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[SUGOI 2] Oh My God! It's Joseph Joestar In SUBARASHII: X-Mas Mode In July Details »»
[SUGOI 2] Oh My God! It's Joseph Joestar In SUBARASHII: X-Mas Mode In July
Version: v1.2, by TehRealSalt ((σᴥσ)) TehRealSalt is offline
Developer Last Online: Aug 2020

Category: Version: SRB2 Rating: (12 votes - 5.00 average)
Released: 07-27-2017 Last Update: Never Favourites: 9
Single Player Levels Multiplayer Levels SOCs Scripts Sprites/Graphics

SUBARASHII will assume you have already gotten the ~True Ending~ in SUGOI. If you haven't done so, and wish not to be spoiled, you should go do that now.

Sonic Uncovers Banning And Realizes Anime Spoilers Hurt Intricate Ideas is... a mouthful. I mean, it's the sequel to SUGOI, a community project that ended up way more successful than I had ever anticipated! So I thought, why not make a sequel? Turns out, this also became more successful than I had ever anticipated! If you missed out last time, here's what went down: I gave everyone a month to make a level, tied them together with a hub level and a final boss, and released it! It's the result's a mod by the community, for the community! None of this would've been possible without the massive contributions I received. While the basic format is the same as last time, I tried to do some extra stuff to make this one unique in its own ways.

Let's see what the back of the box says:
  • 48 fully featured levels, with 7 being unique Emerald Stages!
  • A shop system to give you helpful items in tough levels!
  • An all new Marathon Mode for speed runs!
  • Features work from over 60 different contributors!
  • The exciting continuation of the plot!
  • More gosh dang anime.

Spoiler: The Manual (WARNING: Minor spoilers)
Before you can play SUBARASHII, you will need the parent game, Sonic Robo Blast 2. You can find the download over at It is highly recommended you have an understanding of the original game before trying SUBARASHII. Afterwards, you can boot up SUBARASHII like any other SRB2 add-on.
  • Opening the included .bat file, labeled "Play SUBARASHII". This method is the most recommended. If you have SRB2PlusC, then you may use "Play SUBARASHII (PlusC)" for IO save file support.
  • Using the addfile console command. Open up the console, and enter in "addfile scr_subarashii_v1.wad". It is highly recommended you do so at the title screen, and not in-game.
  • Using the command line. Running the game with the parameter "-file scr_subarashii_v1.wad" will load SUBARASHII.
  • Using a third-party launcher program. Instructions and support on using these programs should be provided by creator of the program used.
here we last left off in SUGOI, Sonic the Hedgehog found all of the hidden Chaos Emeralds, and got through the treacherous Garanz Site Act 16. However, after doing so he ran into Dr. Eggman, and his latest invention: Anime Eyes Sonic. Sonic was merged with Anime Eyes Sonic, becoming an all-knowing weeaboo of infinite power, as Knuckles the Echidna makes a last second escape before he too was claimed.

Now, Eggman has befriended his previous arch-nemesis, hanging out and discussing anime and manga with Anime Eyes Sonic all day long. However, this newfound friendship doesn't last for very long, when Eggman asks him who is the best girl. Anime Eyes Sonic answers poorly, which sends the doctor into a fit of rage! Proclaiming that Anime Eyes Sonic had failed him, Eggman knocks the anime out of Sonic and sends him into the Shadow Realm.

