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SnowFlower Zone
Version: 2.0, by Senku Niola (Drifting Golden Swordsman) Senku Niola is offline
Developer Last Online: Mar 2019

Version: SRB2 Rating:
Released: 12-25-2011 Last Update: Never Favourites: 1
Single Player Levels Multiplayer Levels Re-Useable Content Sprites/Graphics Is in Beta Stage

After all the talk of Xmas/winter themed stuff missing from SRB2 I started work on SnowFlower Zone, a wintery version of GreenFlower Zone.

The entire Zone has been re-textured, a little layout changes, and water has been mostly frozen over, along with scenery sprites being recolored and/or added/changed. It was gonna have a custom boss, but I haven't been feeling good, plus my SOCing abilities aren't the greatest in the world and with what I had planned is a little advanced for me to do myself without some help so it's on hold. Here's the main zone though. Enjoy!

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Official Community CoatRack
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Moved to releases, Merry Late Christmas!
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Either give the floors of the water FOFs the same texture as the floors of the in-game sectors or lower them into the ground so that you can't see the bottom of the water FOFs. Having a surface texture at the bottom looks pretty stupid.
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Old 12-27-2011   #4
Kim the Fox!!!
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Heh, Senku, I gotta say, this is the best frozen Greenflower I have seen in SRB2. The map is pretty cute, but the water FOFs were bad made, since you can see their bottoms with a different flat which IS NOT the floor flat, and that is really awkward, like SC pointed. By the way, I was waiting for a secret in such a humble stage. Keep up with SOCcing! :D
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Aww, they love each other so much :D
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