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Old 02-16-2015   #1401
sethseth6's Avatar

Hello! I am Seth Tipping, otherwise "sethseth6." I don't remember if I had introduced myself here before, so here goes.

I am a 12 year old, I love to make maps, code, 3D design and animation, make games and play srb2.

I have played srb2 since august 2014, but I knew about it back in 2011.
I could tell you my story of it, but that would make this too long, silly!

My favorite game engine is Unity, although Unreal is amazing.

Goodbye! I don't actually know how to end a post, sorry.
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Old 03-21-2015   #1402
GlitchyGoats's Avatar

Hi, I'm Glitchy. I like slacking off, playing video games, sometimes drawing things, watching cartoons, and tinkering around with technology. That's it.
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Old 03-24-2015   #1403
Milanesas lover.
Sonimaniatic's Avatar

Greetings summone.. I mean, estimated users.
My name Is Bruno, I'm a 21 years old male from a third world country called Uruguay (yes we have internet here thanks) I decided to not to start UNI for the moment and instead try to get back to a job I used to be, but since I'ts like the universe is conspiring against my attempts to enter that job I remain here at home doing nothing but waiting, that is why I decided to come back here, after all these (8) years of joining, to introduce myself and of course, to keep playing one of the most well done Sonic fangame that I ever had the luck to know. Regarding to my hobbies, I like to play League, x360, or even get out of my room to longboard trough the nice streets of Montevideo.
Have a nice day!
Originally Posted by Postal Dude
"This can't be good for me, but I feel great"

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Old 07-07-2015   #1404
Blaze The Cat
& Knuckles
Blaze The Cat's Avatar

I might as well share even a little about myself, while I'm here.

Hello, I am Blaze the Cat, the one who plays (Or has played) MM8BDM. My name is Julie S., and I have gotten a hand of SRB2 very recently, compared to many others here. (About six months ago) I am not new to Sonic, however, in which my experience with the franchise begins with Sonic CD. My retired grandmother had bought a Sega CD for one of her grandchildren, but they refused it because they had a more powerful console (The Play Station 2 was out there for a while, and soon the Play Station 3) so she decided to ship it to me for my 9th birthday. What a Samaritan. I proceeded to go searching for Sonic CD, one of the console's most flagship games.

I enjoy speed-running and games, and enjoy gaming in general as a pastime. I'm also a junior novelist, and sometimes write up stores apart from my tall bookshelf. I'm also a mute, I cannot speak (well), so my only means of communication is to type to you, or write to you. This always irked me in a sense, since speed-runners need to convey voice while playing video games, and has always deterred me from going live. My one real dream though, is to some day be part of the Parliament, and take action in my country's needs and troubles. But, until then, Astronomy in school has me covered.

While I like the multiplayer aspects of SRB2, I have a lot more fun playing Single-Player maps and the Single-Player campaign. As such, I make my best attempts to fill in statistics for The Records Website, like I do with TSC. So, while I play multiplayer at times, keep in mind that I don't enjoy it as much as solo.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy your day, and thank you for hosting this forum.

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Old 07-10-2015   #1405
Somel The Hedgehog
DarkJesse's Avatar

Hai I'm DarkJesse. and im 15.. been here for a while.

I love sonic games including srb2

Edit: Real introduction please.

Okay so uh where do i start? oh yeah. I'm just a normal person that likes sonic and mario games.
Used to play Flash games. and one day he found srb2 in softonic before he actually knew about the official srb2 page.
I started playing srb2 when the current version was 2.0.4. Played a few matchs ctfs. But I used to host a srb2 server before.. way back in
2.0.6 ... I really can't host it anymore. I wish I could but I don't have a router. People call me Somel The Hedgehog in srb2
But my real username is DarkJesse Yeh It's not a great username.

