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Custom Ability: Boost Details »»
Custom Ability: Boost
Version: 2.0, by CasualNick CasualNick is offline
Developer Last Online: Mar 2015

Version: SRB2 Rating:
Released: 08-19-2012 Last Update: Never Favourites: 1
SOCs Re-Useable Content

This is a soc that replaces the ringslinger with a new boost ability.
You can boost as long as you have rings.
When you boost you gain speed and become invincible.
When invincible you can ram your enemies at high speed.


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File Type: rar Boost.rar (537 Bytes, 761 views)


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Name:	srb20092.png
Views:	1075
Size:	50.0 KB
ID:	2978   Click image for larger version

Name:	srb20093.png
Views:	697
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Name:	srb20094.png
Views:	703
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ID:	2980  

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Old 08-19-2012   #2
Monster Iestyn
Monster Iestyn's Avatar

Okay, "attachments isn't working" doesn't help us much...

You did try to upload the file in a zip/rar/similar, right? Uploading the file itself doesn't really work, last I remember.

And besides which, that alternative download ...ugh, 4shared, of all things?
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That's an uppercase i, not a lowercase L, for the record. Also, it's pronounced "Yes-tin".
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Old 08-25-2012   #3
The unreliable judge
MellowJacket's Avatar

You need to upload the file as an attatchment before it will be accepted into submissions because there have been problems in the past from files uploaded onto other file sharing services vanishing, or in the case of some services, like 4shared, you need an account before you can download.
Meanwhile in Aerial Garden Zone
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Old 09-30-2012   #4
The unreliable judge
MellowJacket's Avatar

In an extremely embarassing twist, I didn't realize you had made the file an attatchment for over a month now. Whoops, how embarassing!

It's somewhat buggy but it's functional. Although as a note for anyone using this soc, you need to be playing in a gametype with ringslinger turned on, or turn it on in the console first, before it will work.
Meanwhile in Aerial Garden Zone
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