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MD2s for Hats
Version: 1.0, by LoLface299 (Wane) LoLface299 is offline
Developer Last Online: Dec 2019

Category: Version: SRB2 Rating:
Released: 08-18-2018 Last Update: Never Favourites: 2

The hat MD2 pack contains 30 hats, here they are, in a gif:

Most hats also appear in first person, some don't. I can't change or fix that. Some hats don't work with other characters, I can't fix that either.
These hats were fitted for the Saturn-Inspired MD2 pack by Jeck Jims. The hats mod is from SpectrumServ-v7.61.To use this, put the MD2 folder in the SRB2 folder. The supplied MD2.dat is optional if you just want them, or you can just add this to your MD2.dat:
DAPH hats/dapper.MD2 15.0 0.0
TOPH hats/tophat.md2 4.0 0.0
OFCR hats/coppers.md2 39.0 0.0
FDOR hats/fedora.md2 175.0 0.0
SNGL hats/blind.md2 12.0 0.0
HDST hats/headphones.md2 4.0 0.0
SNHP hats/melon.md2 4.0 0.0
BLHP hats/blackheadphones.md2 4.0 0.0
TRIH hats/wizard.md2 9.0 0.0
HELM hats/helmet.md2 170.0 0.0
BNNY hats/bunny.md2 170.0 0.0
CPTN hats/captain.md2 39.0 0.0
BSBL hats/baseball.md2 7.5 0.0
YOYC hats/yoyo.md2 7.5 0.0
RUSH hats/russia.md2 7.0 0.0
DSTK hats/detective.md2 190.0 0.0
BRET hats/beret.md2 5.0 0.0
MSKT hats/musketeer.md2 12.0 0.0
FTHH hats/classic.md2 3.0 0.0
PILT hats/pilot.md2 2.0 0.0
SKLC hats/goth.md2 39.0 0.0
AVIA hats/skye.md2 1.8 0.0
SOMB hats/sombrero.md2 3.2 0.0
STNT hats/stunt.md2 2.0 0.0
SNTA hats/santa.md2 4.0 0.0
CTBR hats/cunningdisguise.md2 3.5 0.0
OVAH hats/ova.md2 7.5 0.0
SPRT hats/spartan.md2 2.4 0.0
SPBL hats/spartanblue.md2 2.4 0.0
MASK hats/mask.md2 15.0 0.0

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Old 08-25-2018   #2
Prime 2.0
Grape flavored
Permanently Banned

Welcome to Releases!

SpectrumServ is not hosted on the SRB2 Message Boards at the time of writing, but nothing's stopping anyone from making a wad that can use these models. Or even just fiddling with the md2.dat to put them on something that already exists, honestly.

As per normal, please don't link to wads outside of the message board.
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Old 08-31-2018   #3
or Sinny the Fennec
Sinny33's Avatar

I like them all
Sinny33 is offline  
Old 09-21-2018   #4
Gunner Runner

you, my friend, are a hero for these MD2s. atleast to me
Gunner Runner is offline  
Old 09-21-2018   #5
yes i am that guy
sonc's Avatar

i like the models, but i want a PAC-LAND (JP) hat.
"English isn't real and the only language is feelings." -Bill Wurtz, probably 2017, idk
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