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[Ability] Insta-Shield
Version: , by Sapheros Sapheros is offline
Developer Last Online: May 2018

Category: Version: SRB2 Rating: (1 votes - 3.00 average)
Released: 01-11-2017 Last Update: Never Favourites: 1
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"Ew, that range, its so big"
"why can't I hurt people with this? i lag too much to shoot :v"
"why won't this be in 2.2 as an actual ability?"


Yes that range is too big, it sucks it only hurts enemies, and I doubt the devs will let any character besides Sonic make use out of this...

But it can always be a little better.

Introducing the Insta-Shield, as a Jump ability!

Unlike FSonic who chuckles, this isn't a "press spin in midair" ability, its a simple Double Jump ability like the original S3K. However it has gotten a minor nerf, along with a helpful buff.
  • The Insta-Shield's range and height has been reduced from 128*FRACUNIT down to 80*FRACUNIT which makes the use of the ability a little harder to hurt enemies with, but can still do its job right.
  • A minor difference from FSonic's Insta-Shield is that this Insta-Shield will die when hitting the ground, so no need to see the Insta-Shield graphic while standing or running!
  • The Insta-Shield can now hurt players in ringslinger gametypes, pretty useful as a last resort melee weapon with someone trying to steal your weapons, especially helpful if your server is cursed with Prisima's ais.lua since you can't retaliate with rings when its added.

The major problem with the Insta-Shield is that if you have a shield, are equipped with invincibility or turned super, the ability will not activate.

Bugs: When hitting an opponent with a fresh Force Shield, the proper hurt message will not display

Any other bugs with the Insta-Shield are going to be similar to the bugs with FSonic's Insta-Shield.

Credits to TehRealSalt and Manic for the really useful help I had to beg and plead for,
Steel Titanium for the last minute testing,
and most of all, Credits to the scripters of FSonic for setting the foundation to the ability.

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