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AKA FuriousFox
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Default July/August 2010 Contest Voting

Welcome to the July/August 2010 contest voting. We have 15 Multiplayer maps and 5 Single Player maps this time.

The voting works as follows: Play a few games of the stage in question, in the intended gametype for judging, and give the map a vote from 0 to 10, no decimals. You can not vote on your own map. Votes where the voter obviously did not play the level in its intended gametype, or where the voter did not play the multiplayer maps with other real players will be discarded. To encourage voting, if you are an author and you judge all of the competitor's maps, the lowest score on your map will be dropped. Please be as unbiased as possible for the author or the look of the map. It's all about how good the map plays, nothing else.

Although it's not necessary, it's very helpful to make comments about what you liked and didn't like about the map, so the author can improve his skill for future attempts.

Judging will end September 8th at midnight GMT (September 7th, 7:00 PM EST). The scores will be then averaged, and the person with the highest score is the winner.

Winners will have their usertitle changed to "Contest Winner", and will be given a golden username. This will last up and until the next contest winners are decided.

The maps follow:

Single Player Level Pack

Single Player:
Golden Palace Zone by Internet Explorer - 5.79
Emerald Lake Zone, Act 1 by glaber - 4.10
Lava Reef Zone by WEREHOG - 3.28
Aqua Relic Zone by furythehog - 5.29
Sapphire Coast Zone, Act 1 by Blade - 8.37

Multiplayer Level Pack

MAPM1 - Secluded Woodland Zone by Spherallic - 7.11
MAPM2 - Random Valley Zone by nightmare cenz - 5.10
MAPM3 - Cold Canyon Zone by RedEchidna - 4.89
MAPM4 - Sparkling City Zone by Neo Chaotikal - 8.63
MAPM5 - Midnight Park Zone by KO.T.E - 5.63
MAPM6 - Rocky Mesa Zone by Brawl - 1.90

MAPF1 - Slime Stronghold Zone by RedEchidna - 6.22
MAPF2 - Disrepaired Sanctuary Zone by Mach - 2.89
MAPF3 - Spaceport Warfare Zone by KO.T.E & Spherallic - 6.50
MAPF4 - Flood Forest Zone by glaber - 2.60

MAPR1 - Azure Night Zone by Kaysakado - 2.78
MAPR2 - Super Sonic Starway Zone by RedEchidna - 3.25
MAPR3 - Cyan Caves Zone by Blade - 6.78
MAPR4 - Aqua Palace Zone by simsmagic - 4.78
MAPR5 - Sky Cliffs Zone by darkbob1713 - 5.55

Voting Results:

Please make sure to play the levels in the intended gametype, and above all, have fun judging!

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A Cat
Permanently Banned

The levels are out! This is awsome! Good luck to all mappers.
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AKA FuriousFox
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As usual, the singleplayer pack is currently released. The multiplayer pack will be released as soon as I am done compiling it.
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A Cat
Permanently Banned

My first reveiw.

Sapphire Coast: 10/10 Amazing. No problems with this level. Just a little on the short side.

Aqua Relic: 8/10 Little bit odd. It needs a few more air bubbles. Also the same textures repeat somewhat. Platforming was pefect. Awsome ending with the falling.

Emerald Lake: 8/10 Too short. I won in 50 seconds. There was a area i could not reach. Needs more texture variation. Not bad though.

Golden Palace: 7/10 Needs much more textures. But, great level. Also I like the puzzle things. It is so cool. Keep it up. Also how did you make the 3182 thing?

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i 2 i
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Emerald Lake Zone - 5/10
+It's pretty
+Custom enemy graphics are nice
-Feels uninspired, because it's mostly just jumping.
-Lack of any real challenge, even for a "first level" type of zone.

Aqua Relic Zone - 6/10
+A few parts are nicely detailed
+A variety of gimmicks available
+Rather enjoyable
-One corridor wraps around to the beginning of the level
-Some parts are wide-open and bland compared to the detailed parts.

Lava Reef Zone - 3/10
+Follows its theme
-Elemental shield makes things incredibly easy.
-Drags on for long without any real content to compensate for it.
-Feels like a rehash of RVZ more than anything.

