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Skin Banning
Version: 1.0, by Lach (nanananananananananananan a) Lach is offline
Developer Last Online: Aug 2020

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Released: 04-05-2018 Last Update: Never Favourites: 0
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Do you hate when people climb into unreachable places as Knuckles during Tag/HnS? Do you like to add Silver during Co-op but wish you could un-add him when you switch to Match? Did a character's Lua abilities accidentally break and you wish players using said character would stop flooding errors into the chat?

This script lets the host player ban or unban any character skin at will. When a character skin is banned, all players using that skin will be switched to Sonic (or the character nearest to Sonic that isn't banned). If a player tries to switch to a banned skin, they will instead be switched back to whatever skin they were using prior. I've even added support for character_diceroll.lua, so that the diceroll will always pick a skin that is not banned!

Use the command banskin <skin> to prohibit players from using a particular character skin. It will accept either the skin name or the index value of the skin. Using this command on a skin that is already banned will unban it instead. You can also unban all skins at once by using the value -1. Only the host or an admin player can use this command.

Use the command listbannedskins to see a list of all currently banned skins. All players can use this command.

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Welcome to Releases!
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About time someone made something like this, now we can finally have matches without thok spamming.
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