1-up sound can't be replaced


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According to the source code, if DSONEUP is not found then DSCHCHNG (the tally end sound) plays when getting an extra life if the game is set to play a sound instead of the jingle. However, DSCHCHNG will stay even if a WAD that includes DSONEUP is loaded (see attachment, it's a renamed DSKC42).

This also happens in 2.2.1. I wish I hadn't forgotten to report it


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It doesn't work because sound lumps by default aren't cached until they need to be played for the first time, so the entry for sfx_oneup never sets up its lumpnum to reference DSONEUP and the check for its existence fails. We're currently working on getting an official DSONEUP sound done so we can get rid of that condition and just play the sound. In the meantime, you can use the soundtest command to forcibly call S_StartSound on sfx_oneup and link it properly. (sfx_oneup should be 168.)


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I thought there was another way to make the game use a custom 1up sound. Dimension Glaber uses a custom 1up sound effect instead of a 1up music track and it plays.


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Dimension Glaber uses MAINCFG's Use1upSound to set it up, I guess that gets the game to wake up. I was trying to do it the non-game-modifying way of just feeding the game the right sound file.
Wait a second... SRB2 used that! Not only Dimension Glaber. It uses mods! I looked into the cdsfx.pk3's files. I will get a mod about that, but not the cdsfx.pk3 itself...

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