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2.1 Soundtrack Throwback

This is the 2.1 Soundtrack Throwback mod (or 2.1ClassicMDMixes as the file suggests). I've always enjoyed the soundtrack of version 2.0/2.1 and how it manages to capture some of that classic Sonic charm, so I decided to do my own take on things. This mod replaces the current 2.2 soundtrack with an all new remixed (or de-mixed) version of 2.1's ost. I went through every song in 2.1's soundtrack and remade them all keeping Genesis limitations in mind (5 channels, percussion, and 3 PSG channels). While most of them respect these, I cheated with a few of them by giving an extra channel or so. Please read the attached .txt file for more info about this modpack.

All mixes are edited down versions of the midis present in 2.1's music.dta file. All remixes were done in LMMS using mostly the Genny VST, various samples, and a bit of the Ultimate Mega Drive soundfont.

This music pack has two parts. The default game's music pack, and the multiplayer music pack. I'd recommend always using both at the same time, though. See the attached .txt file for more info on this.

There are 2 songs replaced in this modpack not done by me. Drowning (replaced by the version from Sonic 1), and the Starman theme (replaced by a Siivagunner rip of the Sonic 2 invincibility theme).

There are a few songs that are not covered at all in this modpack, and you can see all of them in the .txt document provided.

All of this aside, I started this mod back in May, and I'm super happy that I'm finally releasing it. Hope you enjoy!


  • 2.1ClassicMDMixes V1.0.7z
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  • 2.1ClassicMdMixesMP V1.0.7z
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  • Music Info.txt
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I want to check something, as we're fairly stringent on music files getting through submissions for file size and bandwidth reasons, how exactly did you make these? Did you remix these yourself or did you just run the midis through YMMS and took what came out the other end without manual work on your end? I'm checking to make sure this doesn't fall foul of rule 1 of the submission guidelines and "Music replacements will be immediately rejected". (The rule intent being to block direct rips as music replacements, not legitimate remixes of course)

On that note, I will ask you to either leave Green Hill untouched or do your own rendition of the theme instead of using a rip from the original Sonic the Hedgehog. Drowning and Starman Invincibility technically break this rule as well, but as they are jingles I'm happy to look the other way with regards to those.

Also I cannot for the life of me figure out what the Record Attack theme is, I don't see it listed on the credits.
I made these by putting them all into LMMS first and foremost. From there, I went ahead and made any custom instruments I wanted to use. From that point on, I went around the track and made them all mostly adhere to the limitations of Sega Genesis music (i.e. 5 channels, DAC percussion, 3 psg channels, one typically used for triangles). Not all of these adhere, some typically have one more channel (specifically songs that use a lot of string instruments), and sometimes 2 samples play at the same time (although to my knowledge after double checking everything this only happens on songs that have orchestra hits such as THZ and RVZ). Most of the notation in these songs remains the same (apart from missing/cut down tracks); however, a few changes were made to make them sound more appealing, specifically the ending notes of a few songs. In some songs, I also added more/changed the percussion, as Classic Sonic songs have a lot more percussion than 2.1's do. Tl;dr while based on the original Midis, they're not just lazily slapped on with a generic soundfont and released, legitimate time and quality control went into these.
In terms of your other things, I actually replaced Green Hill in the MP .wad with my own cover of Splash Hill 1, guess it was a good thing I couldn't get it to properly loop lol. Record Attack is listed in the attached .txt above as the Competition Menu from the Sonic and Knuckles Collection.
Hope this answers everything.

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on another note, i just realized i forgot to take off green hill zone's original theme being on the original .txt document lol. fixed that, but i don't know how to edit posts on here (if it's at all possible).


The unreliable judge
on another note, i just realized i forgot to take off green hill zone's original theme being on the original .txt document lol. fixed that, but i don't know how to edit posts on here (if it's at all possible).
You can edit posts by clicking on the 'Addon settings' button in the opening post. It's just above your profile picture on the top right of your first post in this thread. On regular posts (like this one) the edit post button is on the bottom right.

Anyway, this checks out. The only real matter is one song being miscredited ('Green Hill' is listed in the text file, when in reality it's a mix of Splash Hill) but it's a known issue so it can be fixed and it's not enough to warrant holding this in submissions over.

As I know that these are custom made and not just midi swaps, I am happy to release this. But the usual rules against music rips still applies, this gets through because the remixes had been manually worked on. As some discussion was kept rolling over into the release post, I'll also not delete the posts made while this was in submissions to avoid confusion.

Welcome to releases!
yeah that's just the weird way i format things, sorry about that. fixed it to be a bit more clear. nevertheless, thank you so much!
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NotQuiteHere said:
Orbital Hangar (Either act of ERZ can replace this, I have no idea which file in SRB2 this song is).
Infernal Cavern (O_MP_FIR can replace this, I have no idea which file in SRB2 this song is).
O_MP_DOM for OHZ and O_RVZ2 for ICZ.

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