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Granblue Fantasy Character Pack (v1.01)
Version: V1.0, by Elesito Elesito is offline
Developer Last Online: Sep 2020

Category: Version: SRB2 Kart Rating: (1 votes - 3.00 average)
Released: 06-02-2020 Last Update: Never Favourites: 1

Ok, it feels like strong winds came from nowhere and blew Grandcypher out of the route, transporting Gran/Djeeta's crew to the Mobius Pla- I mean Mobius "Skydom". But what follows next? Sonic & friends riding on a new adventure with legendary skyfarers to stop another evil plot? Such plot envolving an ominous plan from Dr. Eggman using a machine to disrupt air currents, thus detouring the Grandcypher?

Well, maybe Cygames might do a Sonic event with this crappy plot in an unknown future, but who knows?

Let's introduce the Granblue Fantasy Character Pack!!

This is one of my favorite series, so I felt that it is a good opportunity to make an old dream from my Mario Kart days come true and bring some wai- I mean, some different characters into a karting game.

Besides another franchises' characters or OCs, I'm planning to add more Granblue characters in the future and bulk up this pack line-up, so stay tuned!



The girl in blue - the cheerful and pure main heroine from this series. And guess what, she’s light and frail as a feather as she is supposed to be, having a hard time against heavyweight characters. On a positive note, her good recovery and lightweight stature compensates for intensive tight corner tracks and enables both easier handling and momentum to dodge projectiles in battle mode.

Speed/Weight: 4/2
Default Palette: Cerulean
Voice Actor/Source: Nao Toyama (Main Game)
Prefix: LURI


Inside her resolve to be acknowledged as one of the greatest swordswomen of all skydoms, resides a big sisterly character toward anyone she cares about. You could say that karting is more-or-less one of the ways she has found to hone her senses since she can test herself under high speeds and pressure. Nonetheless, she is responsive, fast enough, can spark quite easily in drifts and her stance makes she a bit harder to get off the track, despite her female Draph stature.

Speed/Weight: 7/5
Default Palette: Lilac
Voice Actor/Source: Mao Ichimichi (Main Game)
Prefix: NARU


Half living, half dead Erune who can tame spirits though she’s a bit afraid of ghosts, in an ironical sense. “But ghosts and spirits aren’t the same thing…” Ok, I can overlook this excuse since she tamed and gets along with her beloved spirits Beepo, Momo, Gigi and Nichola. A bit faster than average while she can recovery quite well from heavy hitters in bumping trades.

Speed/Weight: 6/3
Default Palette: Cerulean
Voice Actor/Source: Madoka Yonezawa (GBVS)
Prefix: FRRY


Meant to protect the world but naďve when it comes to how it works, she yearns for learning about humans’ interactions, wanting to live as a normal girl and apart herself from the role of a merciless arbitrator. Her well-rounded stats reflect her purpose to maintain the equilibrium of the cosmos.

Speed/Weight: 6/6
Default Palette: Thunder/Platinum
Voice Actor/Source: Ami Koshimizu (GBVS)
Prefix: ZOOI


V1.01 (Jun 2020)
  • Changed Ferry's prefix from "FERI" to "FRRY" to avoid conflicts as requested by @ThatAzazelFire
  • A little update on Zooey's hitconfirm clip, fixing some editing leftovers

V1.0 (Jun 2020)
  • Added new characters Lyria, Ferry and Zooey
  • Some Naru’s voice clips were updated to a more “in battle” climate from the original release.
  • Naru’s internal character name was changed from “narmaya” to “Narmaya_GBFPack”, for the sake of name standardization.

Download Now

File Type: pk3 KC_GranbluePack-v1.01.pk3 (1.55 MB, 281 views)


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Name:	kart0000.gif
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Views:	2613
Size:	2.09 MB
ID:	32555   Click image for larger version

Name:	kart0004.gif
Views:	160
Size:	2.54 MB
ID:	32557  

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Old 06-02-2020   #2
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Welcome to Releas-

Where's Zeta?
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Old 06-10-2020   #3
The Ghost
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oh hey i discovered a conflict in your pack with mine

my pack's Feri (who uses the prefix FERI). you probably get the point

i would suggest changing Ferry's prefix to FERY or FRRY so it doesn't conflict
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Old 06-11-2020   #4
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Originally Posted by ThatAzazelFire View Post
oh hey i discovered a conflict in your pack with mine

my pack's Feri (who uses the prefix FERI). you probably get the point

i would suggest changing Ferry's prefix to FERY or FRRY so it doesn't conflict

I thought before that the internal name is more critical for avoiding conflicts with another characters than the prefix, but actually I was wrong...

Thanks for the feedback!
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