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Admin Tools + Mod Skin
Version: 3.0, by OtherChen (The other one) OtherChen is offline
Developer Last Online: Jan 2020

Category: Version: SRB2 Rating: (2 votes - 3.60 average)
Released: 05-24-2014 Last Update: 06-16-2016 Installs: 3
Characters Scripts Re-Useable Content

Two separate mods in one post. You can use them together, but many of the Mod Skin functions can be done easier with Admin Tools.


Don't feel like using Terminal? admintools.lua is a more lightweight alternative.

  • whois: dummy command to check parts of player names. If two players' names are similar, like "Foxy the Fox" and "Foxfire", use this to ensure you target the right one.
  • die: make yourself dead. Unlike suicide, it always works, even after completing the level.

ALL PLAYERS (co-op only, unless you're an admin)
  • goto <name>: teleport to another player's location.
  • super: become Super. Gives you 20 rings if necessary. Otherwise, your ring count is preserved between uses.
  • rings/lives <amount>: give yourself rings or lives.
  • shield <type>: give yourself a shield, replacing your current one. You can also give the Force Shield extra health.
  • flower: give yourself a Fire Flower. Does not change your skin color.
  • shoes/invuln <time>: give yourself Super Sneakers or Invulnerability.

  • print <type> <message>: print something to the console, without using the chat. For a plain message, <type> should be "S" or "Standard." You can use "Notice," "Warning," or "Error" to prepend one of these words in color to your message: that way you can fake a Lua script error or server warning.
  • dofor <name> <command>: force someone else's console to do something, such as "name Dumbass123" or "say I love this server!"
  • rally: teleport everyone to you.
  • nuke: destroy everything in the map -- enemies, rings, monitors, random flowers, even checkpoints! (Springs and other movement-essential objects will stay.)
  • freeze <name>: lock a player's controls.
  • gag <name>: prevent a player from speaking.
  • kill <name>: kill a player.

  • If the cvar mute is enabled, a gagged player who tries to speak will be kicked for synchfailing.
  • If a map is nuked too early or too often, nuke might become unusable.


modskin.wad is technically a character WAD, but it's not meant for normal gameplay. Rather, it's a tool for server hosts and admins to punish trolls, organize survival games, or simply watch over their subjects fellow players.
Non-admins who switch to this skin are invisible, but cannot move or take any actions.
  • Custom 1: change movement speed
  • Custom 2: toggle noclip
  • Custom 3: toggle invisibility
  • Fire: shoot a Mod Ball
  • Fire Normal: change the Mod Ball's type:
  • Freeze Ball: freeze players in place. Acts independently of the Admin Tools freeze. Also freezes enemies; they will unfreeze when you interact with them.
  • Tele Ball: teleport players to you, and damage enemies.
  • Death Ball: insta-kill players, enemies, and bosses. Works even if the player is Super or has completed the level.
  • Kick Ball: kick players and remove objects from the world.
  • unfreezeall: clear everyone's Freeze Ball status. Acts independently of the Admin Tools freeze none.

UPDATE 2016-06-16
  • Admin Tools added: shield, flower, shoes, invuln, rally, kill
  • Admin Tools removed: give, take, get (turns out they're not that intuitive)
  • Mod Skin: completely revamped

Download Now

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  • The author of this addon has given explicit permission for its content to be re-used and/or reproduced.

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Originally Posted by OtherChen View Post

The best part? You can now switch skins without killing yourself.
Ooooo fancy. Need to retest this again lol
That dude that makes maps sometimes
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When I used one of your letter which is "M = Attraction Shield" I tried and it did not work.
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Old 09-24-2017   #24
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This mod was fun! But, whatever you do, no matter how much fun it, do not use the nuke command on the title, or use it twice simultaneously, it will crash your game!

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What is the music when you deploy the nuke?
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Can we modify this then host with the modified lua?
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