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I think the game just needs to be finished with the current physics in place. Any more physics changes should be the beginning of Sonic Roboblast 3.

Besides, way too many objects have been made to use the current physics to the point that they would all need to be redone to be adapted to the new physics.
Unfortunately for you, I doubt they agree with you, considering we've seen wall-running GIFs in the OS. I get the basis for the stance, but I don't think they even plan ON a SRB3 in the first place anymore, and even with the previous pace, it'd be a decade before SRB2 was finished.
I just want to know what they're replacing the thok with.
OS, #devetopment, scroll up. If you are banned, can't help you.

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If Skrunk is placeholder then perhaps an option to consider calling it could be "Rolling Climb" or "Romb" for short? Could help convey that it's used to climb along surfaces that you spin into while jumping, whether that be the ground or a wall.

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