In the Shadow Realm, Sonic meets up with a gang of hundreds of Shadow the Hedgehogs in their house. They team up to find Hypermysteriousshadonic123311, the only being that is powerful enough to stop Eggman's fiendish plan to destroy Pueblo City!
SUBARASHII shares most of the controls and its mechanics from its parent game that will not be covered here. However, there are a few key differences.
    The emerald tokens have changed from normal SRB2. Instead of being sent to the next special stage at the end of a level, they will be added to your Emerald Token counter. You can spend these in the hub level, either in the shop or to enter Emerald Stages.
  • HUB:
    Starting a new game will bring you to Joestar Manor, the hub level of the game. Here, you can select a level, buy items, or enter an emerald stage.
      Simply hop into a painting representing the desired level in the hub, and you'll be met with the voting screen. Here, the level name and author will be displayed. Simply press the Jump key to accept, or Spin to decline. If accepted, then you'll warp to the selected level. Otherwise, you'll be brought back to the entrance of the hub. In multiplayer, the majority's vote determines if it is successful or not. If the level is an emerald stage, the token cost will also be displayed.
      Each gate in the hub is blocked by a certain number of Emblems. There are various ways to get emblems. You will naturally get an Emblem by completing a level. You can also find Emblems hidden in most levels, and earn Emblems in Record Attack mode by achieving certain goals. Going for as many Emblems as you can in levels you enjoy will unlock gates quicker, while only completing stages can be much slower and more tedious. The ultimate goal is to unlock and complete the single level behind the Final Tower gate, but collecting as many Emblems as you can may net you extra unlockables and extra content. Due to the lack of emblems in multiplayer, progression is based on number of maps beaten instead.
      On the second floor in the right wing of the hub level is the shop. Step on the platform, and the shop interface will be brought up. This menu shows the currently available items, the Emerald Token cost and the description of the selected item, your currently held item, and your current number of collected Emerald Tokens. The Strafe Left/Right keys change which item for sale is selected, the Jump key buys the selected item, and Spin exits this menu.
    Emerald Stages work differently from the normal levels. In addition to the normal level completion emblem, they also give out a Chaos Emerald! However, it costs an Emerald Token to enter one each time. Losing any Emerald Stage will bring you back to the hub level. If you find that an Emerald Stage is giving you too much trouble, you can buy out Chaos Emeralds from the shop, but at a much more expensive price. Most Emerald Stages have a special gimmick or alternate control scheme, as well, which are documented here.
    • GREEN EMERALD: Greenflower Grove Zone 1
      In this emerald stage, you play a recreation of Sonic 3D Blast. Defeat the enemies, collect all of the Flickies and bring them to the exit ring to get the Chaos Emerald.
    • PURPLE EMERALD: Tropical Island
      A simple 2D level, but instead of rings protecting you from hits, you have a dedicated Energy meter. It depletes over time and when you get hit. Get to the end of the stage without draining your Energy to get this stage's Chaos Emerald.
    • BLUE EMERALD: A Minesweeper Field
      The goal of Minesweeper is to uncover every safe tile and to place flags on all of the mine tiles. Pressing Spin uncovers the tile you're standing on, while Jump places a flag on the tile. On an uncovered tile, the number indicates how many mines are in the 8 tiles around it. By using the process of deduction, you can figure out which tiles to flag and which to dig.
    • CYAN EMERALD: Unknown Temple 1
      Controls and plays like a normal level, but it has a timer. Press all of the switches and reach the end before time runs out to get the Chaos Emerald.
    • ORANGE EMERALD: Shade Mountain Zone
      To complete this stage, you must fly a hang glider through the dark cavern. You can press up or down to fly in that direction, and hold Jump to accelerate. Every second, you will lose 2 rings. Fly through the Giant Rings to replenish your ring supply until you can reach the Chaos Emerald.
    • RED EMERALD: Songuri
      Take to the skies in this shoot-em-up for the Chaos Emerald! Pressing Jump shoots a laser, while pressing Spin will shoot a rocket; lasers are weaker but faster, while rockets are stronger but slower. The colored target reticule shows what you'll shoot. Press and hold Custom Button 1 to dash, increasing your speed and canceling out your firing animation. Dashing through lasers and defeating enemies will fill up your Hyper meter. Once the Hyper meter has been filled, you can press Custom Button 2 to fire a hyper beam at the targeted enemy and gain a few seconds of invulnerability. Defeat the boss to get the Chaos Emerald.
    • WHITE EMERALD: Highly Responsive to Hedgehogs
      The long awaited SRB2 adaptation of Touhou. You can move left and right, and press Jump to shoot. Tapping Spin when standing still waves your wand around to destroy bullets, while pressing it when moving does a slide. The goal is to knock the Yin-Yang Orb around the stage to flip all of the cards on the screen. You can knock the orb around by shooting it, hitting it with your wand, or sliding into it. Be careful, as touching the ball without hitting it back will kill you! Each screen has a timer; let it run out, and bullets will continuously rain down until you die or flip the remaining cards. Clear all of the screens to get the Chaos Emerald.
  • There is a path split that determines the ending of the game. A secret path will open in the final level when all 7 Chaos Emeralds are collected.
  • Emerald Practice unlocks after beating the game. You can attempt any Emerald Stage here freely without any consequences.
  • Marathon Mode unlocks after getting the secret ending. This lets you test how fast you can get through all of the levels in order. Displayed in the bottom-right of the screen is how long you've spent in Marathon Mode. After the credits, your final time will be displayed. Marathon Mode will persist, even if you return to the title screen, until you return to the hub level or quit the game.
  • Once Marathon Mode is unlocked, you can find the Music Test (as well as the rest of the secret levels) in the Gallery, on the second floor of the hub level. The Music Test menu shows the currently playing song, and information on the song you have selected. The Strafe Left/Right keys select a song, the Jump key plays it, and the Spin key leaves the menu.

