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Super Debug
Version: 2, by SSG3 (Oh, THAT Youtuber...) SSG3 is offline
Developer Last Online: Nov 2020

Category: Version: SRB2 Rating: (1 votes - 3.20 average)
Released: 02-28-2017 Last Update: 09-25-2019 Favourites: 1
Characters Scripts Re-Useable Content Sprites/Graphics Is in Beta Stage

Credits: RedEnchilada for the camera (I slightly modified the TAS-CAM to work here)

This mod is inspired from the Super Mario 64 Super Debug mod. I thought SRB2 could make good use of this, so I created this.

Super Debug controls:
Weapon Next/Prev (apart from the object spawner menu) Changes menus. The object spawner and music player menus require you to also hold RING TOSS to switch away from their menu.

Holding custom 3 at any time activates NOCLIP mode, where you can clip through walls, floors and ceilings.

In the object attachment menu, hit Ring toss to toggle Player attachment mode.

Object spawner menu controls:
Weapon Next/Prev: change highlighted menu option
Custom 1: Change value up by 1 (FRACUNIT/10 on scale)
Custom 2: Change value down by 1 (FRACUNIT/10 on scale)
Ring toss normal: Over numbered values: change custom1/2's value to 10 (FRACUNIT on scale and 16 on flags1 and flags2)
Ring Toss (on Flags1 & Flags2): change custom1 and 2 increase/decrease value to 256
Toss Flag (on Flags1 & Flags2): change custom1 and 2 increase/decrease value to 4096
Custom 3 (on Flags1 & Flags2): change custom1 and 2 increase/decrease value to 65536 (FRACUNIT, basically)

Hit ring toss normal on SET XYZ, SET ANGLE and SPAWN! to confirm/set the values.

Music Player menu:
Ring toss Normal: Change custom1/2 increase value by 1
Weapon Next (Not Holding Ring Toss): Increase value by 1 (10 when RING TOSS NORMAL is held)
Weapon Previous (Not Holding Ring Toss): Decrease value by 1 (10 when RING TOSS NORMAL is held)
Custom 1: Play Music (Hold ring toss to play it without looping)
Custom 2: Stop Music
Holding Ring Toss causes weapon next and previous to switch menus as intended

Any objects attached can be spectated by pressing RING TOSS. Whilst spectating, Rotate Cam L/R Rotates the camera

If you ever get lost, use the command "debug_showinstructions" which toggles the instructions on and off

The last object spawned through the object spawner will be automatically attached. by default, MT_PLAYER and MT_GFZFLOWER1 cannot be attached through the object attachment menu. Spawning them through the object spawner menu bypasses this.

Using this, you can create bizzare things like this

Or even this:

The object attached may sometimes bug out, causing you to latch on to the same object you detached from earlier. Player attachment doesn't suffer from this, however.

Spoiler: Changelog
V2.0.0 - Players who can't use super debug can still use GOD and NOTARGET as usual, amongst MF_NOCLIPTHING which is also set as the skin/tool
- You can now change the colour of spawned objects in the object spawner (doesn't affect most objects). Defaults to 21 (green, aka unmodified colours)
- You can now see what object you're spawning in the object spawner
- The object spawner also skips through number 203 to prevent a SIGSEGV crash. Also prevents you from going past/under objects with ID 900 or 1
-The music player no longer goes below 1

Controls have been updated and command debug_showinstructions has been added.

Singleplayer/P2 Bot can now move around freely rather than be unable to move

Player attachment: spectating a player now shows their respective life icon when viewpointing them. player scale and ring count are also shown on screen

Object attachment: Now shows object scale and health. The object's sprite is shown on the screen as well.

V1.0.0 - Initial Release

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Welcome to Releases!
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Lol, this wad is SOOO hilarious.
Keep the work up! ;)
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It's been over 2 years, but I finally got around to update super debug. Check the changelog for details.
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