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Northern Park [Discontinued. Use Kart Mania instead.] Details »»
Northern Park [Discontinued. Use Kart Mania instead.]
Version: 3, by Super Chris (Formerly SRB2PlayerFan) Super Chris is offline
Developer Last Online: Jan 2021

Category: Version: SRB2 Kart Rating: (1 votes - 3.00 average)
Released: 01-02-2019 Last Update: 01-23-2019 Favourites: 0
Multiplayer Levels

This version of Northern Park will no longer be updated as it is now part of Kart Mania

Northern Park is another level I created for 2.0 Kart. Much like Southern Park, the mirror to this level, I decided to give it a remake and came out with an all-new version of this course.

Unlike Southern Park, Northern Park is more "turn-based" than its mirrored level.

With that aside, I hope you enjoy this level as much as I did making it!

Version history:

  • Version 1 (New Year's Day 2019): Initial release
  • Version 2 (1/5/2019): Minor fixes. Map now takes place at sunset. Stairs have been removed. (Major credit goes to Victor Rush Turbo for the curved slope assistance.)
  • Version 3 (1/23/2019): Added a MUSICDEF lump due to version 1.0.2 of SRB2Kart.

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Old 01-02-2019   #2
Probably Responsible
D00D64's Avatar

You're welcome to releases, but... Really, almost no visual difference at all? I had to double take to make sure I wasn't getting deja vu. You could have done any number of things to make it at least a little visually different. Heck, the bare minimum is like, changing the sky to sunset or something. And on the note of visuals, why are there these 2.0 looking stair slopes at the start, especially since you clearly know how to make slopes, and one like that would be easy to turn into slopes? Finally, the turns at the end... really dont need much turning. I just had to shimmy a little, barely deviating from a straight line.

Despite all that, it's not BAD or anything, its just... kinda "eh".
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Old 01-23-2019   #3
Super Chris
Formerly SRB2PlayerFan
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Updated for SRB2Kart version 1.0.2!
Sometimes, the things you want to do in life will have to wait.
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