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Old 03-28-2014   #1361
Llitechiel ꙮ
Oh, What a Flopnik!
Llitechiel ꙮ's Avatar

I suppose I'll make this my first post, yes? In any case, hello, I'm Katwover. My real name is Bryson, and I've known Sonic Robo Blast 2 since... what was it, late 2012? I'll say how I came across this truely fantastic fangame, later. I may create a few WADs here and there, few and far between maybe, but my nature is not to be a sucky-WAD factory, hopefully. As for my talents... well, recently I've been practicing alot with FL Studio with MIDI files and such... And my interests- I enjoy most of the games I have, whether it be on my Playstation 2, 3, Nintendo DS, 3DS (two of them), or my PC. In terms of Sonic games, my first ever was Sonic Heroes, back in 2006 for my first console, the PS2; I still have both working to this day. However, I really became a fan of Sonic for... actually, going on for almost 2 years now ever since I once wanted Sonic Generations for the PS3 my mom was going to get for her birthday and... well now. Somehow I got my mom involved in this. I think I said enough. That's a wrap up for my introduction, folks.

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Old 03-31-2014   #1362
Spriting and lazing around
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Default Anyone know me? No? Okay.

Hey everyone! I'm FieryExplosion (12 years old), your average SRB2 player... who likes using Tails. I've been playing since... 2011/2012? I dunno.

My favorite characters are Luigi and Tails, I enjoy party/kart/platformer/overall fun games, and... uhh... I have a 3DS XL. (Last part wasn't really that important...)

I'll be either lurking around or randomly posting stuff. I'll be seeing you around! ...if I do post, that is.
See my awesome sprite sheets & stuff!
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Old 04-06-2014   #1363
Myst1cal Wave
It's Mystical Wave...
Myst1cal Wave's Avatar

Hi, I'm Mystical Wave.
Although for some reason I could not name myself that. If I could, I would...
I do mostly sonic-related things, and this is my favorite Sonic fan game. So. Why not stop by and say hi, right?
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Old 04-26-2014   #1364
Keeping it classic
Stormer's Avatar

Hey guys, I'm Stormer! You may know me if you've visited The Middle Ground or TV Tropes forums in the last few months. I'm a generally friendly and all-around classy person once you get to know me. While I have no experience with map making, perhaps by using the tutorials on here and the wiki, I can start making my own maps for the OLDC. I hope I get to know you all better and become a community regular!
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Old 05-02-2014   #1365
Lua Grasshopper
Tamkis's Avatar

Hello, I am Tamkis! I am a 22 software engineer and a nerd, who has been ocassionally playing SRB2 since 2010 (version 2.0.6, IIRC). Lately, I have been playing the new 2.1 SRB2, and decided to join, what with my interest in modifying the game and with having much more general experience with software engineering.

Hopefully, I will post much and become a regular member, with LUA scripts and other things to contribute to the community!
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Old 05-06-2014   #1366
Sonic Boom is ze best.
NeonSonik's Avatar

I am NeonSonik, My real name (Sadly explained) William Arkwright. I like drawing random pictures, I am a good artisit, I have a red Sith lightsaber (That doesn't make me evil.)

I also have a Wii, which I like playing it "Afterwards, I have some games with it too."
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Old 05-07-2014   #1367
Non alcoholic beverage
Azereiah's Avatar


I'm Azereiah. 21, aspiring engineer. I'm a sort of jack of all trades. I do more or less everything, but I'm nowhere near masterful in anything I've done due to lack of focus.

I'm a bit of a game modder. I started with Starsiege: Tribes and have never actually released anything for download, though I hosted a server around 6 years ago.
Made a zombie survival mod, a number of deathmatch maps, and some ski maps.

Hoping to use my ski map skills from Tribes to make some levels for SRB2. Started learning SRB2 Doom Builder today, and am hoping to have everything basically down in the next two days or so (thanks for the wiki, guys, though the texture and FOF stuff needs more reference images). From then on, it's just a matter of practice.
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Old 05-09-2014   #1368
Trolo Bobo
Get "N" or get out!
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Hi, I am Trolo Bobo. This name was chosen randomly, so that's why it sounds extremely dumb, but now I like it.

I play SRB2 since 2007-2008, I think, but I joined this message board recently.

I like playing games such as shooters, platformers, RPGs and RTSs. I found SRB2 when I bought a magazines that was giving free some demo games at that time, and I liked it very much, mostly because it's one of the few 3D Sonic games that resembles the originals and because it has A LOT of secerts and can be easily modified.