I enjoy speed-running some games too I enjoyed sonic unleashed. sonic generations and genesis games.
I started recording videos and uploading them to youtube when I had free time. I still have free time but I don't feel like recording again

I really like srb2 It's fun actually and It's the first sonic game I have seen that uses rings as weapons. It's really something creative.
I never played Doom thought but I'm pretty sure now I played a bit of it with srb2.
one of my main languages is actually spanish.. English is actually my second language. and eh.. I really don't have anything left to say so.
Thanks for reading this, Enjoy your life. Never give up!
[02:31:02 p.m.] Lat': damn
[02:31:02 p.m.] Lat': I forgot the ear rape filter

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Old 07-16-2015   #1406
Formerly Icefox
Contest Winner
Revan's Avatar

Why hello? My name is Seby (who cares anyway?) or you can call me Revan or Icefox if you want. Im just a guy who's online in Discord everyday or wasting his time with graphic design and gaming (I have no true purpose in this life :P). Want to know more about me? I guess so...

- A'ight! I have a Youtube channel where I try to do quality content, with the hope I won't make everyone to cringe on my videos. Currently my channel has 1,000 subscribers.

- Graphic Designer with 3+ years of experience (Freelance)

- If someone wants to find me:

Zandronum: Revan
Srb2: Revan
Boring Man: [SUP] Revan
Usually I'm everywhere Revan, so...

Well... I think that's all.
Efrain Lecarde forever goated

Last edited by Revan; 01-02-2017 at 09:09 AM. Reason: Again, stuff in my life has changed.
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Old 07-29-2015   #1407
Earth-chan is flat
TehCanadianSpartan's Avatar

Hey everyone! I am TehCanadianSpartan, and I am 16 years old, volunteering for community hours at high school. I am known on YouTube for being a Sparta Remixer. I have reached 5,000 Subscribers on the channel. I started my channel in 2008, and I also have a gaming channel for which I might play SRB2 a few times.
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Old 07-30-2015   #1408
McZee123's Avatar

Hey, uh.... my name is McZee. I just joined today and I submitted a WAD. I have a friend joining named Trilinium, he did most of the work.
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Old 07-30-2015   #1409

Hi, I'm Trilinium. I just joined here along with my friend here. I'm known for mapping in the Zdoom wars community. Besides that I've been playing this game for many years now. I finally got around to finishing something with my friend here. Also, yeah we just submitted our WAD today.
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Old 07-30-2015   #1410
Resident Noire
OverlordKaiba's Avatar

Hi, I'm OverlordKaiba, 22. I'm also known as HyperSonic7701 almost everywhere else, but for reasons that seem to make enough sense to me, I couldn't use that username here (I don't mind it, of course, I'm just bad at making "good" usernames). You can call me by anything you feel like, even by my real first name, Steve.

I first played SRB2 when the latest release was Final Demo 1.09.4. Up until late 2012, however, I played SRB2 rarely, and only in single-player. I eased myself into what multiplayer had to offer after this point, and it is only now that I decided I would try my hand at competing in the Record Attack mode over on, which is the primary reason I signed up here. I was on the fence about wanting to sign up here for about a year, but I figured I'd finally give it a shot.

I'm no stranger to Sonic games, since I still play them to this day (though it is SRB2 that entirely consumes my time at the moment). I was around the age of 5 when I played my first Sonic game, which was Sonic 1. I don't play too much else, however, and someday I will fix that (someday...).

That's about it for now, so thanks for your time.
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Old 08-05-2015   #1411
Doctor Clockwork
Older than SRB2's dev cycle
Doctor Clockwork's Avatar

Hello, I am Clockwork. I have been playing since back when I remember there being two complete zones in SRb2. I like to vanish often due to real life but I am hoping to stay here for a while.
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Old 08-08-2015   #1412
TripleT's Avatar

I am known as TripleT and it stands for TailsTellsTales with the Ts there. I am very shy in fact I am extremely shy. However once I know people I become less shy.

I heard of srb2 way back last year and saw game play videos and wanted to try game but unfortunately did not have internet until recently. I am very new at the game and not good at it.

