1. highonfunnystuff

    Custom character is missing rotations, but they exist!

    SOLVED: I just had to put S_SKIN on top of the hierarchy and add S_START and S_END on the bottom with no files between. Thanks to everyone for quick and helpful replies! Error: R_AddSingleSpriteDef: Sprite STND frame A is missing rotations (1-8 mode) To create my character, I've imported...
  2. DekuJuice

    Nikocado Avocado 1

    JEEPERS CREEPERS The result of one of many of my friend group's cursed racer ideas, here's the Mukbang King himself in all his glory, Nikocado Avocado. Voicelines sourced from various Nikocado youtube videos.
  3. RektZenkaYT

    [Reusable] Gorilla Kart 1.1

    Reject humanity. Embrace your inner ape. This mod is about monkeys from one of the most popular VR games, Gorilla Tag. Return to monke. This mod will probably never be updated. (WARNING: THIS MOD IS A MEME)
  4. Zoraxua

    [Reusable] Mecha Sonic 29: Rocket Metal 1

    Rcoket Metal!!! I saw the other release of 29 and thought 'wow I don't like this, but it's reusable' so erm. I made my own! Sweet! Here's the abilities: Basic stuff! Pressing Rocket's Jump ability will reverse your Z momentum, like a uh the fall thingy, uhh CA_FALLSWITCH (but wow sparkles!)...
  5. highonfunnystuff

    How to use git version control for a single pk3 file?

    I'm new to creating characters in srb2, so I was wondering how to initialize a git repositore inside a pk3 if it's somehow possible. I'm pretty sure some workarounds should be made in order to achieve this. Any suggestions?
  6. JABSphere94

    Sweet Tooth (Classic) | SRB2 Kart character V1.0

    This was my attempt at recreating the Twisted Metal 1/2 Sweet Tooth in blender he only has per-rendered sprites for now. Enjoy! Twisted Metal, Sweet Tooth, is owned by Sony Computer Entertainment.
  7. GreninjaBoy23

    Voice Clips for a Potential Tiff Mod for SRB2 Kart

    I would like to share these files of voices that could work on a mod for SRB2 Kart that adds Tiff from Kirby Right Back At Ya. The voice clips used are taken from the Show, as well as voice clips of Meril from Shaman King Power of Spirits due to the tone used by voice actor Kerry Williams, who...
  8. TheboiMIKE3232

    Is there anybody who can help me on making mods

    So i cannot make sprites on the mac version of slade can somebody help me with modding like help with art. I would appreciate if somebody can help. Down below there is my mod if you can help modify it in your post put the file there.
  9. TheboiMIKE3232

    Im using slade for making mods for srb2

    Can help me about making sprites for my mod because on slade its not working. ,Mike
  10. Zarosguth

    Jet Metal Sonic Revised version 1.0.3

    Jet Metal Sonic (JMS) is my first SRB2 addon and has been a ton of fun to work on. I hope people will enjoy playing with it as much as I enjoyed making it. FEATURES: JMS's main feature is the Charge Abilities, moves that are charged up to improve their effects. You can read the details here...
  11. Aidenmash

    Aidenmash The Wolf!

    Aidenmash The Wolf! 🔥 I'm working on my first character mod! And of course, it's gotta be of my OC, Aidenmash! He is very VERY early in development, with only some HUD elements and a front standing sprite finished, but i'm sure he'll come out great by the end of this! He has fire...
  12. Josh723

    Stickman V1

    Enjoy this character i made!
  13. NikomDaEpick

    [Reusable] Nikom & Doux v1

    Get ready for double trouble! Nikom and Doux are on their way to race against everyone they see. One of my first characters i made for SRB2K, i hope you like it.
  14. bepisgaming

    [Reusable] Somari V2.0.1

    The fusion between Mario and Sonic, coming from the NES bootleg Somari the Adventurer comes to Kart! Taking the speed of Sonic and the weight of Mario, he'll show the other racers he's not just a knockoff! My first character for SRB2K! Enjoy! Credits to Superjustinbros for the 8-bit kart.
  15. isaquecst01

    Somebody is working on a another modern character?

    The two only is Modern Sonic V6 and Modern Knuckles V1
  16. TheLastKitchenGun

    STC Super Sonic (Fleetway) v1

    so sonic the comic super sonic/fleetway abilities: press c1 to fire a laser Hover/Float Hold Spin and you'll start floating upwards for a second, then you'll start hovering Thok/MultiThok It's a thok. wow. if you have 30+ rings you gain multiability and a small stat boost the color also...
  17. The Sin Heartless

    Ann the Slicer 0.90

    Once started as a joke about making the badniks of Metropolis Zone playable, after years of development hell because of mental health issues, the character is finally here. The slicer is here. The abilities Slide Dash is your key movement tool, available through Custom Action 1 while on...
  18. Speccy

    Speccy the Kitsune v1.4 w/ Model

    So you might remember a previous add-on of mine, it had RPG mechanics, was quite buggy, and overall wasn't fun to play as. What if we just, take that, remove the RPG mechanics, and make it play normally? Here's the result: (CSS Portrait by Totally Lerf (aka Heromi)) Speccy got herself a...
  19. Diggle

    Seacats Pack - Characters from Umineko: When They Cry 1

    Seacats pack! This is a pack of characters I commissioned, all from the visual novel series Umineko no Naku Koro ni, aka Umineko: When They Cry. The artist for all of these is ShihoAJoke, who did amazing work! Thank you so much! All of the voice clips come from Golden Fantasia, the fighting...
  20. SilverVortex

    Legacy Hibiki v1.0.2

    Introducing (Legacy) Hibiki Kuruumiya, an abrasive and angsty young man with some (very literal) massive firepower! (Wait, Legacy? What's that all about?) Hibiki is a simultaneously fast-paced, reaction heavy but also patience testing character, with a myriad of abilities that make use of...