2.1 Levels

2.1 Levels V1.3.2

Hey look!

Mods on this level pack to make it look 2.1-ish!
I'm sorry if I'm 2 days late but how'd you get the old rings, springs, font, decorations and signpost?
Sorry for the delay, but we initially didn't have the old springs and rings(They were just the modern springs and rings with older sprites pasted on top of them). For the old signpost, that came from SRB2 The Past. The font and decorations I ported over myself directly from 2.1, as when this initially released, I didn't have much to work with besides older enemies and bosses being ported. I also had no map making experience, so I had a friend helping me out to make sure I didn't accidently break anything-

Heck the whole reason this pack as a whole exists is because of a pretty crappy port of 2.1 levels that I got my hands on that was not in any way faithful: The maces in CEZ were not rotating properly, cacti hurt you in ACZ, ERZ2 used its 2.2 iteration(So no shrink ray section and no ray gun at the end), certain music tracks were missing which included all of the midis, and the most sore thumb of all was that it didn't use ANY of the old enemies that were ported over... despite it also utilizing the old bosses that were ported over. So out of a desire to make a better one, I set out to do just that.

Sorry about the slight tangent, I am just so excited about what we're about to bring to the table here. I don't wanna spoil it, but I will let slip that rings here will be the proper old rings :)

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