Spoiler: The Credits
MAP01, MAP02, MAP09, MAP10: Green Flowers Zone (Hedgefox)
  • Music (Act 1): "Green Hills Zone" from Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (8-Bit)
  • Music (Act 2): "Aqua Lake Zone" from Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (8-Bit)
  • Music (Act 3): "Rainy Savannah" from Sonic Drift 2
  • Music (Act 4): "Boss (Game Gear)" and "Boss (Master System)" from Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (8-Bit)
  • Boss (Act 4): ManimiFire
  • Additional assistance: White T.U

MAP03: Holiday House Zone (TexDreemurr/PSI Pikachu)
  • Music: "Snow Mountain" from Super Mario 64
  • Additional assistance: Sapheros

MAP05: Frozen Valley Zone (Tonic ze Hedgefox)
MAP07: Holiday Hill Zone (SeventhSentinel)
  • Sprites: VAdaPEGA

MAP08: Bubble Tides Zone (TehRealSalt)
  • Music: "Pacific Paradise Zone Act 2" by SeventhSentinel (
  • Additional assistance: SeventhSentinel

MAP11: Plastic Factory Zone (Steel Titanium)
MAP12: Funky Headquarters Zone (Puppyluvv)
MAP13: Sapphire Frost Zone (Glaber)
  • Sprites: From SRB2 Christmas
  • Lua Script: Larztard
  • Music: "Diamond Dust Zone Act 1" from Sonic 3D Blast (Genesis)

MAP15: Night Temple Zone (ManimiFire)
MAP16: Crimson Castle Zone (Elvin)
  • Music: "The Portals of Chaos" from Heretic
  • Textures: Ripped from Heretic and Hexen

MAP17: Ice Cap Zone (Chicmunk & SSG3)
  • Music: "Ice Cap Zone Act 1" from Sonic the Hedgehog 3

MAP18: Dusty Desert Zone 1 (Lilac)
MAP20: Magma Peaks Zone (Inferno Drag)
  • Additional assistance: Boinciel & Chicmunk

MAP21: Atlantis (DarkTechno)
MAP22: Snow Summit Zone (SAMMY SWAG)
  • Music: "Diamond Dust Zone Act 1" from Sonic 3D Blast (Saturn)

MAP23: Twilight Grove Zone (Knux576)
MAP24, MAP25: Mount Torval Zone (Boo)
  • Music (Act 1): "Torval - Hoverbike or Bust" from Ratchet: Deadlocked
  • Music (Act 2): "Mount Vesuvius" from Ducktales: Remastered

MAP27: Mix It All Together ! Zone 1 (RomioTheBadass)
  • Music: "High and Broken (Levitated Ruin)" from Sonic and the Secret Rings

MAP28: Steaming Towers Zone (DirkTheHusky)
MAP29: Sundial Veld Zone (Wind Takadiyami)
  • Music: "Plant Kingdom Act 1" from Sonic Rush Adventure, .it version by Steel Titanium
  • Additional assistance: Boinciel and GamingReloaded
  • Testing from Enodesix/PIRY and Danieldad2244

MAP30: Leaps of Faith Zone (MK.exe)
  • Music: "Stage 2 Boss - Strike Ants" from Dangerous Seed

MAP31: Palace Peaks Zone (GamingReloaded)
  • Music: "Sealed Ground (Gigan Rocks)" from Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity

MAP32, MAP37: Roasted Ravine Zone (Lat' & SAMMY SWAG)
  • Music (Act 1): "Great Canyon" from Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Red/Blue Rescue Team
  • Music (Boss): "Versus Boss" from Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Red/Blue Rescue Team
  • Music (Pinch): "Boss Battle" from Learn With Pokémon: Typing Adventure

