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SRB2 Chaos Domain *-Christmas Demo-* ( Details »»
SRB2 Chaos Domain *-Christmas Demo-* (
Version: 1.1, by CoatRack (Official Community CoatRack) CoatRack is offline
Developer Last Online: Apr 2020

Version: SRB2 Rating: (6 votes - 4.17 average)
Released: 12-25-2009 Last Update: 12-26-2009 Installs: 11
Single Player Levels SOCs Sprites/Graphics Is in Beta Stage

Welcome to the first official release of Chaos Domain,
this has been in the works for quite some time and it is finaly ready!

This demo was designed for a small look at the final, but with a winter twist on it. The demo has the following:

1 Full zone
1 Unlockable level
1 New boss
A bunch of new textures

Now for screenshots!

Merry Christmas everyone!

EDIT: fix'd some bugs

EDIT 2: Fix'd some more bugs. But there is still on bug, but it is a bug with SRB2 it self.

Now for the link:

Sendspace Mirror:


Download Now

File Type: zip (4.44 MB, 852 views)

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Old 12-25-2009   #2
Emblem Radar Ready
glaber's Avatar

Good demo, but you forgot to credit Epic Megagames for the Jazz Jackribbit Holliday Hare 94 and 98 music (Silent night, level music). Other than that, this looks like it will turn out to be a great mod!

Merry Christmas!
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Old 12-25-2009   #3
Act 3 FTW!!
blahblahbal's Avatar

Looks really nice... wait, is that Sunset Pass 1 but all Christmas'd up?
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Originally Posted by Mystic
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Old 12-25-2009   #4
Worst Ranked 'Kart Player
D00D64's Avatar

Well, the maps are OK so far. they remind me a lot of that one SGG1 "Remake" that became it's own pack. Maybe it's the textures. I also like the use of SF94Serv's Rings (those ARE SF94Serv's rings, right?)

But if there's one thing that stick out in the pack that I don't like is the boss. Oh no, it's not hard. It's annoying. I'ts annoying because it flies up and DOES NOT COME DOWN FOR SEVERAL MINUTES if you hit it a certain way or something. If this happens, he'll fly up, get up close to shoot you, then BACK UP and fly back into the sky without getting into attack range. Tails and Knux can get atop the tree (which lacks a colormap in some parts) to fight him, but Sonic is stuck waiting for him to cut the crap and get down.... One time, I was stuck waiting for him for almost HALF AN HOUR. The ceiling is just too high here.

Aside from that, it's an OK pack. It's just average. Nothing too special, outside some custom textures and a boss with some soccing done. 3/5 from me.
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Old 12-25-2009   #5
The Daily Browser
Daywalker's Avatar

Played through te level pack and I am seeing that this will be a great mod!

The emblem placement for the most part was great and really encourages exploration and thinking ( especially knowing you need them all to get to the extra level). The emerald tokens a pretty easy to find as anyone.
Still having trouble finding Knux's second emblem, it has been literally hours.
Where could his emblem be?

Winter Pass Act 1 was pretty good for the first level. Act 2 was pretty okay but the paths seem too similiar as far as the platforming parts and cave parts.

The boss was far too annoying. The whole battle was Eggman zipping past you, firing away at you like there is no tomorrow; when you try to it him, most of the time he would just retreat THEN shoot you up. Eggman dashing throughout the whole battle is what makes the battle truly a pain.

I will finish the rest if I can make it to the extra level.
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Old 12-26-2009   #6
Official Community CoatRack
CoatRack's Avatar

Ok, it seems due to a bug in SRB2 I had messed up the emblems, but it works now. But, there is a bug with SRB2 that makes it have one more emblem that it shows you need to get, but it is impossible to get it (that is the reson why you couldn't get Knux's act 2 emblem). But you can still get to the extra level.

Also, I modified the boss arena so Eggman won't go sky high when skull-dashing.

And that's all the important stuff that I fix'd, this a few more thing that I fix'd that I didn't list.
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Old 12-27-2009   #7
Little Djermy
Little Djermy's Avatar

It was pretty fun...I think I'll keep an eye on this. Winter Pass was actually pretty fun, mostly because it just felt good to play through. I can understand that this is a "first level" type of thing, so the only thing that was really eye-catching was pretty much the presentation; I really liked the texture choices and the overall look, especially the custom textures. The music was great too.

However, the boss fight was pretty annoying, what with Eggman flying in and out somewhat at random and firing machine guns into your face while doing it. The last four(?) hits were pretty epic, though and it was a nice attempt to keep the player moving.

Overall, I'm going to keep a lookout for later releases of this. Good job. 4/5.

(BTW, "Decided" is spelled with a "C")
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