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Tortured Planet v10.5 Details »»
Tortured Planet v10.5
Version: 10.5, by Fawfulfan (The Tortured Planet guy) Fawfulfan is offline
Developer Last Online: Apr 2020

Category: Version: SRB2 Rating: (13 votes - 4.00 average)
Released: 08-24-2014 Last Update: Never Favourites: 7
Single Player Levels Multiplayer Levels SOCs Sprites/Graphics

I bet you thought it was gone.

Tortured Planet is back with a vengeance, polished and ported for SRB2 2.1, with several new changes, including...
  • Full 2.1 style record attack! Tortured Planet now features no fewer than 140 emblems, and to collect them all you'll have to go above and beyond to finish the levels with stellar ring counts, scores, and time. (By the way, there are also some new super-secret emblems hidden away in several levels...)
  • Spacewalk Zone has been cut out of the main rotation entirely, although it can be unlocked after completing the game.
  • New texturing. Some of the gaudier, more ridiculous textures have been removed from zones like Eruption Conduit, Snowcap Nimbus, and Liftoff Gantry, to be replaced with new 2.1-era textures!
  • The later boss battles have been revamped. You'll have to see how for yourself.
  • A couple of levels have had other 2.1 features incorporated into them, including new enemies, hazards, and skyboxes.
  • A few other new secrets and improvements have been added to many of the spoilers!
And you get all this for the low, low price of...three alien skulls!

Update 1: My upload last night had WAY more bugs than any sensible designer should ever let slip through the cracks. Download 10.1 for a stabler, more functional experience...including a slightly new look for LGZ3.

Update 2:
I forgot to add in the level headers for the Special Stages to make sure they don't break. Fixed in 10.2.

Update 3: Fixed a broken cutscene and a broken texture.

Update 4: Fixed two broken boss battles: Star Showdown Zone and archived Alien Armageddon Zone. Also, the time requirement for the SSZ emblem was ridiculous, I've relaxed it.

Update 5: Minecart mode is gone, so I had to update the mine monorail in Fume Shaft Zone Act 2.



Download Now

File Type: rar scmrtf_TorturedPlanet-Music.part1.rar (24.00 MB, 7596 views)
File Type: rar scmrtf_TorturedPlanet-Music.part2.rar (15.51 MB, 7330 views)
File Type: rar scmrtf_TorturedPlanet-v10.5.rar (14.77 MB, 9401 views)


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Old 12-01-2019   #102
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Password for the music rar?
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Originally Posted by antonretrojr View Post
Password for the music rar?
It doesn't have a password, you gotta unzip them at the same time.
Nothing for nothing, is the key :v
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Old 12-11-2019   #104

Kinda a bump so sorry. Made (rescued) this account to try to get some help regarding some emblems I'm missing. Right now I got 130 and here's what I need help with:

  • Sonic's emblem in SAZ1, Tails' and the star emblem in ECZ1 and the star emblem in GCZ1. I don't wanna know where they are, I just want to know if they are broken or not, because I've really struggled with them, and someone posted before that two of these four listed may be broken. Also I really don't want to look them up in the wiki to not spoil myself.
  • LGZ1 only has a Time Attack emblem for me, no Score/Ring emblems. Is this intended? The wiki says that all levels bar boss levels have 3 Record Attack emblems.
  • GCZ2 has some really weird behavior. If I try to beat the level normally or beat it for Time Attack, it runs fine. But when I try to do Score/Ring Attack, whenever I get to the end of the first moving-sand-ride thing, it slows down my game to a crawl. I tried messing with the video modes, tried changing my path a bit, but nothing helped. After I reached that point it ran at a solid 10 FPS no matter what. This path being: progress normally until the gargoyle path split, go left all the way until the gate, go back until you get to the secret with Knux's emblem so you get on the right path of the gargoyle path split. Progress as normal until the moving sand ride.

Since I'm here might as well praise this mod. Honestly it reignited my passion for this game. I suppose this mod isn't being worked on anymore but some thoughts, just those off the top of my head:

  • Visual design is great all around. All the zones felt very detailed and interesting.
  • I found DDZ2 to be pretty tight on rings, unless I missed something of course. I did this level at least four times, and even then I could only beat the Ring Attack with 10 rings from the subway section, which if you miss, you can't backtrack to.
  • Spacewalk Act 1 is incredible, I dare say it's the best level of the entire pack. It has a incredible "ambiance" to it with it's open areas and good music. What really blew me away with this is how I could break the level apart in really really clever ways:
  1. Grabbing the floating rings in the "outdoor" areas is a chore, so you're given a Magnet Shield to compensate! But you lose this shield in the water section when you flip the gravity, so the outdoor sections afterwards are a chore. Guess what, if you're with Tails (and probably Knuckles, haven't tested), you can go all the way to the end of the water section, after you've pressed all the gravity-flipping buttons and opened all the blocked doors, and go all the way back to the outdoors area where you flipped your gravity, get another Magnet shield, and cross the entire water section again without losing your shield! Afaik, there isn't another magnet shield after that, but even if there is, just letting me be able to do this was incredibly cool.
  2. The part with the conveyor belts was the only part I actually disliked about the level. Guess what again, it can be skipped entirely! If you took the left path at the split just before this part, you can flip your gravity, opening the door, and you can backtrack to the beginning of the split, flip your gravity back, get back to the conveyor belts section, and get on top of the conveyor belts! Even Sonic can do this skip, and you can still open the door at the end just by touching the gravity-flip thing, even if your gravity is already not-upside-down.
  • The best thing about these is that I can't figure out if they're intended or not. They feel kinda hacky, but I can't throw away the possibility that they were cleverly thought out. It felt like playing Metroid for the first time again, where you feel like you're outsmarting the developers in their own game.
  • Other highlights would be Eruption Conduit, Gritty Columns and Fume Shaft. Sunshine Atoll, Drowned Downtown, Liftoff Gantry and Alien Armageddon are all good. I only really don't like Snowcap Nimbus because it abuses pits and breaks the pace of the level too much with them, but I don't even think it was bad, just meh. Spacewalk 2 also really lacked in comparison to the first act. In particular, the poorly shown gravity flips in the middle of space are pretty bad.
  • Among other minor things, the version is listed as 10.2 in-game instead of 10.5, and the new enemy in Fume Shaft sometimes leaves buggy "slime" that doesn't disappear. I think it happens when the slime doesn't completely land on one flat surface but not sure.
Sorry for the long post.
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