MAP33: Propulsion Peaks Zone (Inferno Drag)
  • Music: "Mysticism" by Necros/PM
  • Additional assistance: Boinciel & Chicmunk
  • Theme: Based off Skytop Zone by Glaber

MAP35: Empty Sanctum Zone (Chaobrother)
  • Music: "Corridors of Time" from Chrono Trigger

MAP36: Illumination Aerie Zone (JMRante)
MAPA0: Joestar Manor (TehRealSalt)
  • Music: "The Magic House" from Final Fantasy VI
  • Additional assistance: SeventhSentinel

MAPS1: Greenflower Grove Zone 1 (Maximus Universal & Tripel the fox)
  • Music: "Green Grove Zone Act 2" from Sonic 3D Blast
  • Textures: Modified from 2.2 Xmas Textures

MAPS2: Tropical Island (Monster psychic cat)
  • Lua Script: Axis2D by RedEnchilada & chi.miru
  • Music: "Unused Theme (SK Collection)" from Sonic 3 Complete
  • Music (Boss): "Competition Menu (SK Collection)" from Sonic 3 Complete
  • Music (Results): "Level Complete" from Time Dominator 1st

MAPS3: A Minesweeper Field (Rapidgame7)
  • Inspiration: Uh, Minesweeper, dude

MAPS4: Unknown Temple 1 (Sapheros)
  • Lua Script: TehRealSalt
  • Music: "Memories" from Puyo Puyo, "Fang the Sniper's Theme" from Sonic the Hedgehog Triple Trouble

MAPS5: Shade Mountain Zone (Badz)
MAPS6: Soniguri (Yacker & Root)
  • Sprites: Edit of MotorRoach's FSonic, Egg Robo and boss ripped from Sonic & Knuckles
  • Sound Effects: From SUGURI
  • Music: "Azure Lake Zone" from Sonic the Hedgehog 3
  • Music (Boss): "Doomsday Zone" from Sonic & Knuckles
  • Made OpenGL compatible by frozenLake

MAPS7: Highly Responsive to Hedgehogs (LunarDestroyer)
Credits for end-game & hidden levels are included within the game.

Additional Credits:
  • SRB2 Asset Pack released by Sphere
    • Assets from Blade, Monster Iestyn, & Scizor300
  • FreeDoom textures by the FreeDoom team
    • Ported to SRB2 by ShadowHog
    • FreeDoom full credits and license is included in FCOPYING.txt and FCREDITS.txt
  • 2.2 Xmas Textures provided by Boinciel
    • Snowman hat and scarf by CoatRack
    • Hanging star and lamppost by MotorRoach
    • "SUPBRITE" donated by Ritz
    • Present bow by TehRealSalt
    • Snowman, candy cane, pole, bushes, and brick texture base by VAdaPEGA
    • "XMAS21" texture base by Sphere & Nev3r
  • S3K Shields: Sapheros
  • Audio Help, 1-Up SFX: SeventhSentinel
  • Writing and Cutscenes: Boinciel
    • Music (Intro, Happy): "Misato's Theme" from Neon Genesis Evangelion
    • Music (Intro, Dark): "The Attack On Dogma" from Neon Genesis Evangelion
  • Music (Title Screen): "Game Over" from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (SNES)
  • Music (Player Select): "Choose Your Weapon" from Kirby Super Star
  • Music (Record Attack): "Going after Dynablade" from Kirby Super Star
  • Music (Continue): "Dynablade Overworld" from Kirby Super Star
  • Music (Credits): "Floating Away" from Kirby Super Star

Spoiler: The Changelog

  • IO save/load errors were being bypassed with sugoi_autosave on in v1.1, which caused Lua errors if anything at all wasn't just right. This has been fixed.
  • sugoi_shieldswap is now always disabled in Marathon Mode, like the rest of the gameplay-altering console variables.
  • A Lua warning about using sugoi_shieldswap in PlusC has been fixed.
  • The shop now has a very small input delay when you open it that lingers until you let go of buttons, to prevent people from buying things on accident.
  • A few new lines of Shadow dialogue were added, and a couple of existing ones were modified.
  • Access to the post-exit secret in Palace Peaks is prevented in Record Attack mode, and you can now beat the level when you go to it.
  • Roasted Ravine Zone 1 & 3's scripts have been more optimized. Hopefully this will make the lag less unbearable for some players.
  • The Cactus Shield should properly protect from a hit without spilling your rings now.
  • A C stack overflow that occured when getting hit by the Roasted Ravine 3's boss with a shield was fixed.
  • Other players' crosshairs in the secret boss have been made hidden.
  • The player health bars for the secret boss in splitscreen mode no longer overlap.
  • Some credits entries were updated to be more accurate.
  • Improved credits rendering in non-green OpenGL resolutions slightly; it now Sonic Forces rendering as if it were 320x200, regardless of actual resolution. Not perfect, there's still cutoff, but its less severe.
  • Replaced one of the title screen demos.
  • Removed HMS123311.