Sapphire Coast Zone - 9/10
+Graphics are phenomenal
+Custom enemies keep level from feeling unoriginal
+Perfect length and difficulty if you're going for the "first level" type of design
+Custom scenery things and textures make the level look really great

Golden Palace Zone - 5/10
+Good visuals
+The flashiest introduction I've ever seen in an SRB2 level
=You went to quite a few lengths to make this stand out; most of which were unnecessary.
-Forgettable design otherwise
-Keypad section was unnecessary.

More shall come as I play.

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Golden Palace Zone by Internet Explorer - 5/10

Emerald Lake Zone, Act 1 by glaber - 2/10

Lava Reef Zone by WEREHOG - 2/10

Aqua Relic Zone by furythehog - 4/10

Sapphire Coast Zone, Act 1 by Blade - 8/10

Comments will be added later.

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This is invalid!
Permanently Banned

Golden Palace Zone - 8/10

Well, when i went to boot up the wad, what i noticed was the huge file size of the wad. Of course, who am I kidding, its a single map, of course it can't be 14 megabytes of single player. The wad had made a makeover of srb2 to make it look nicer, e.g. the character select, the font, the score things that rise from the enemies, and the SFX of the player jumping and spinning ect. But, of course, this is the OLDC. Over here, we rate levels, not all the pretty things to make srb2 itself look cool. However i did enjoy having that nice feel to srb2 and all its next-gen-y things. It suited the level very well too

I did like the sound effects, especially the doors and the platforms, those were actually really nice, something i could never understand how to do create. The level also had some neat gimmicks, like the platforms, the broken machine, and especially that coded door! I never seen anything like that, ever! However, the level didn't pose much of a challenge, and the enemies in the level weren't that much at all, in fact some of the zoom tubes shot you into enemies, killing them (Free points =D!) lastly, i kinda got bored of the gold wall/red carpet combo after a while, the level isn;t that bad! Keep up the good work more levels coming soon :P
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AKA FuriousFox
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Multiplayer pack is out. 3 maps were disqualified this time:

[CTF] Devil's Cave Zone, by DREJA - Unplayable: No CTF starts.
[Singleplayer] Rocky Garden Zone, Act 1 by danie - Broken link, unable to download.
[Match] Quick Cliffs Zone by Scizor300 - Unplayable: No 1P or Match starts.

The makers of these maps are welcome to re-enter for a future contest, provided they fix the problems that disqualified them.
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nightmare cenz
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Golden Palace 7/10
I like the way this level looks and I like it's design... even tho it looks weird... just that.

Sapphire Coast 10/10
this is the second level I've played so far... And It is amazing.. If I had to choose the winner of the coop contest ...It'd be this one...It looks beautiful, It has custom enemies and the music fits perfectly... It is perfect!

lava Reef 4/10
It was empty in some parts (Specially the factory one), I liked the fact you used the original music ...Probably one of the few things I liked about this level, Next time try to add more ways... Oh yes, before I forget!... There were some parts that reminded me about Egg Rock.

Aqua Relic
I liked the design of this one. It didnt have a lot of rings or item boxes and yeah, It is too short (IMO) but It looked kinda nice, hence why I am giving it a 7 out of a 10.

Emerald Lake
The name promised and gave you the feeling It'd be something cool...It lied... Well the level wasnt that bad...It was nice.. It had custom (and beautiful) Bandits...thats probably one of the few good things in this level.. the just looked weird and... one more thing... ITS EXTREMLY SHORT!... next time you make a level.. Make it longer, add details and, mostly important, add more ways.

Im just rating the coop section...since Im too lazy to rate the rest of the contest.
Starlight Palace Zone in 0'57''54 as Sonic
Sonic 1 Playthrough done by me, Check it out!

Recycler Sucks!
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Kyasarin's Avatar

I really disliked the single-player division.

