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Old 07-23-2020   #1
ManuelRome's Avatar
Default What configuration do you use while playing SRB2?

I know the game and the levels are designed around the mouse and keyboard play styles, but I actually find it a bit more enjoyable to play with the "Simple" camera mode and keyboard only, mostly because of the more top down view.

I only changed it to the "Standard" mode in the final boss, since I just couldn't beat it if I wasn't watching the boss at all times, I just was sent off the stage time and time again. After I changed it to "Standard", I beat him 2nd try (The boss was still pretty tough for me).

So anyway, what configuration do you find most comfortable to play with? do you change the camera distance and height at all?
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Old 07-23-2020   #2
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I haven't updated my control scheme since the Final Demo days. Sometimes I use a gamepad, but most of the time I use keyboard-only with movement on the arrow keys (turn left/turn right). WASD is used for jump, spin, and strafing.
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Old 07-23-2020   #3
Backseat Developer
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I believe there was a previous thread with a similar idea to this, but that died a long time ago and would probably be considered necroposting at this point so I'll state my control style again

My control scheme changes depending on which gamemode I'm playing, if I'm playing in a 3rd person oriented gametype or Battle, I'll opt for Old Analog using a keyboard only or gamepad setup like so:
Left analog stick/Arrow keys - Movement
Bottom button/D - Jump
Left button/S - Spin
Right button/A - Custom 1
Left and right bumpers/Q and W - Move camera right and left, respectively (yes I specialize in being backwards in every way)
Obviously there's more buttons I have mapped to accomodate all the buttons people use for custom characters and lua and such, but for the sake of keeping this post brief and not making a monsterous post, these are just the ones that get used most often for general use.

If I'm playing in a mode that requires first person or something that absolutely REQUIRES the FPS control scheme (Samus, for instance), I typically ditch a gamepad in favor of the FPS control scheme here:

WASD - Movement
Space - Jump
Shift - Spin
E - Custom 1
Mouse - Camera
Left click - Fire
Right click - Fire Normal
Originally Posted by Cirno
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Old 07-23-2020   #4
i make stuff sometimes
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My control scheme has been the same since the early 2.1 days, it's just really comfortable for me

WASD to move around, Right click to Jump, X to Spin, Mouse to use the Camera
G - Custom 1
H - Custom 2
J - Custom 3

and i use the strafe play style
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Old 07-23-2020   #5

Mostly standard controls, with minor changes here and there:

WASD - movement
Mouse - camera
R - reset cam

Right click or Space - jump
LSHIFT or X - spin

V - toggle first-person mode
A and E - switch weapon
Left click - fire ring weapon
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Old 07-23-2020   #6
Solid SOAP
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Simple configuration with a PS4 gamepad. I wouldn't be able to play this any other way.
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Old 07-23-2020   #7
Dutch word-doer
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My setup hasn't changed much.

Up Arrow/W: Move forward
Down Arrow/S: Backpedal
Left Arrow: Turn Left
Right Arrow: Turn Right
C/A: Strafe Left
V/D: Strafe Right
X/Mouse2: Jump
Z: Spindash
Mouse1: Shoot Ring
Mousewheel: Switch Weapons
F, G, H: Custom 1, 2, 3.
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Old 07-23-2020   #8
Soufon's Avatar

I grew up playing the classic Sonic games on emulators, so back in the final demo days I used the same layout for playing SRB2 (it was just a classic Sonic game in 3D, I thought)
-Left and right arrow keys for turning
-Up and down for movement
-A key for jumping, S and D for spin
I stuck with this setup until very recently, after playing through to the end and struggling against the final boss fight with this setup.
I revised my control scheme to have strafing left and right assigned to A and D, with jump and spin being W and S respectively. For custom actions, I have them set to Z, X, and C. I play with the Legacy/Strafe camera option.
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Old 07-23-2020   #9
Blizzard Wolf
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I use Up/Down to move forwards/backwards, Left/Right to turn the camera, F to jump, G to spin, and R/T to strafe. This setup may sound weird, but I am comfortable with it

When 2.2 came out, I tried switching to keyboard & mouse, with jump and spin being assigned to the mouse buttons (because Space doesn't respond while holding both A and W). This new setup worked great for me! Then, a couple months later, my mouse's left button broke.

It was a brand new mouse.

So, after that, I switched back to my old control scheme.