  • Added sugoi_autosave for PlusC users. This makes the game save/load your IO save automatically in the hub. Enabled by default; if you prefer the old method of manually saving with sugoi_save and sugoi_load, you can turn this off.
  • Added support for saving bought items in IO saves.
  • Steaming Towers Zone's fifth emblem hint was made more helpful, at the request of the author.
  • Tropical Island's sound effects are now restricted to only being heard by the player it comes from, preventing ear-bleed in multiplayer.
  • Fixed Tropical Island having issues over occasionally failing to give you the emerald if you were playing as Sonic & Tails.
  • Fixed the issue where the HUD message in Shade Mountain Zone that tells the player to hold Jump to go faster not appearing. I apologize profusely for whatever player experiences I might have ruined by messing that up.
  • The secret path was missing a few bug fixes that were supposed to be included in v1.0. This has been corrected.
  • Attempted to fix the infamous credits bug. I couldn't recreate this one no matter how hard I tried, so if it's still happens then WELP.
  • Fixed a few issues related to playing Marathon Mode online.
  • Fixed some minor shop item description typos.
  • Fixed IO saves incorrectly loading your saved Chaos Emeralds.
  • Added title screen demos.

  • Initial release.

Just like last time, please be considerate and refrain from posting end-game content outside of spoiler boxes. Thank you.

Google Drive Mirror:

This mod is compressed with wadzip to make downloading it as easy as possible.

Download Now

File Type: zip (56.00 MB, 10215 views)


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Name:	MAP07 - Holiday Hill Zone by SeventhSentinel.png
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Name:	MAP16 - Crimson Castle Zone by Elvin.png
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Name:	MAP23 - Twilight Grove Zone by Knux576.png
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Name:	MAP25 - Mount Torval Zone 2 by Boo.png
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Name:	MAP36 - Illumination Aerie Zone by JMRante.png
Views:	4238
Size:	139.9 KB
ID:	11026  

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  • This addon may not be copied, reproduced or published elsewhere without the author's permission.

Old 07-28-2017   #42
ms reflec beat stan
fickleheart's Avatar

WARNING: ...wads/downloaded/packs/scr_subarashii_v1.wad|LUA_L40C:139: accessed mobj_t doesn't exist anymore, please check 'valid' before using mobj_t.
Context might be slightly spoilery:

I was facing the true final boss as Knuckles through the secrets menu and died in the second phase. I think this error showed up around then, but I didn't notice until I scrolled through the console later. I had full control and visibility of my character during the credits roll, and I wasn't sent back to the title screen after it finished. I'm not sure what of that might be intentional, though, considering the nature of the pack.

As a bit of trivia, (if anyone cares since I don't remember whether I mentioned,) the song in my map is a bad mashup/remix/something of Far east nightbird and Emera. I would've just used a cut of the former if the mod music restriction wasn't in place or if I knew how poorly-enforced it would've been heh heh.

Originally Posted by Zero_the_artificial View Post
The minesweeper is the death of me, as well as that Super Sonic shoot 'em up. I find myself having less than 25% hp when the boss comes up. Any tips?
For Minesweeper, . For Soniguri, I found just dodging from the left side of the screen and spamming dash laser shots was an okay way to keep my health up.
Originally Posted by Arf View Post
Stop trying to make slopes, guys.

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Old 07-28-2017   #43
Larz T
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Just completed a normal playthrough and I have to say, the ending was sure...interesting... But other than that, what I've played so far was a blast and a really cool experience! I still need to work on my emblem count but I'm actually willing to collect as many emblems I can before I grow tired and sad lol.

Salt, congratulations on releasing SUGOI 2 and to the many authors that contributed to this, thank you for making some cool ass levels! You guys rock!
Originally Posted by MaykeAdventuresZForever View Post
I been playing this since I was 9 years old and all I felt was anger.