Golden Palace Zone: 2/10
I really don't like it.
This had eye-killing textures, for the most part. Why use animated textures or ones that are very bright on so many walls?
Unfitting music, and needless sound effects were added that got annoying.
The gameplay was very basic and lacking variation or anything interesting: the "puzzles" it had were nothing more than memorizing a number and running back; the boss fight was as plain and boring as any other one, with zero difficulty, too many Rings, and practically no way to die; the waiting for doors is a stupid waste of time; the 2D section was totally out-of-place and gameplay-lacking, since a few Thoks send you past it in a matter of seconds.
It was also incredibly cramped.

Emerald Lake Zone: 2/10
This level was very bad.
The wall textures looked really bad (they're unfitting for a coastal level and there isn't much variation).
The design was really uninspired and lacking in pretty much any gameplay other than extremely basic and easy platforming, and the underwater sections were practically the same except they were even slower and were annoyingly dark.
The level had some alternate paths, but they were really all the same so there's no real point in bothering.
The Thok Barrier got annoying at times because it's annoying when you can see hills and such but you can't access them, and it just makes everything feel annoying and cluttered, adding to the already-horrible scaling.
I don't remember much in the way of hidden items, but I really can't be bothered to go back.

Lava Reef Zone: 1/10
Lava Reef Zone was an extremely generic lava level with basic platforming and few gimmicks, and a lot of problems: The character-specific paths break multiplayer; there's a section with rising lava that Sonic can access, but he can't complete them unless the player is extremely good at squeezing through small holes quickly; The forced 2D sections were terrible since you can't fucking see anything ahead of you and you aren't given a way to stop easily, and because they're for no apparent reason other than "being cool"; the camera breaks in the 2D sections very easy, blocking your view.
The transitions between the lava cave and factory were very sudden (and short-lived). Very little texture variation. Little in terms of detail. Clustered Thing placement.
The level in general is way too tiny, adding to an already-terrible level.

Aquatic Relic Zone: 2/10
Aquatic Relic Zone was also bad.
I really disliked the design: practically no gimmicks were used and the entire level felt like you're going through the same thing over and over again; the design was uninteresting and repetitive; the Spring sequences were annoying to use and the camera is bothersome in them, blocking your view.
The locations all looked the same because the graphics are barely varied (and look plain and ugly, anyways), and there just wasn't anything interesting about it.
There were little to no alternate paths that I could see and I don't remember any bonuses. It's so boring that I see no reason to ever return to it.

Sapphire Coast Zone: 3/10
I don't get what the big deal is.
The gameplay felt like nothing more than the "same old, same old", generic, and overdone beach Zone that you apparently love to create every so often (and this time it's somehow worse): the gameplay was incredibly lacking in anything interesting; there's barely any difficulty; the platforming is repetitive; and the "super secret area" was just the same as the rest of the level, but with different textures and a god-awfully repetitive, long, and annoying boss fight at the end of it; and the enemies with Springs on top are as uninteresting as ever (getting to the upper areas is just boring and annoying when the target is moving and you need a certain top speed).
The visuals weren't terrible, but needed variation. The level had a decent amount of secrets.
There were way too many SDURFs placed throughout the level (they're useless, they look stupid, and they look ugly when a lot are in one room) .
The level was also very short (you can do it in less than a minute).
It feels pretty cramped compared to Blade's other creations.

inb4 trolling and whining

(Kyasarin received a warning for this post: No trolling.)

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Emblem Radar Ready
glaber's Avatar

Single Player:
Golden Palace Zone by Internet Explorer 6/10
What is this place? The first National Bank of Robotnik? This place seems to be confusing. fist there was te out side that looked like a bank, then you get to a swimming pool followed by a safe of some sort. The stuf here screams more of a bank type of level than it does a palace.

the music could had looped too, but it didn't.
I played through here as Sally


Emerald Lake Zone, Act 1 by glaber NA/10
Can't Rate, my level. Emerald lake was originally a level for my TGF generation 1 project Sonic Extreme. Converting the level from a 2d level into a 3d one normally doesn't work all that well, but considering I made the original I could take more liberty with the remake and even added a new path not found in the TGF version. The level uses my SRB2 Motobugs in place of the S2 Beta snails use in the TGF version and the Jet Jaws Badnik seeing as it pretty much is one of the 2 fish bots used within the level. the other had to be left behind for lack of rotations. (played through here as Amy and Knuckles)

Also, It may be a Lake level, but Lake doesn't always mean tropical or coastal. I should know as I live on a lake.

