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I've heard that some improvements for OpenGL are planned to be added in a 2.2.x update. No idea when that would be completed but I wouldn't expect it in 2.2.12 for sure.
i'll put some ideas here: i'm going off of some previous conversations from the first page of this thread, meaning i don't have a lot of context here
  • battlemod in vanilla, as long as it doesn't smush itself in-between the vanilla co-op experience, i'll be fine with it, (maybe remove/lighten some of the nerfs though, it's definitely not beginner friendly right now and srb2 is striving to be what battlemod isn't)
  • ringslinger & the thok, both have a very high chance of being removed (one of them having a 100% chance of being removed), if battlemod will be in vanilla, ringslinger will be removed, no questions asked
  • next, singleplayer stuff, starting with remakes of levels previously left unfinished, mostly red volcano, dark city, and egg rock, and some other things about the game
    • rvz1 will probably stay the same, with it's second act already having a "main gimmick" in place, rvz3's boss though, i couldn't tell you
    • erz2 has already been shown to have a full revamp, i hope erz1 looks just as cool... although brak will no longer inhabit bcz, as long as dcz is finished
    • speaking of, dark city zone... a early dev map for 2.0 has been made, and a zone in beta quest was also made, but i don't think both of those will be used as a basis, aside from the textures
      most likely brak will no longer be a reskinned cyberdemon + archvile combo, chances are he will have his old 2.0 ai (thus the reason why his mobj(s) exist in 2.2 today), but probably improved since the old brak fight is a pain in the butt to deal with
    • all of the levels may be modified to use/not be abused with momentum, the thok has already been removed/nerfed to hell due to this, so it's no surprise that some of the harder levels will be modified to allow more momentum use, mostly everything in the latter half
    • resprites will most likely be a thing, will sonic still be a retrace of a retrace of a retrace of xtreme sonic? who knows...
    • some of the bonus/challenge levels will be removed, and i have a few key subjects
      • aerial garden, it's made by one of the most generally hated/made fun of users in the srb2 community, and it's a pain too
      • azure temple, it's literally an entire level underwater, next you'll tell me they remove all the bubble patches too!
      • techno legacy, people really hate this one for some reason, i don't get it... maybe acid doesn't look right on a "techno hill" level
      • maybe some of the nights stages idk i don't play nights
    • some people have made jokes (including myself) of srb2 becoming pay-to-win or something, i say if stjr completely runs out of money, and they don't have their own jobs outside of srb2, then srb2 may become a little pricey, otherwise it will stay free (for the better)
    • no new characters... there's a bit too much as it is here
  • hopefully a bunch of the stinky restrictions, such as the skin limit, the color limit, and the file limit are all removed/greatly increased
  • hopefully the thok stays as a character ability number/flag so people don't have to make the thok in lua to use it
  • hopefully a lot of unused stuff is in there so modders can use a bunch of early srb2 textures
and that's all i have to say about 2.3 for now. 2.3 isn't gonna be released tomorrow, however, so some of this stuff may change, maybe erz2 won't look as bright, or blue mountain zone may be reintroduced... who knows?

tl;dr for those who don't like essays: why stjr gotta remove the funny speed move i loved the funny speed move :devastation: i also liked the funny ring fling mode too 😭:dramahog:
all jokes aside, long live srb2!
then srb2 may become a little pricey, otherwise it will stay free
This is not going to happen,because as if you didnt heard in 2017, Sega allow fans to do basicly ANYTHING with Sonic IP, as long as its not for profit. If STJr does make SRB2 to be pay-to-play,Sega will get mad for not obeying the rules,and SRB2 would be taken down.

I get it this is just your idea, but if it happens, SRB2 is going to end in the drama as Sonic Omens (and that game had a lot of controversy,one of them being that you need to BUY the demo of the game WITH REAL MONEY to play it),with how both games would be for profit.
yeah kinda stupid point
srb2 solos much more than omens ever could
stjr's decisions seem kind of dumb and maybe even biased sometimes, but they'd never go as low as making you pay for version 2.5 of srb2 which only adds a new texture or something (and the pricetag ofc)
but i will say that other games the devs/higher-ups are currently making (such as snap the sentinel) will most likely affect the success/development of srb2, at least in terms of price & money, unless some of them have "normal" jobs
ofc this is all on money terms, mostly unrelated to the actual game
Momentum technically is in the game via rolling, but it is not in the game while in your running/walking states. For example, if you run down a slope in GFZ2, you will stay at a constant speed, while when you roll down a slope in GFZ2, you will gradually gain more speed.
Currently, the dev team is currently working on making running down a slope also gradually gain speed, and it also has a custom build for it on GitHub you can compile.
2.3 is supposed to have this momentum feature, and momentum is a factor in why the thok is going to be removed, as it's gigantic 60 FU speed boost is insane even for me as a thok fanboy myself.