Avatar art done by TehRealSalt
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Old 07-28-2017   #44
Backseat Developer
Rumia1's Avatar

Ok, so far i'm having fun but I've gotten stuck in Fort Nitrate and I honestly can not figure how I'm supposed to get through as Sonic, i'm stuck in the bomb room that it seems every path leads to.

I've tried seemingly every path but I still can't figure out how to complete the level, please help.
Originally Posted by Cirno
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Old 07-28-2017   #45
The one and only!
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Originally Posted by Rumia1 View Post
Ok, so far i'm having fun but I've gotten stuck in Fort Nitrate and I honestly can not figure how I'm supposed to get through as Sonic, i'm stuck in the bomb room that it seems every path leads to.

I've tried seemingly every path but I still can't figure out how to complete the level, please help.
Just go to the highest point in that room and there is a single bomb where you have to push it under the red wood to proceed.
~ MK
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Old 07-28-2017   #46
toaster's Avatar

Thanks for the cool!

Spoiler: Spoily bug report
I suck at SONIGURI really badly, so I've gotta say - if you die in it, you go back to the normal hub instead of Emerald Practice. Also, it might be appropriate if Emerald Practice's hub gave you 99 lives, so you could use the menu retry instead of going back each time you failed.
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Old 07-28-2017   #47
Yacker's Avatar

Originally Posted by Zero_the_artificial View Post
The minesweeper is the death of me, as well as that Super Sonic shoot 'em up. I find myself having less than 25% hp when the boss comes up. Any tips?
Spoiler: emerald spoilers?

For Soniguri, it's worth noting that there's a function not listed in the opening "tutorial screen" because we forgot to mention it. Whoops. You can dash after firing to cancel the end lag of the shot. If you weren't aware of this mechanic, I can see it being unbearably difficult. If you were aware of this, though, I'd like to suggest that sometimes just not attacking could be a good strategy if you're feeling overwhelmed. Just focus on dodging shots, almost every enemy will eventually go away on its own if you do (except the facestabbers, those are the only enemies you MUST kill)
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Old 07-28-2017   #48
skip sass when
DrStephen's Avatar

Thanks for the tips guys. Now I got another issue with RedEnchilada's level. Maybe I'm not smart enough to figure out how to get past this part of one of his levels:

Spoiler: Have the ballroom unlocked if you don't want to get spoiled

what in the name of joseph joestar do I do here to keep on going with the level? I already found the hidden emblem in the room, got inside that little warehouse with the emerald token, killed every single robot, blown up at least 67 bombs and spent at least 8 minutes trying to figure out how to get past this part of the level. Please help, I feel so dumb for not figuring it out alone, bet it's pretty simple.
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Old 07-28-2017   #49
Emblem Radar Ready
glaber's Avatar

well you're at least facing in the right direction.
Welcome to my Dimension
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Old 07-28-2017   #50
rocky's Avatar

I keep crashing after defeating the final tower Eggman when it's about to load something else and I don't know what to do.
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Old 07-28-2017   #51
Dying Dark
I'm AWESOME... I know
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1). Something with textures.
2). Those springs aren't working properly. Only the most right one works.

I'll appreciate the mod after the 'Emerald data not saving' problem is fixed. -_-
Attached Thumbnails
Click image for larger version

Name:	srb20007.jpg
Views:	680
Size:	99.1 KB
ID:	11041   Click image for larger version

Name:	srb20008.jpg
Views:	680
Size:	126.2 KB
ID:	11042  
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Old 07-28-2017   #52

I somehow got kicked out of analog controls in the first Special... Emerald Stage.
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Old 07-28-2017   #53
Yacker's Avatar

Originally Posted by Monster psychic cat View Post
I somehow got kicked out of analog controls in the first Special... Emerald Stage.
Did you set chasecam to off on accident through a bind or something?
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Old 07-28-2017   #54
Man of the Hour
Boo's Avatar

Wow, by the looks of it, it looks absolutely great, tho i haven't tried it yet, many have enjoyed SUBARASHII.This clearly took 6 months to get released and coincidently landed on july lol. I apreciate every single mapper that helped our lovely community project especially Salt since he was the mastermind and was extremely putting the pack together all alone. Good work! Now i will go try this out!
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Old 07-28-2017   #55
Backseat Developer
Rumia1's Avatar

Originally Posted by MK.exe View Post
Just go to the highest point in that room and there is a single bomb where you have to push it under the red wood to proceed.
I figured out the reason why I was stuck, I was using a wad that disabled the thok for Sonic so I couldn't make it through the pipe.
Originally Posted by Cirno
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Old 07-28-2017   #56
Monster Iestyn
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Originally Posted by Yacker View Post
Did you set chasecam to off on accident through a bind or something?
Toggle Chasecam is an actual control now did you know?