Edit: try tunes 41 for music to be used in one of the final levels of Sonic Extreme complete with loop point.

TGF version:

Behind the scenes info: Emerald Lake Zone was designed in both versions to Be different, It was designed with the question "What if the Water Level was the first level?" in mind. The Zone itself was first designed back in 2006 for the TGF version with the SRB2 version being an adaption of that design (currently being improved upon)

Lava Reef Zone by WEREHOG 7/10
Played through here as Blaze

It was an interesting volcano, But please don't send the player around in Trapezoids.


Aqua Relic Zone by furythehog 8/10
this was a good level, but it needed to start after I pick my player. That aside though I couldn't find anything really wrong with it.

Played through here as Classic Amy


Sapphire Coast Zone, Act 1 by Blade 9/10

This was a really good level, I really liked the custom badniks. Especially the one that acted like a Buzz bomber (I wondered if that was possible.)

Welcome to my Dimension

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The Emblem Guy!
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Well, looks like my first OLDC entry is falling just like it's goal sector XD...

i'll download the SP pack and get my review it soon, i'd also like to take my time to just say, aqua relic zone 1 is beta, and I do have plans to build the temple like ending, making it look better, than making it longer, as for the wrapping round to the start, i'm not too sure what im supposed to do about that.

now that i've said that, i wont need to in my review post.
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ms reflec beat stan
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protip: don't listen to kyasarin

he hates everything
Originally Posted by Arf View Post
Stop trying to make slopes, guys.
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Originally Posted by RedEchidna View Post
protip: don't listen to kyasarin

he hates everything
You aren't very funny. And I totally called it.

I played the Match division and actually liked some of the levels. The ice level was pretty bad (it's rushed, so can you really expect anything good?) but I quite liked the forest with the Spring Hill theme and the city level, though being a bit too big. I'll probably write a review later.
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Permanently Banned

I'm sorry, I refuse to believe that the entire contest is so abominable that the max score you can give out is a 3.

You say you don't hate everything but considering the way you always post I really don't see how you can deny it.
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This is what I think of the match levels:

Secluded Woodland Zone: 7/10 This level is very large, scenic, and well built. However, I doesn't seem to give experts the best choices or gameplay when performing stunts to catch or avoid other players.

Random Canyon Zone: 8/10 Wonderful zone, large, well built, and detailed. This level has its objects positioned well, and the gameplay is superb!

Cold Canyon Zone: 6/10 This level was interesting, and it has some unique ideas that I haven't seen before. But I was able to spot one redwall, and the objects weren't at the best places.

Sparkling City Zone: 9/10 This level isn't HUGE, but it is detailed and very original. I love the lampposts. It's fun to hop on them and to rail players below. ;) Thumbs up for this one!

Midnight Park Zone: 9/10 Very well done...

Rocky Mesa Zone: 6/10 This level was nice, in looks and in ideas, but it lacked detail. I don't the tight spaces between walls were a good idea for match...
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The Tortured Planet guy
Fawfulfan's Avatar

Here are my votes for the Single Player Division:

Emerald Lake Zone, Act 1
by glaber
Rating: 4/10
Explanation: Uhhh...THZROCK? Blandness? Way, way, waaaaay too many air bubble patches to be aesthetically appealing? Invisible climbable walls? Overabundance of Jet Jaws? And to top it all off, you disregarded our constant pleas to lighten up the colormap in the lake? Man, this level's got it ALL! ...though everything aside from that is pretty solid, I suppose.

Aqua Relic Zone
by furythehog
Rating: 4/10
Explanation: There's nothing seriously wrong with the level design, but as a whole it's aggressively mediocre. The gameplay is mostly platform jumping, and the visuals are quite uninteresting. If you ask me, Deep Sea Zone was a good zone, but its weak point was texturing. Your level is even worse in this regard. Also, your water blocks don't seem to be shaded properly.

