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Haunted Heights Zone Details »»
Haunted Heights Zone
Version: V2, by DrTapeworm (The Crime Slime) DrTapeworm is offline
Developer Last Online: Aug 2020

Category: Version: SRB2 Rating: (7 votes - 5.00 average)
Released: 05-01-2015 Last Update: Never Favourites: 3
Single Player Levels

Originally entered in the Sep/Oct 2014 OLDC, it's Haunted Heights, but somewhat improved! Fanfare, confetti, etc.

It's a spooky halloweenie! Sonic and technicolor friends must cross an industrialized mountain range inhabited by all sorts of ghouls and ghosts. Pumpkins come alive and shoot fireballs as you run by and cascades of ectoplasmic slime flow through the strange factories inside the mountains. Hazards include moving conveyor belts and disappearing platforms; can you make it through without getting SPOOKED TO DEATH?

There are five emblems hidden in the level, three record attack emblems and a special Medal of Halloween Honor bestowed to those who beat the devtime of two minutes.

Changes include:
  • The "knuckles-only" barrier at the end of Sonic and Tails' route is gone, allowing custom characters to complete the level
  • New music composed specifically for the level
  • You can't get stuck on the bases of the conveyor lifts in the last area anymore
  • The awkward teleport in Knuckles' route was removed
  • The factory tower in Sonic and Tails' route is less visually barren
  • Various other minor edits to level design and visuals

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Old 05-07-2015   #2
Graphic & Sprite Modder.
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I apologize for the delay. Welcome to releases.
Currently thinking of something to put here.

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Old 05-08-2015   #3
Roach when Sonic
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I'm so glad to see this being updated.

But... is it me or is the 1up sound in here the thok sound?
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Old 05-09-2015   #4
Neighborhood Memer
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Dang, the music sounds amazing, and the visual upgrades make the factory sections some of the best looking parts of the level, which is saying a lot because this is one of the better looking SRB2 levels I've played in a while.

One thing though, why is there a standard folder inside of the zipped folder?
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Old 05-11-2015   #5
Christmas is coming

Originally Posted by MotorRoach View Post
... is it me or is the 1up sound in here the thok sound?
It is, I hear it too.

I really enjoy this map! Everything seems custom built from the ground up. I'm still having a lot of trouble finding the emblems around the map, but that just means you placed them well. Good job!
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Old 12-13-2016   #6
STJr Team Representative
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Just got around to playing this. Wonderfully designed, with great gimmicks and music. I particularly like how the pumpkin enemies leave chunks of pumpkin behind when defeated.
FM synths forever.
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Old 12-20-2016   #7
Pretty chill guy
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Perfectly executed level! I've come back to playing SRB2 after a couple of years of not playing it, and I've been amazed at how boring some of the old maps I once loved actually are. A lot of old levels and level packs from the 1.09.4 era had a really samey feel, mostly because the only variations between the levels were the "flavor" of the hazard pits: death pits, water pits, lava pits, slime pits, etc... These hazards all basically functioned the same way, and when you load up Mystic Realm and play through it again you'll realize that all you're really doing is jumping over a different-colored pit each zone (with some minor exceptions, of course). All this leads me to an often-unshakable feeling that I'm not really playing anything.

The brilliance of your level is that you actually play it! It feels like a game! This level explores so much more in the way of hazards than the old-style maps with a level of excellence not commonly found. Absolutely everything works in tandem to create NEW experiences. This is rare. The best I can usually do when I make levels is try to create a feeling through use of the level design, but you actually create new interactions between the player and the game world! Not only are these experiences new, but they're implemented in an expert manner. The player is first introduced to each hazard in a relatively safe environment, and then each successive time the task is a little more complex and a little more dangerous. This isn't just level design - it's game design. And it's awesome.

I loved the disappearing platforms with the lights. For the first time in a while, I found myself actually using my brain to plan out my course before jumping. I had to use a combination of memory, timing, and deduction using the overhead lights to decide exactly when to jump and where to jump. And it took a while to get used to! Rarely does SRB2 make me think about the best course of action and make me learn a new skill along the way. Normally I just DO. ERZ1 and ERZ2 are the only official maps that have made me play this way.

I also loved how the enemies actually served a specific purpose within the level. Prime mentioned in another post somewhere in the subforum that enemies are actually gimmicks. These enemies are exactly that. I actually sorta hate crawlas, and buzzes, and the like. They can serve some purpose sometimes, but most of the time I think they're there to fill space, and if not, then they're annoying. You flying pumpkins were a little bit annoying with their fast firing rate (I personally think you should tone down their firing rate), but they serve their purpose and are actually fun to kill due to their amusing death animation. The other guys with the ghosts flying around them in a circle were a textbook example of using an enemy as a hazard correctly. There's an effective risk-vs-reward mechanic baked right into their DNA. Do you jump around them, risking a more difficult jump but guaranteeing that you won't get hit? Or do you try kill them jump straight through, making a more direct jump but risking a potentially lethal knockback? Amazing stuff.

In any case, this level was astoundingly well done. By the last room with the moving conveyor platforms, I was down to one life and my heart was actually pumping hard by the time I hit the end-level sign. Only multiplayer games and Dark Souls can usually get my heart to race! This was one of the few times in my recent SRB2 experience that reaching the end of the level felt so satisfying on it's own. That's how I can tell that you've made an awesome level.

Incredible job DrTapeworm, I hope to play more levels from you soon!
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