But yes, I've found that occurs when you accidentally turn chasecam off. It's annoying when I press my Toggle Chasecam button accidentally. =|
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That's an uppercase i, not a lowercase L, for the record. Also, it's pronounced "Yes-tin".
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Old 07-29-2017   #57

Well I just beat the true ending. And I've got a few choice words.
EDIT: This was unnecessarily inflammatory. Revised thoughts are in my next post.

If I had to name the most unfairly hard segment of the game, it'd have to be
EDIT: This was unnecessarily inflammatory. Revised thoughts are in my next post.

All my criticisms aside, and this is only a fraction of them, believe me, I can still say I am incredibly impressed with what you've managed to make this mod do. Also, I'm really happy I didn't have to debug srb2 to be able to fight the final boss this time, so there's that.

I still have yet to get all the emblems, and I haven't beaten all the bedroom stages yet, but I'll get to those in due time.

Last edited by ForgiveThisNewb; 07-30-2017 at 12:46 AM. Reason: To finish the actual post.
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That is an awful, overly harsh approach to criticism. I get the idea of not liking some aspects of the mod, but outside of your "I was impressed" that's downright vitriolic without any hints of how to improve. It's just "This is bad and you should feel bad" with more words. Maybe you could mention some specific things you liked, and articulate why you don't like some stuff as opposed to abstractly raging about it?

Anyways, since my last post in here I've managed to dedicate a full 24 hours to beating as much of the mod as possible, and I quite enjoyed it.

Spoiler: Extremely long-winded spoilery review
The true ending was particularly spectacular, wearing its influences and heart on its sleeve with pride and controlling incredibly tightly. Its sense of presentation is stellar, and is doing some of the things I've always wanted to do with this engine. Basically, thank you mirumiru for my life.

Honourable mention to Egg World for kickin' several kinds of ass, and Highly Responsive To Hedgehogs for being... highly responsive to controls, and good even in the face of being an entirely unrelated game put in SRB2. I never felt like any of the times I failed in that was the game's fault, which is a great thing to say about a challenging experience. Finely tuned to heckie and back, honestly.

Actually, props to all the Emerald stages. The only one I wouldn't replay for fun would probably have to be SONIGURI; I had some serious difficulty with that even after the forced instruction manual. My main issue was that there wasn't any reliable way to avoid the boss' attacks; at that point it basically became a war of attrition to pump as many missiles into it before I died. This was kind of compounded by an unfortunate fact about the control scheme - shooting any weapon stops you dead in your tracks (yes, I know about the dash to de-lock, but it still disrupts flow and forces me to press a button I don't feel like I should except to cheat the system). I'm not sure how much of my issues are with the mechanics of the original game or whether it's a consequence of the SRBification process, but either way it's a shame, because I really loved the enemies and the way they forced you to move. If there wasn't any movement lock after attacking (at least with the normal laser; the homing missile and giant laser make sense to limit), I could see myself having a lot more fun with this. It's still a great technical accomplishment, but it's let down by one fundamental design decision.

I don't really have anything specific to write about most of the normal levels, so I'll talk about a general, repeating issue I had. They were quite enjoyable, but most (VAda's Pipes of Green, Lat`'s and SAMMY_SWAG's Roasted Ravine, knuxnumbers' Twilight Grove, Sunlit Caverns by someone whose name escapes me, and Glaber's Sapphire Frost being the most prominent exceptions, all of which I thought were exemplary, and Propulsion Peaks by Inferno Drag, which uses slopes well but is let down by having zero sense of flow outside of that and basically being a life and token farm) clearly had some difficulties deciding where and when slopes should be used. And I don't blame y'alls! They're literally a gamechanger, and there are few published maps to provide style guidelines through experience. What should probably be considered is the direct impact of putting a slope somewhere. Sure, the environment is a little more tilted and it looks better, but that has MAJOR implications for physics. The player's going to end up jumping at an angle, physics are going to be resistant... it's a gimmick, and it's one that requires a little more thought than "put it everywhere". The original SUGOI wasn't much better at this, though, so don't sweat it; at risk of making a terrible pun, it's a learning curve.

