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Eggmanese - Eggman can talk! Details »»
Eggmanese - Eggman can talk!
Version: 2, by Demnyx Onyxwing (Demnyx Onyxfur) Demnyx Onyxwing is offline
Developer Last Online: Aug 2020

Category: Version: SRB2 Rating: (1 votes - 2.60 average)
Released: 04-01-2014 Last Update: Never Favourites: 1
SOCs Scripts Re-Useable Content

Spoiler: Original Description
A few days ago I went on #srb2fun and asked for help with a Lua script that makes the usual boss music change when said boss enters it's pinch mode. I PM'd FuryHunter about it and he made about 95% of the code, that being how the script detects the health of a boss. I just tweaked the numbers to fit the idea. Out of 3 nights of work (I'm terrible at Lua), this is the result.

Might as well post the updated version I use on my server here. The only thing that really changed was the Eggmobile in Egg Rock Zone 2 now will not change the music, or use its pinch sound, but it still has attack sound. Personally, it feels weird when I don't play with this added, so I always use it on my server. Have fun with this.

- Normal Boss + Pinch music (Sonic Advance 2)
- Final Boss + Pinch music (Sonic Advance 2)
- Each boss has its own "pinch speech".
- Works with Mystic Realm

I may update this very soon, it might not be a big one, but I thought I'd give it a look since it's been a while.

In case the attachment does not work, you can download it from Mediafire.

Download Now

File Type: rar Eggmanese.rar (4.29 MB, 826 views)

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Old 04-02-2014   #2
The unreliable judge
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This does something a little more interesting than just being a music wad, so good enough for me.
Meanwhile in Aerial Garden Zone
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Old 04-02-2014   #3
Rex The Kitsune
Annoying Purple Dude
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I love this! It fits perfectly with SRB2!
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Old 04-02-2014   #4
Now as Landiros
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Way to go Demnyx and FuryHunter!
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Old 04-02-2014   #5
Demnyx Onyxwing
Demnyx Onyxfur
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There is a bug with this. If you die during a fight in Multiplayer and the pinch music is playing, it reverts to the "non-pinch" music. No idea why.
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Old 04-02-2014   #6
Larz T
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This is really interesting...I actually want to put this into my levels and see the results.
Originally Posted by MaykeAdventuresZForever View Post
I been playing this since I was 9 years old and all I felt was anger.

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Old 04-02-2014   #7
Absolute territory where
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Originally Posted by Demnyx Onyxwing View Post
There is a bug with this. If you die during a fight in Multiplayer and the pinch music is playing, it reverts to the "non-pinch" music. No idea why.
Because the musics resets to the normal one.
This is the same thing when you die in a level that is supposed to change the music with executors in multiplayer.
Originally Posted by MADVAL2 View Post
glad there is no Zero Two in this pack,i really get mad everytime i see Zero Two
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