to give the map a higher level of quality (textures will still use the original spritesheet as I do not want to burden her with too much work, but extra thanks to her!)
  • Decided to port the test map to UDMF so I can better take advantage of the new features the format provides.
  • I'm working on concepting the level layout before I start putting pen to paper and messing around in UZB.

Hope to share more definitive progress in the coming months!
Started working on mapping out the basic layout of AVZ in UZB, using a sketch of the level design I drew on paper and then translating it into the editor. UZB slopes really are fantastic, and I hope to have some more substantial progress ready to show off very soon. :wonderful:

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