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Old 07-24-2020   #10

Simple, Xbox layout controller. Left stick move, right stick camera, left and right on the d pad to turn (makes them usable in 2d mode), A to jump, B to spin, L to reset/center camera. It works pretty well.
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Old 07-28-2020   #11
A SRB2 Fanatic
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I use the Simple control scheme with a keyboard.

Arrow Keys/WASD: Move
Z: Jump
X: Spin

[: Look Left
]: Look Right
M: Toggle Mouselook
V: Toggle Third-Person

Left Mouse Button: Fire
C: Normal Fire
': Toss Flag
Wheel Up and Wheel Down: Weapon Switch

Left Ctrl: Custom 1
Alt: Custom 2
Right Shift: Custom 3
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Old 07-28-2020   #12
Chuckles troll
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My controls didn't changed that much but i'll tell you anyways

Normal setup

chasemlook on
WASD - movement
Left click - jump
Right click - spin
Q and E - previous and next weapons
V - toggle chasecam
Scrolling button - fire
Middle click - normal fire

Battle mode

Same for most of the controls
Middle click - fire
Q - parry (normal fire)
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Old 07-28-2020   #13

suggestions for backspace, enter, right shift, and right alt appreciated :# the other blank key is Windows so can't touch that

I play almost exclusively in Standard. With the control scheme shown above, usually keyboard only, but I have a bind to switch to traditional WASD+mouse which I use fairly regularly in netplay especially. Mostly default camera settings though I fiddle with them for various things - in particular, I use cam_speed 1 whenever I'm using a mouse (though usually I play in first person with a mouse).

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Old 08-05-2020   #14

I play the game with a PS4 controller, however I only use the standard controls, with the camera distance at 224 and the camera height at 39. I play with standard controls so that the analog stick directions can be direct 100% of the time, and when turning and stuff I tend to make turns similar to how one would do with an FPS game (strafe into the turn, instead of 1:1 turning by only relying on camera turns). I bumped up the spacial and rotation speed by one and three notches respectively
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Old 08-05-2020   #15
azoo's Avatar

Simple controls, Xbox controller.

Left analog - Movement
A - Jump
X - Spin
B / RB - Center view
Right analog - Rotate camera

Orbital Looking - ON
Downhill Slope Adjustment - ON
Camera Distance - 224
Camera Height - 48

Extra settings:

Everything's pretty much fine-tuned to be as simple to control as possible. It's pretty fun this way.
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Old 08-07-2020   #16
a fan of Cybershell lol.
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Welp, i guess i have to show my controlls.

Simple Controlls, Nintendo Switch Pro Controller.

Left Analog Stick: Movement

R Button: Jump

L Button: Roll/Spindash

Right Analog Stick: Left, Right Camera


Simple Controlls.

WASD: Movement

Arrows: Camera Movement

Spacebar: Jump

LShift: Roll/Spindash
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Old 08-08-2020   #17
aka Cirom
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I don't think I've changed my controls much since the 1.09.4 days either, considering I still have some holdovers from back when I played keyboard-only.

Control type: Standard

Movement: WASD / Arrow Keys (arrow keys use turning, WASD uses strafing)
Jump: Right Click / X
Spin: E / Z
Custom 1: Space Bar / Mouse 5 (Forwards)
Custom 2: V (I also have a button on my mouse which presses V)
Custom 3: B / Mouse 4 (Backwards)
Ring Throw: Left Click
Ring Throw (Normal): Middle Click
Toss Flag: Q
[BattleMod Parry: Changed to Custom 2]
Toggle Chasecam: G

Typically, the left side is used for standard play while the right side is used for some keyboard-only stuff. I do tend to use the keyboard-only controls for the NiGHTS Special Stages, but not much else anymore.
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Old 09-01-2020   #18
OC Donut Steel
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I have a control scheme that allows me to have left hand near WASD and right hand on the mouse.

WASD: Move and strafe
Mouse: Camera
Left click: Jump
Right click: Spin
Middle click: Fire ring
Down scrollwheel: Normal fire
1,2,3: Custom 1,2,3
Space or - (/ if it was American QWERTY): Tossflag
Q,E: Cycle weapons

Also if binds count, I have some in my aliases and stuff for servers (mostly Spectrum):
Ctrl: Godmode
Alt: Noclip
Shift: God+Noclip
6: 0 rings
7: 9999 rings
8: Super on?
9: Super off?
"-"? Or "," or "."?: Flip Gravity
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