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Camera Stand (for 2D Autoscroll, and more?) Details »»
Camera Stand (for 2D Autoscroll, and more?)
Version: 1.0, by D00D64 (Probably Responsible) D00D64 is offline
Developer Last Online: Nov 2020

Category: Version: SRB2 Rating: (1 votes - 3.20 average)
Released: 06-29-2014 Last Update: Never Favourites: 1
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By far the most "I don't care anymore" release on the MB yet, it's the camera stand. What is it? It's a stand that a camera hovers above. The stand acts like a statue while the camera floats behind and looks in a direction. If the stand is destroyed, the camera disappears, and the focus goes back to the normal player camera.

...But it's primary purpose is to be put on conveyor belts to scroll the camera. As a result, it's default function includes blocking walls on both sides, about 810 units away from the camera. If the player gets beyond this via level geometry pushing them out, they die, via autoscroll crush. This can be disabled by removing the function from the script, allowing you to (potentially) use it for other things.

Due to the stand being a pushable object, it can set off pushable triggers, meaning, for example, you can scroll vertically by making the stand trigger the floor it is on to raise, or make a function on the level trigger depending on where in the level the camera is, making for some potential scripted sequences. Put a little thought into it, and the potential really opens up.

Also, make sure to read the script, as it'll tell you how to spawn them via the level itself, because if you put them in just by placing them on the map, you cannot use checkpoints. Just take my word on that.

No example levels included. I keep saying I'll use that one level for something, but... I just don't care anymore. I was gonna put this in releases eventually, but now, I'm just putting this up to stop people from asking me about it. So here, take it, and stop asking me about it. I cannot guarantee you'll all figure it out, but I don't care anymore!

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Old 06-30-2014   #2
The unreliable judge
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Well this is certainly interesting, and suitable for any auto-scrolling levels people are interested in making.

It would be nice to have an example wad, but this works so I'm alright with that. It's also worth repeating here that there are instructions on how to use this in a level included in the script itself.

(also you're awfully nihillistic in your opening post, I hope you're alright)
Meanwhile in Aerial Garden Zone
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Old 06-30-2014   #3
Probably Responsible
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Oh no, it's fine, I just... stopped caring about the autoscroll project because I ran out of ideas for my map but still cling to it anyway. I dunno, maybe I can glue it to another level or something later, but for now, I stopped caring, but I never released the camera stand on its own like I wanted to, so I was like "eh" and released it without any examples. I might add a map or two later, but for now, I have a few other things I could work on... when I'm done with those Steam games. Maybe.
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Old 06-30-2014   #4
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Don't worry D00D, I won't let you're camera stand go to waste. I've got few ideas waiting to be used with this.
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