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Old 11-29-2015   #1421
Vyse main just for moons
Mii3000's Avatar

I am Mii3000 (known as SuperSanic30) I like games, reading, and drawing! I love my life, and I use my skills to improve my things to help in better ways.
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Old 12-07-2015   #1422
Donatello The Chameleon

Hi I maybe new but i am a BIG fan of SRB2 Kart Z and my fave character and color to play as online is Cyan Knuckles

(Donatello The Chameleon received a warning for this post: Use correct grammar and spelling.)
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Old 01-02-2016   #1423
Vyse main just for moons
Mii3000's Avatar

Hi, my name is Mii3000 but my real name is Brendan Tate, I like video games and drawings. And I am very special
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Old 01-03-2016   #1424
Discord: BackwardsFace#1631

I am Ecaf Regnaleb, aka Evan Belanger IRL. Hopefully you don't ban me for being 11. PLEASE DON'T BAN ME. PLZ. I should be able to stay because I'm mature enough. Or was that another forum? Oh, and I SUCK at SRB2. And anything related to it. Like SRB2DB. YEP!

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Old 01-04-2016   #1425
Ace Ice
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Hai, M'name's Gabe Newell.

Lol just kidding, my name is Ace Ice as know by my persona/OC Ace Ice the prince of Ice from my future series plan "Team AllStars™". I'm just your average 1/2 autistic gamer, artist and animator.

I've played SRB2 at the middle of 2012, (unsure of release date) and I fell head orge heels for it like it was the waifu of my dreams. I prefer to be humorous and sociable online while making infinite and beyond references and memes until your sick of it and you wanna rekt me (see, did it again.) I can be really friendly and quite the weeaboo online, but if you do anything to annoy me or even try and troll me, I have a black belt in flamewars and I know a kid when I see one. (Beware of my roasts.)

Well, I'm a busy guy, especially on DeviantART where I unleash my autisti... I MEAN, artistic skills online.
idk what to put here tbh
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Old 01-11-2016   #1426

Just testing this so if it ends up in the wrong place lemme know, I'm not exactly the greatest person when it comes to forums and stuff ^^;;

My username is Pixel99 but you can call me Zoom, or Pixel, or whichever, I've been playing srb2 since about like....1.09.4

Thaatts about it really, I wanna get into wad making but I'm a lazy bum :P
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Old 01-13-2016   #1427
Also known as David G.
MrBreada's Avatar

I haven't been here since November. I'm just dropping by to say hi and reintroduce myself. I'm Breada, or David G., and I hang out wherever I want to be.

I used to be a big fan of SRB2, but I'm not even able to play it anymore. Ah, well.
A generation of promising youths were ruined by LeafyIsHere
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Old 01-13-2016   #1428
Chrom's Avatar

Might as well introduce myself, as I've been lurking these boards since mid 2008. I've been playing this game since then and I've gone trough a ton of aliases on multiplayer. I just pulled this name out of my head, and sure enough, it somehow wasn't taken.

I sure hope that I'll be able to finally contribute some meaningful stuff to this community... Hopefully...
We should dig a moat!
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Old 01-13-2016   #1429
The one and only!
MK.exe's Avatar

Yo Yo! I'm **MK.exe**, long time player. Been starting to look into the new events happening with 2.2 as well as looking into the awesome new wads and luas that other users had been making.
~ MK
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Old 01-16-2016   #1430
STJr Team Representative
SeventhSentinel's Avatar

I'm not the same as I was two years ago, so I might as well make a new post here.

I first began playing SRB2 around 2009, back when people thought the next version was going to be 1.1. I went by AndyMan123 back then. I played with HMS like it was going out of style and yelled at people in netgames for using bad grammar. Suffice it to say I'm glad I'm not 11 anymore.

I made a new account here some years later under the name MetalHead7. I had just rediscovered SRB2 and wanted to contribute something better than a questionable circuit map, so I made Sunset Isle Zone and the Knuckles' OVA hat mod.

I'm now 18 and I've rediscovered SRB2 for the second time. I've got Zone Builder and SLADE open as I write this, as I'm keen to continue creating content for the game that defined my childhood.

When I'm not doing something SRB2 related, I attend classes at my local community college, write chiptunes, and try to find new ways to make this life my own.

I never play in netgames or check my PMs here, so if for some reason you'd like to talk to me, you can usually find me on #srb2fun.

I look forward to experiencing the release of 2.2 with all of you. Cheers.
FM synths forever
SoundCloud / Twitch / Twitter
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Old 01-26-2016   #1431
Wolfy's Avatar
Default When blood and sweat is the real cost; Thinking ceases, the truth is lost

My original post here is ages old, so I'd like to reintroduce myself.

Hi, I'm Wolfy, also known as wolfs! I'm currently a developer for SRB2 and a member of Kart Krew, focusing mainly on code changes and Lua scripts. Most of the things I do regarding SRB2 development are centered around expansions to the Lua API, so modders can do more crazy stuff!

