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Silver The Hedgehog [dot pk3] Details »»
Silver The Hedgehog [dot pk3]
Version: Finale (6.0.3), by Lat' (Absolute territory where) Lat' is offline
Developer Last Online: Jan 2021

Category: Version: SRB2 Rating: (17 votes - 4.47 average)
Released: 04-27-2016 Last Update: 06-17-2018 Favourites: 20
Characters Scripts Sprites/Graphics

Nope, you're not dreaming, this one here is not a joke, it's the true and real Silver we've all been waiting for!

So, Silver is as fast as Tails, but cannot damage enemies by jumping on them. But don't worry, he has a bunch of abilities to make up for this!

Spoiler: Abilities!

All the abilities below require Psy Energy. With the exception of Float, they can't be used if you don't have more than a fifth of your energy! (The bar flashes red when you can't use them)

Silver can float if you hold jump after using your double jump ability. Nothing too special. It slowly depletes your Psy energy. You are vulnerable while using it, so be careful.

Psycho Boost
Press Spin while jumping or floating to initiate the Psycho Boost. While boosting, press forward or backwards to go up or down. You can break walls in this state. If you hit a floor while boosting, Silver will start sliding and keep all of his momentum! Therefore, let your speed build up to make the most of your slide distance!
His boost is also affected by what Shield you're carrying on you.
Spoiler: Shield abilities
  • Whirlwind: Extends boost duration
  • Force: Taking a hit doesn't knock you out of boost state
  • Attraction: Drag nearby badniks into you and damage them
  • Elemental: Allows you to boost at full speed underwater. Slide will leave a fire trail.
  • Armageddon: Bumping a wall will cause a small explosion

Telekinesis is simple to use, while on the ground, press Spin to lift objects, and press Spin again to throw them. If there's any nearby target, they will be locked on by thrown objects. You can use the weapon select buttons to select what object to interact with once held. It will periodically highlight in white. By default, all objects are interacted with at the same time.
You can press Toss Flag to drop (the selected) object(s).

Silver can use his Telekinesis to throw monitors on players, reflect their shots back at them, throw players against walls, or even use a player to hit another player! Although the last two options aren't recommended as they will increase the cooldown before being able to throw the player.
Silver may throw Psycho Cuts which can be combined with Weapon Rings. All Cuts can go through players and will consume energy when thrown. They are often thrown in batches of 3, but Weapon Rings may change that rule when used.
Spoiler: Weapon Ring effects
  • Automatic: Shorter cooldown, smaller cuts. Green coloured.
  • Bounce: Bouncy cuts. Orange coloured.
  • Explosion: Single cut that explodes on impact. Black coloured.
  • Grenade: 2 abysimally slow cuts, very useful for area denial. Brown coloured.
  • Scatter: Fires 3 horizontal cuts together, spreading left and right. Purple coloured.
  • Rail: Fires faster cuts. Silver coloured.

Spoiler: Gameplay tips

As Silver, you are very dependant on your Psy Energy, therefore it's important that you use it wisely. As you play as him, learn about how far and how high a Psycho Boost can take you to maximize its utility while running to the next spot as it recharges.
Also remember that for hitting at least 3 enemies in a single throw, you can get unlimited Psy Energy for about 5 seconds! So also learn which patches of enemies can be abused to your advantage.
Sliding will keep your momentum, it's possible to jump out of a slide and keep floating very fast for minimal energy cost afterwards as a result.

In Ringslinger, as Silver, you're most effective in close quarters thanks to your Psycho Cuts. But be careful, they consume Energy and will leave you unable to use Telekinesis for the duration of their cooldown. Make use of the Weapon Rings to maximize their potential output.
Grabbing players with Telekinesis is rarely a viable option as the cooldown before being able to throw them is longer, and any good player will take this opportunity to retaliate. Focus on punishing greedy players who think they can get close to you safely with thrown objects and monitors.