Lava Reef Zone
Rating: 4/10
Explanation: Compared to your past work this is an improvement, but by OLDC standards it's pretty subpar. There are little to no interesting gimmicks or alternating gameplay...just platform hopping. Many of the rooms are too open, and the individual character split seems very rushed. The teleports should be done with FOFs, not on the sector, as it really seems like you should touch the button to activate it. The 2D section is forgiving but also pretty boring. The zoom tube is too long and has a nasty slime trail. But I did enjoy a couple of your scenery tricks. The trouble is that most of the best scenery is found at the start. Did you rush this towards the end?

Golden Palace Zone
by Internet Explorer
Rating: 7/10
Explanation: Wow...just wow. There are some freaking epic visuals and gimmicks in here. And it's pretty darn long, too. I'd give you more points, but some of it just seemed a little...gratuitous. It's as if you were trying to cram too many themes into one place. I'd say get rid of a couple of hallway sections, and this level could be even better.

Sapphire Coast Zone
by Blade
Rating: 8/10
Explanation: Okay, finally we get to see this for ourselves, and it's amazing. I absolutely adore those SOC'd enemies (the bee things are annoying, but original), and the custom graphics work perfectly. It gets a tiny bit repetitive in places, but everything else about the level is so great that I can overlook that. Nice job!
Just another indie game developer...check out my website, Chapman Games!
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footure semen
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Originally Posted by FuriousFox View Post
Multiplayer pack is out. 3 maps were disqualified this time:

[CTF] Devil's Cave Zone, by DREJA - Unplayable: No CTF starts.
[Singleplayer] Rocky Garden Zone, Act 1 by danie - Broken link, unable to download.
[Match] Quick Cliffs Zone by Scizor300 - Unplayable: No 1P or Match starts.

The makers of these maps are welcome to re-enter for a future contest, provided they fix the problems that disqualified them.
Oh well, I guess i'll see you guys next OLDC! It's nice that I have more time to work on QCZ now.

As for my votes, I'll work on those.
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nightmare cenz
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Originally Posted by Shardvex View Post
Random Canyon Zone
It's Random Valley, Thx for the Comment Though :D
Starlight Palace Zone in 0'57''54 as Sonic
Sonic 1 Playthrough done by me, Check it out!

Recycler Sucks!
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Permanently Banned

Golden Palace Zone by Internet Explorer - 6/10
Oh god the texturing hurts. The level itself isn't that bad, but really obtuse in a few places. I really hate how random floors are slippery (I never did figure out what texture was the magic slippery one) and how insanely linear the whole affair feels. I press this button to raise this platform to open this door. It kinda felt more like SA2 than SRB2, and not just because of the sound effects.

Emerald Lake Zone, Act 1 by glaber - 3/10
Welcome to Invisible Wall Zone, where half the stage pretends to be possible to land on but isn't! Seriously, the rules on what you can and can't use as territory are stupid. If I can see it I should be able to go there. The rest of the stage is bland, mostly involving falling into water because I tried to land on a platform that the designer doesn't want me on, and then thokking until I find a spring. Really uninteresting.

Lava Reef Zone by WEREHOG - 3/10
I'm bored. Is anything going to happen? All I do here is just jump on platforms. None of them collapse. None of them have any gimmicks. None of them are anything but platforms. Occasionally I bounce on springs. Then I bounce on steam jets. Nothing ever changes. Repeat for four minutes. You need something to DO in your stage. Something that sets apart the gameplay from every other stage where you jump on platforms. How about jumping on platforms with fire on them, or jumping on platforms with a time limit?

Aqua Relic Zone by furythehog - 4/10
Meh. This just is really overly bland. You need some details and a gimmick. There isn't anything overly WRONG with this design, although a few areas are kinda cramped, but there's nothing much to do here.

Sapphire Coast Zone, Act 1 by Blade - 8/10
Yay, a good stage. Original enemies arrive to save the day for more traditional platforming, only spiced up with lots of secret alcoves to discover. I've already given you my previous feedback on this already, so I'm not going to repeat it ad nauseum.

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