Also, if the peelout were to be put in SRB2, chances are it'd just be spindash but you're in the running state after you release the charge.
Also also, I would also like to suggest like one more custom button. Why four? Evens it out a bit, also lets some creators give more characters seperated abilities I guess.
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Although momentum mods do exist in version 2.2, and they do basically what I just described earlier, making you be able to gradually gain speed on slopes, and in some circumstances, even gain speed by just running on the ground for long enough.
Momentum technically is in the game via rolling, but it is not in the game while in your running/walking states. For example, if you run down a slope in GFZ2, you will stay at a constant speed, while when you roll down a slope in GFZ2, you will gradually gain more speed.
What you are describing is acceleration, not momentum. Momentum has nothing to do with gaining speed and everything to do with holding onto it once you have it. The harder it is to stop while in motion, the more momentum you are carrying. Walking carries little to no momentum as it should, but you do take a moment to slow down to a stop from the running state and this does seem to take a little bit longer downhill while being very quick while trying to go uphill. As such, running does seem to be using a very basic form of momentum coding, though probably not physics based if I were to make a quick guess.

True momentum physics would basically mean that regardless of what the normal cap is on your running speed, once you've obtained a higher speed than that entering the running state wouldn't slow you down and you would instead continue maintaining the same speed you're already at through carried momentum. The faster you are going, the harder it would be to stop. You'd still need to use things like slopes to actually accelerate if you wanted to gain more speed on top of that.
I'm think.
1. Update (remake) of egg rock
Art 2 for red volcano.
2. Update moveset for Metal Sonic, Fang, and Amy Rose and Sonic.
3. Momentum (or im cant call srb2 a best sonic fangame)
4. Update the RingSlinger gametype
It's Interesting fps gameplay but little unbalance
And if sonic team jr wanna remove a THOK
That can and should be balanced.
Else good idea add new weapon rings for him
Homing ring (with balanced for game)
And maybe most powerful
Like bfg from doom
(Plus two new button will be quite helpful for mod makers, like for emotes)
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srb2 solos much more than omens ever could
That is agreeable,though my point still stands. Omens' demo had to be bought,and it started one of many controversies the game would have.So much so Sega discovered this demo and the rule has crossed (the rule i mentioned wasnt made up,it was from Sega in 2017).
some more ideas:
reintroduce the homing ring from final demo, maybe make it act like homing revenant missiles from doom, except it's a ring and it probably despawns after a few seconds
a "bfg9000" ring would not be a good idea tho i mean look at the people who spam rails and automatics you really want to give them a bfg9000-esque weapon?
of course, ringslinger, just like the thok, is like 99% doomed, so if RS gets removed, the suggestions above will be null and void
zero ring remaster, it was a fine map, and all of the maps in 2.2 are from 2.1 anyway a final demo map wouldn't be the worst addition (with some adaptations of course)
there are a few things i don't want srb2 to become:
sonic utopia #452, momentum is fine, and sonic utopia and it's 2 billion other spinoffs are very good games too, but srb2 is much different than just "another 3d classic sonic game where you run on slopes and do practically nothing" (that's what that srb3 tech demo can be used for! we gotta reintroduce that one as the sonic robo utopia game cmon cmooon)
bought by SEGA or something. SEGA has never "bought" a fangame before (the closest we've gotten is the devs working on a official sonic game), but if it were ever to be possible, then SRB2 could become something different than just a fun fangame created by a small-ish group of devs trying to figure out how to make the next big fangame (and succeeding very much)
being copyright claimed by nintendo. pipe towers is too good to be claimed!!!

these are mostly jokes, i love srb2 and i love stjr (they made this game after all), and if any member or staff on stjr are reading this for some odd reason, you're doing very good, please keep going and take your time
promise me 2.2 has me hooked, i could play that for literal years and not get bored
i doubt it
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new music would most likely be added, but previous music will probably not change much
unless of course they think the 2.2 ost is low quality, or not high quality enough, or for whatever other reason change it
The OST already had a major upgrade for 2.2 (with completely new tracks in some cases), so any change to that will probably not be as extensive.
Will they put a port of srb2 for xbox, ps and nintendo?
...port the game by yourself using the source code.
And if you don't know how to do that(which is fair, I don't even know if SRB2 on consoles like that is possible, myself, and the game is unstable enough on android), you can always connect a controller to whatever device you use to play the game and play it like that to make it feel like it's on a console like that.

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