I am interested in the making your own levels part of the game and I have experience making levels with regular doom game but I not sure if that would be any helpful.

I played Sonic since I was little kid in the 90s but then left and came back few years ago and that it.

Anyway not good at these introductions hopefully that not real big deal.
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Old 08-08-2015   #1413
Slowman20's Avatar

Hai I'm PingasPingas Know in srb2 as Pingas I'm more of the average person
I heard srb2 back in 2.0 (idk witch one) but i didnt know how to start up the game i came back to srb2 in 2.1.8 and did know this time anyway i'm interested in other wads for an example Mystic realm by mystic i wasnt born in the 90's though so i played sonic unleashed sonic riders zero gravity and so on so thats it for my introduction.
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Old 08-10-2015   #1414
Skilled at being bad!
UrbanPie's Avatar

Yo! I am UrbanPie. You may know me for different egos.

1.UrbanPie main I use this alot.

2.Tron Bonne (DEAD) My first alter ego. I've stopped using her cause TMAOTB is still one of my favorite game but I fallen out.

3. Piedog Only use him for videos or if another UrbanPie abuse happens.

4. Yoko Littner best described as my new Tron Bonne.

Some more stuff:
Thanks to ToonTown Rewritten I don't play SRB2 as much but I still play it.
Only reasons why I have alter egos are a player i'm keeping nameless and to calm down heat. (If i have any.)
My first sonic game was Sonic Rush. Unknown but not hated.
Softsonic have SRB2. It said it was "The latest version" while in realty it was Final Demo. (4 I think).
Hi... I guess?
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Old 08-26-2015   #1415
Death Egg

Hey, I'm Death Egg. I used to frequent these forums back in 2007, 2008 or so under the name Dude_. I've played the game since a little bit before then as well, back in the mid 1.09 era. You may have seen me around other Doom forums. I probably won't be around much but I figure having an account to post the occasional thing would be useful.
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Old 09-03-2015   #1416
Super Neko~
StardustSpeedway's Avatar
Default Introduction

Hiya, I'm Hedgefox. I own a Youtube channel, but It's not the best. I do like to eat chilli dogs, play SRB2 in my free time and listen to video game music. I am 15. (Please note that I sometimes use a tablet which 'auto-correct's words.)
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Old 09-05-2015   #1417
76Nova's Avatar
Default Long time player

Hello! I'm Nova, and I'm 14. I've played SRB2 since 1.09.4, however I've had several different aliases since then (more than I can even remember) As I'f been gone for quite some time, (almost a year) it's very nice to get back into the game that got me into gaming!

I'm sure none of you will remember me, as I've never used this name ingame, and unfortunately I don't remember any of you (however I wish to get to know all of you in the future!) and even if I did remember anyone, I'm not sure which name I was using at the time.. haha! well, It's very nice to be playing SRB2 again, as it's one of my favorite games of all time!
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Old 10-23-2015   #1418
my old posts are very dumb (formerly rayfan)
TDRR's Avatar

Im Rayfan, basically your average gamer.
Im working in making Videogames with my friends in an "association" Called "Visual Games Heroes" We are really young but that isnt gonna stop us. And anyways, i have 12, is it too young or something?
No Gucci, no Prada, no Supreme, but my sadness had an ending, my smile shining like bling-bling, i'm so blessed feeling like a king!
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Old 11-10-2015   #1419
crazy escape
crazy escape's Avatar

It's been 4 long years since I set foot in this forum. I'm currently looking at my old posts and cringing horrifically. I came back because my little bro got really into srb2 I was also curious to see how you guys were doing. Does any one remember How Do I Jump?
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Old 11-11-2015   #1420
Permanently Banned

Originally Posted by crazy escape View Post
Does any one remember How Do I Jump?
To be fair, you missed the first release of 2.1, where Knuckles couldn't jump. =P You'd really wonder how do you jump?

Also, welcome back, the new content here is really great, not being released at a fast rate, but the content is always good!
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