Aside from that, I'm fairly average. I'm really into anime and games, and programming is a fun hobby of mine. I make mods for other games from time to time, but most are really just petty experiments. I've been putting a lot of time into SRB2 recently, so expect some more crazy stuff from me :P
[23:56:36] <SM-MaxX> prisma illya is a gift to this impure earth and a shining beacon for all anime
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Old 03-21-2016   #1432
EggModernism's Avatar

Hi! I'm Jordan, though for some reason I decided to go by "EggModernism" here because the idea makes me laugh. I'm British, I'm 21, I first discovered SRB2 back in its 1.08 days (when I was, like, nine), and I rediscovered it a year ago to find it's considerably better than I could have ever imagined. I would love to design maps for the game, though progress on learning the ins and outs of Zone Builder is pretty slow. I regularly play online with friends, usually Co-op.

I enjoy long walks in the blogosphere, I like to write absurd stories (sometimes featuring Eggman), I once wrote a 400,000-word Sonic fanfic (but let's never speak of that again), and I read dense books for fun.
"Alas, poor Sonic! I knew him, Knuckles: a fellow of infinite speed, of most excellent 'tude."
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Old 04-01-2016   #1433
Fres's Avatar

Finally got around to making this post, so here we go.

I discovered SRB2 around November 2015. (2.1.14 so I haven't been around that long) It wasn't until I found out the game was modifiable that I discovered these forums, and the amazing mods that were on it. Seeing all these mods have inspired me to create my own custom content for SRB2, which has become one of my favorite Sonic fangames.

When I'm not doing SRB2-related things, I'm usually online on Miiverse, spouting memes. That's pretty much it.
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Old 04-28-2016   #1434
TerrierJen's Avatar

Hi, I'm TerrierJen. My nickname is the fusion of the names Terriermon and Jenrya, from Digimon Tamers.

I play SRB2 since 2008-2010. Recently i got interested in the game again, because i wanted to play it with my friends, even though they don't like Sonic too much. I think this game is my favorite Sonic fangame, or even my favorite Sonic game from all. Also i remember of being scared of the game because of the song that plays when you fight Eggman, when i played it for the first time.

Sometimes i watch anime, when i'm not too lazy to do so. I also like playing rom hacks of games like Super Mario World, Sonic and Earthbound. I even try to do some rom hacking with SMW, but i'm not too good with it.

I was really excited to join the forum, though i had to wait some days because of some problems. I hope i can find nice friends here. Maybe even learn something about SRB2 editing.

That's it, i guess.
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Old 05-04-2016   #1435
Miles Tails Prower
FoxBoy8's Avatar

Hey guys. My name is FoxBoy8! AKA Boom's Beats (YouTube).
My real name is Daniel, I was just browsing the web for anything Sonic The Hedgehog related, I ended up finding Sonic Robo Blast 2. I downloaded it, played it and loved it.
I started back on 2.0.6! I'm just a gamer, that loves SRB2, to be honest. I starting playing Sonic back in 2008, when I played Sonic Adventure 2 (my favourite sonic game) for the Nintendo Gamecube. I soon started YouTube, because I watched someone's SRB2 videos (Bluecore) and it encouraged me to make my own channel and play SRB2 on it.
I'm sorry that I may have rambled quite a lot there. I'm 14 years old, by the way.

Thanks for reading!
Sonic!!!! Wait Up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Old 06-05-2016   #1436

Heya! I'm Sketch or Sketch The Sketchhog! (Aka, my OC's name) I absolutely LOVE SRB2 to DEATH and think it's the best Sonic fan game OF ALL TIME! With this, I downloaded tons of wads and lua scripts and loved playing the game and making friends online, and I hope to do the same here! I'm 13 years old with an amazing sister with SPECTACULAR artist skills on a app called Drawcast with pictures even I can't draw as well as she can, and she's YOUNGER THEN ME. So yeah, that's it I guess, so keep an eye on me. I can get pretty silly at times, so feel free to join in if you want. One more fact, my real name is Ben. I'm sure that's an exciting way to end introducing yourself isn't it? Well, i'll see you around!
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Old 06-17-2016   #1437
Maximus Universal
Maximus Universal's Avatar

I deleted my old post because gross and cringe.

Honestly I just lurk around the forums, trying not to post anything.
Usually when I do stuff its really stupid and I regret ever doing it, so this post will probably end up being deleted as well.

That's all.
I'm stuck in sonic oc purgatory
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Old 06-17-2016   #1438
NightWind's Avatar

I am Luis. Luis The Hedgehog(i'm not going to say my Real Name)I am a Srb2 Fan and i have a lot of friends in srb2. I'm Brazillian and i dont talk english very well.

(NightWind received a warning for this post: Use correct grammar and spelling.)

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Old 06-20-2016   #1439
its a small world
Permanently Banned

I am its a small world. I like to sing and make levels in games and I want to make one here so yeah. Maybe a character wad too, maybe..
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Old 07-17-2016   #1440
Local Squirrel Service
ShihoAJoke's Avatar

Hi, my name is elvinkonohana but you call me Elvin. I Play games and making
Maps. But I'm not really good at it but learning make one. I'm also bad at english...
Discord : ShihoAJoke#5166

Last edited by ShihoAJoke; 07-17-2016 at 07:46 PM.
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