Against Silver, keep your distances and avoid cramped areas as much as possible, his psycho cut is devastating should you be unable to move around to dodge it. Don't even think about getting close to him, he will throw monitors around, and these WILL destroy you once they start homing on you. He may also try to grab you, but if you happen to have any weapon that covers a wide area, you should be able to retaliate and break free very easily before he can throw you. Although Silver can grab your thrown rings, he can only grab so much, so you can just spam him from afar with red rings. Avoid low firerate weapons as he will easily be able to send those back to you. Rails are also a safe option, although nobody fucking likes them, they're devastating against Silver.

Silver also has a Super Form he can use in Single Player, which negates all Psy Energy cost mentionned in the spoilers above.

I hope you will have as much fun playing it than I had making it

Special Thanks
Speedwagon for the char select and end-of-level sign sprites
STCPhoton for the sliding sprites
Snu for coding assistance, online testing and help with sprites
MotorRoach for testing, advices and fixing the character select pic
LJ Sonik, Monster Iestyn, toaster, JTE and Inuyasha for a lot of help with the Lua, dumb scripter I am! :)
A good chunk of the Discord Chats I sent the WAD to to get error reports.

All of those who supported me while I was making this. Thank you, I love you all!

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Old 06-25-2019   #262
blacc's Avatar

Unfortunately, silver's hud disappears when some wads with other custom huds are up. And I mean as in.. That meter that shows him how much power he can do for now.
sonic you forgot your axe
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Old 07-14-2019   #263
Absolute territory where
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Default Silver dot pee kay three is now out.

Hey I did say I would update it again if small fixes were needed, so to keep that promise....!

Meet Silver dot pk3! Changes include:
  • Silver is now a pk3, because they're the hip new thing apparently now.
  • Analog mode is now properly disabled when boosting. This feature was unintentionally left out since the Finale upate.
  • The slide will no longer treat stairs as slopes, since f_slope and c_slope exist now, or something!
  • Fixed a potential misuse of clientsided sprites that could have led to desynchs in occasions so rare you'd have more chances winning the lottery.
  • Fixed spinning chains using the fall sprite if Silver floated into them.
  • Fixed springs using the falling sprite if Silver slid into them.

Uh so that's it then, back to doing nothing productive I go!
Originally Posted by MADVAL2 View Post
glad there is no Zero Two in this pack,i really get mad everytime i see Zero Two
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Old 11-18-2019   #264
Default my main problem with this char

i really love how the psychokenisis is used in this wad and i play this even more then any other character but my only problem is that progressing beyond the first both with this wad is a nightmare first off the first phase is several times harder since you have to time your boost to hit eggman or try and risk grabbing the fire from the lazer its possible but very hard and then the second phase is even worse since you cant even use psychokenisis to pick up the spiked balls eggman sends at you and also boosting doesnt make u invincible so you can still get hit by the spiked balls floating around him

overall great char i just wish it was designed in a way that made this fight less of a chore

(Plasmaxander received an infraction for this post: Use correct grammar and spelling.)
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Old 12-02-2019   #265
Default Awesome, but question

Amazingly coded! Playing as Silver is fun and fluid, for 99% of the game. 1 question I'm hoping the community can answer faster than I can remember a level where I could find out for myself: How does Silver handle levels where you have to go through pipes? Sliding is a little rough to initiate, and he has no spin, so I question how he progresses. I can't remember a specific level where this occurs, there's at least 1 in the main game if I remember correctly, so if anyone could answer quicker than me finding a level to test I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!
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Old 12-02-2019   #266
Backseat Developer
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If you mean the parts where the game shoots you down a series of tubes at high speeds, then there's no need to try and slide into them as the game should automatically make you roll when you get near them. Otherwise I don't know what one you're talking about in the main game. Perhaps you could post a screenshot?
Originally Posted by Cirno
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Old 12-22-2019   #267
Permanently Banned

Will this be ported?
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