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My name originated when i was creating my Club Penguim Account years ago, i typed my first name and it obviously refused the name and added some options for my name, then i saw Rafael44642, i remembered the numbers and picked that name which i find it easier to remember from the other options and started to use the name on every game platform (except some like gamebanana) since no one had the name Rafael44642, soo i sticked with it (and also it was the 1st time that i made a password and ngl it was and is a good password :V)
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Basic Bronze Sonic
I'm very basic
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Default I even need to explain...I guess I will...yeah it's the name of my Sonic OC and my avatar is how my OC looks like and I know it's quite basic but that's the point.
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For me it came about when I was in middle school, I played a game (Maplestory) where hacking was extremely rampant. I was grinding by killing some monsters and this guy's toon comes into the area I was in and starts flying all around the room instantly killing everything on the screen. I was angry and tried thinking of the most creative insult I could muster, and my brilliant middle school mind came up with "Haxasaurous". I thought it was so great that I went by that for years after, and yes, saurus was misspelled the entire time. A friend I made in a different game years later would always shorten it to Haxa, and I've gone by that ever since, at least if it's available. I also still kind of like going by Haxasaurus spelled correctly if I can't get Haxa.
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Well If i remember correctly i didnt had a different Name when i started a YouTube account and also when i saw a Brazilian Youtuber making a stream doing SM64 Color codes i decided to Join up and Tell what would be the color also when It was done i decided to Name up my Mario recolor: davisudo2000
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I think it was several months ago, when i was playing with friends on a online game, the 2 friends called me: ''Peppermint''. I thought it was a cool nickname! So i keeped it.
Wow! Minecraft Steve in Smash Bros Ultimate? AW YEAH!!
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