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Hyper Bomb (from Mega Man 1) in SRB2 Details »»
Hyper Bomb (from Mega Man 1) in SRB2
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Developer Last Online: Aug 2019

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Released: 10-21-2012 Last Update: Never Favourites: 0
SOCs Re-Useable Content Sprites/Graphics Is in Beta Stage

For all the questions I asked, all the help I needed, I have to leave something in return. I haven't been able to make everything I wanted, because I just can't compile SRB2's source code... so here is a little project I've been able to make without compiling, and even if in a beta state, may be used to alter netgames... or, for 8-bit lovers, try some old school stuff in SRB2.
Anyway~, "Hyper Bomb (from Mega Man 1) in SRB2" is a weapon replacement for SRB2, which replace the grenade ring, and a little collaboration project between me and Dreazy TT. This weapon, like the title says, is based on a special weapon from the NES game "Mega Man 1", one of the best series of my childhood. For those who don't know Mega Man, quick explanations below.
Mega Man is a video game series of action/platforms created by Capcom. The first game, Mega Man (NES), was released in 1987, and the reception has been quite favorable, so the series progressed through more episodes : Mega Man 2, MM3, MM4, MM5 [...], and derived series have also taken form, such as Mega Man Star Force, Mega Man X, Mega Man Legends, Mega Man Zero...~
Most of the time, the goal is the same : you control Mega Man, a robot, who must defeat 8 bosses in 8 different stages (and then, there are the "final stages" which take place in the [A mad scientist who want to rule over the world]'s fortress or castle to restore the peace, etc etc... (^^;
Through, its gameplay aspect is one of its qualities (because its music is also highly noticeable) that makes it different from the other platform games : when Mega Man defeats a boss, he award its power (his ability), and then may use it like he wants. So the player's weapon palette becomes bigger and bigger, allowing a large freedom.
Hyper Bomb is actually the weapon awarded by Mega Man when he defeats Bomb Man from the game Mega Man 1.


The expected gameplay is the following. Each refill (or weapon pannel) will award 6 ammo to the player. The Hyper Bomb delivers a powerful bomb on the field. The thrown bomb will bounce some steps forward and detonate after about ~3,5 seconds, with great force : the blast range is rather high and cause a powerful knockback. However, the bomb can't explode sooner or later (unlike the grenade ring which hurt on collision, if an opponent walks on the Hyper Bomb, the projectile won't do anything before the timing gets elapsed).

So, yes, you must anticipate your strike if you want to hurt badly. You have to predict the time an opponent will go in some places, and throw the bomb with a correct timing. Because of the large blast, you may like to detonate these explosions where players are focused (campers, why not ?), or simply pray that your random bombs will hurt several enemies (^^;
Also, due to the source code not modified yet, the weapon inherited of one of the grenade ring properties : you can throw it further by keeping the fire button pressed before firing. I'll remove this feature when I'll be able to, through.

My aim was to reproduce the best as I can the weapon from the original game, but by keeping it fun and usable in the SRB2 multiplayer mode.

Thanks to the STJr for the creation of SRB2,
Thanks to Capcom for creating Mega Man,
DreazyTT for being a nice tester and helper, copartner
and the help of the SRB2 community for my annoying questions.

The sprites used are from the sprite sheet posters from : thanks to these guys~

These people are also credited on the MAINCFG lump of the wad.

...and, no, I didn't take anything from Mega Man 8-bit Deathmatch.

EDIT : This wad includes custom graphics and sounds. Notice that the stuff which display NiGHTS sparkles (like the thrown explosion ring) won't display them. For reasons. I can't fix that yet.

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File Type: rar SRB2_Hyper_Bomb_(Beta).rar (173.3 KB, 444 views)


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Name:	srb20196.png
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ID:	3019  

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Name:	srb20223.png
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Name:	srb20224.png
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Old 10-21-2012   #2
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You probably should have mentioned the sound and graphics replacements, and that you made NiGHTs sparkles invisible. Also, SOC can't use decimals, and will just ignore everything after the period if you try to use them. For instance, SRB2 reads "VAR1 = 2.5" as "VAR1 = 2".

Other than that, this seems fine.
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Old 10-21-2012   #3
Internet Explorer
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Yes, it's true that the explosion ring displays them, so it's better to mark it. Edited~
And thanks for the notice about VARs, I'll remember of that (through, in the present case where I typed 2.5, the value 2 acts almost as the same way, so I won't mind for this one.)
It's alright, go on, you'll never know anything if you don't try
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Old 10-21-2012   #4
Prime 2.0
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Originally Posted by Internet Explorer View Post
And thanks for the notice about VARs, I'll remember of that (through, in the present case where I typed 2.5, the value 2 acts almost as the same way, so I won't mind for this one.)
Just to be clear, what I said applies to all numerical fields in SOC, not just VAR# fields.
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