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taggercontrol - More ways to tag players. Details »»
taggercontrol - More ways to tag players.
Version: 2.0, by jameds (james) jameds is offline
Developer Last Online: Jan 2021

Category: Version: SRB2 Rating: (1 votes - 3.00 average)
Released: 10-09-2017 Last Update: 11-21-2017 Favourites: 1
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Have you ever been playing Tag, and found yourself with a tagger who's away, or one that's not very good?
So someone voluntarily sacrifices themselves for the good of the match.
But I thought it would be better if that could be done automatically!

Version 2 expands upon this original idea, bringing many more configurations.

Tag and Hide and Seek specific variables:
  • taggers <1-31> -- The mininum number of taggers.
  • taggerpercentage <1-99> -- The percentage of players who should be taggers.
  • limittaggers <Yes/No> -- If taggers can be untagged.
  • minsurvivors <1-31> -- Overrides the number of taggers, keeping atleast one.
  • blindtime <0-6> -- Survivors who trade roles with a tagger become blind for a number of seconds.
Variables that apply in all game types:
  • strikes <1-6> -- The number of strikes players get before being eliminated.
  • taglimit <0-31> -- How many eliminations must occur before the round ends.
  • taghazards <Death/Hazards/Player> -- How players can receive strikes.
    Death: By getting hit by another player, or dying.
    Hazards: As above, but also by environmental hazards.
    Player: Only by getting hit by a player.
  • strikescoring <Uniform/Increasing/Final> -- How points are awarded to a player who strikes another player.
    Uniform: 100 points are awarded every time.
    Increasing: An increasing amount of points, based on the strike number, is awarded each time.
    Final: A large amount of points is awarded on the final strike.
  • paralyze <On/Off> -- Eliminated players are paralyzed, just as in Hide and Seek.
  • eliminate <On/Off> -- Eliminated players are forced to spectate until the next round.
  • autorespawn <0-30> -- If greater than 0, dead players respawn after a number of seconds.
  • tag [player] -- Toggle a player being eliminated.
  • maketagger [player] -- Make a player "IT".

    When player is ommited, operates on yourself.
    player can be either a name or number.

Using taggercontrol in your own Lua scripts:
taggercontrol globally defines a few functions and a table called taggercontrol,
which you can use to access some internal functions and variables.

Detailed documentation is presented in the source code.

All commands and variables are server/admin only.
By default, the variables are set to not alter normal gameplay.
Credits are placed in a header at the top of the file.
This addon is placed in the public domain.

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Welcome to Releases!
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Updated to version 2.0, see the original post for details.
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So ashamed that no one is talking about this, interesting lua for the Tag gamemode

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