Deleted Domain's levels actually had a higher standard when it came to slope usage in general, so if you can get 80 emblems that might be an interesting thing to pay attention to. It's good that those levels were salvaged for future generations.

Also, speaking of Deleted Domain; I hate you, Salt, that you still left in what was originally in the gallery in its place. :P

EDIT: Polluted Polis REALLY should've been called Pollutopolis, not gonna lie. That took me WAY out of it, heh. It was an alright level, but not capitalising on the naming choice physically hurt me, aaaaa
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HOLY SHIT IT'S FINALLY HERE (runs off and downloads)
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I finally downloaded it!!

This is awesome, somehow despite there being more maps this time, they all feel higher quality than last time. Maybe it's just me, IDK! It's awesome! Someone mentioned Doom's Community Chest. I wish Community chest was this cool. The hub is really what brings it all together. The jokey plot and the shopkeeper, as well as the music and the different rooms being unlocked - that's the real genius that ties all the maps together. It shows just how much the WAY a game is structured can contribute to the feeling it gives you. There's just so much personality, and the pick-up-and-play nature makes it easy to come back to.

As I'll play I'll come in here and talk about some maps that stood out to me:

Bubble Tides Zone by TehRealSalt:
Holy poop! I've never seen this before! Granted, I never make it past the DSZ-themed special stage in the regular game, but I've never seen any nights level change track midway through like that! Super interesting and dynamic level, I think it would be fun to run through as regular Sonic just to see how it's all put together. That, the decoration, the music, everything is incredible. It's a blast to play and the twists and turns aren't insane like the worst of the nights stages. For real, I hate HARD nights stages. This one keeps it fun. The visuals were incredible, especially the "surface" section. The fountains and the sky and texturing was so trippy and cool, I loved the feeling. Incredible job.

Holiday Hill Zone, by SeventhSentinel: This one was an all-around solid map. It checks all the boxes: big spacious areas with good flow, multiple paths, cool gimmick with the yellow-springed turtles, and awesome visuals. Something about the map makes me feel like it was designed by Blade or Coat, though. Can't put my finger on it. Their style is just so much like this. There was probably a level by Blade that was snowy with the spring turtles that's sparking my memory. Anyway, this is one of the few levels I'll be coming back to just to explore and find everything I can.

Snow Summit Zone by SAMMY SWAG:
Similar snowy canyon zone like Holiday Hill, but the feel is completely different. I can't say I've ever played a level designed this way and I like it! In a lot of ways, it feels like the true conversion of Sega Genesis level design into 3D. There are upper paths that are safer than the lower paths, but require quite a bit of skill to stay on, and lower paths that are easier to find yourself at, but are a lot more treacherous. What makes this one stand out in particular though is how freaking VERTICAL it is! Kind of like Emerald Isles level design, but slimmer corridors (which somehow isn't bad - actually it's pretty dope) and not as bloated/oversized. I really liked how the player constantly travels up and down throughout the level, sliding up and down slopes and bouncing on springs and such. It gives the stage a lot of kinetic energy through up-and-down movement that I don't see enough levels take advantage of, especially now that we have slopes! Slopes used incorrectly makes the landscape look like a rumpled piece of paper. This is a stage that actually uses them correctly, adding to the look and gameplay equally. I'll definitely come back to this level a few times.

A Minesweeper Field by Rapidgame7:
I didn't even fathom that this was possible in SRB2!! Are the stages randomized each time?? I've played it twice and I got different layouts. The first time through was nerve-racking, too, way more than the regular minesweeper. Because if I lost this round, I'd lose my precious token! It reminded me how much I like the game too. Just seeing this game and how well it all works in SRB2 warms my heart. Awesome job, I couldn't have asked for a better emerald stage. It actually looks like all the emerald stages are gearing up to be really fun.

I'll talk about more maps in the future, but for now that's all I can think of. Again, great job everyone!!
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I think my comment got buried last time but after defeating the "final" eggman boss, when it goes to load Knuckles or something, I didn't look up what it actually was, the game closes by itself, there is no crash message and I didn't see it registered anywhere, not sure what I'm doing wrong?
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