I guess that's all I can say about me now.
"A delayed game is eventually good, but a bad game is bad forever." - Shigeru Miyamoto
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Old 05-24-2014   #1369
DaisySniper's Avatar

みんなはじめまして-Nice to meet everyone

Im DaisySniper, Im from Japan, work as Cosplay/Costume Designer, I also love Sonic and Mario. My sig if your wondering, is cause my life partner and I dressed as Peach and Daisy and had a Wedding in Wedding Dress version of there dresses. Where we live not legal for us to be legally married but we still wanted a ceremony to know how much we love each other.

Stop with the seriousness, you might till that my English grammar is not the best but I been playing SRB2 for about a year recently tried the multiplayer it is very fun to play with others. I mostly play wii u and PC, sometimes I play Romance games and Eroge. Im also a huge cosplayer. I mostly play platforms, fighters, some rpgs, Im a huge classic fan

Im also a Role player, im not very picky ether as long you at least try, I mostly rp Romance but do basically everything

I hope to get know everyone and have fun games on SRB2
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Old 05-25-2014   #1370
What am I again?
TOGM95's Avatar

I didn't see this thread!

My name is TOGM95, an expert on games at will, never giving up... well maybe.
I'm 13 years old currently and my interests are games.
The SRB2 game i've found is awesome. Really.

Actually, i'm planning to do a Youtube account, but i'm having problems.
Not big but problems, bad PC's to do it i have.

I founded then this forum. Crazy or not, i made one account way too fast on here.
Commented and all that stuff. I had fun judging all the mods i could, help other users, asking for help, and for these, this forum is important.

Well preety much it! For those who are new, this thread is the one they need.
I'm shy, I'm idiotic, but most importantly, I'm alive.
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Old 05-29-2014   #1371
i don't remember this
Pixel-Voxel's Avatar

Got here from the 'Im new here' thread. Thanks for the link.

I'm Pixel-Voxel and... well.

I started off knowing about SRB2 for years and only recently came back through a YouTube video I found out of sheer dumb luck. I got really interested in it and started searching up videos on virtually everything I wanted to know about. Match mode, 2D sections, the really awesome NiGHTS minigame... I didn't know what I was missing until now.

Then I started going through these forums and your modifications for this game are brilliant. Especially Top Hats and Orderpizza. I'm a fan of really pointless ones that you add in for a laugh but I also like well done character mods that change up gameplay.

So then I installed the game and... I didn't do so well. I knew that as soon as I started drowning in Greenflower Zone 2, I wasn't going to make it all the way to anything as difficult as say... Egg Rock 3... unless I improved. So right after I did my test run, I immediately jumped onto the forums thinking "OK, I'm going to ask about how to get better," and I didn't actually know there was a general discussion. Now I know.

So that's my post, I guess I better go do something relevant.
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Old 06-07-2014   #1372
My hate is my love
Serenity101's Avatar

Oh wow, stuff has happened and I finally got off my lazy rear and made an account here...still feeling lazy.

Anyways, I haven't played SRB2 for months. There was a rare chance that you might've known the jerk nicknamed KenderMystic/Mystic Tails. That would be me. Why the username change? Meh, fresh restart to SRB2, might as well make myself look pretty again before I get people to pull out torches and pitchforks.

I'm in to Touhou, Sonic (duh,) Kirby, Kingdom Hearts, and Cave Story mostly. I usually don't mess around on SRB2's multiplayer because I suck at aiming, shooting, moving in straight lines for more than two seconds, or staying in a straight line for more than two seconds. Don't ask how that's possible, it just is.

Meh, hope you can stand me for more than ten seconds then. I can be nice when I want to be, after all. Maybe.
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Old 06-07-2014   #1373
Blackhex's Avatar

Well, kinda not see this, goin to introduce myself.

I'm Blackhex. My real name is August Bonetti, have 16 years old, live in Argentina, Buenos Aires, as a tourist, trying to learn spanish a bit more, but hey! I like to visit places!

Anyway, I'm a player of SRB2 since 2.0.... 0? :V
And a veteran, since that. I love porting chars to 2.1, and hope to make friends here.

I know TheDoctor since a few days, so... :o
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Old 06-07-2014   #1374
Phil the hegi
Absolute Nonsense
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Originally Posted by Blackhex View Post
Well, kinda not see this, goin to introduce myself.

I'm Blackhex. My real name is August Bonetti, have 16 years old, live in Argentina, Buenos Aires, as a tourist, trying to learn spanish a bit more, but hey! I like to visit places!

Anyway, I'm a player of SRB2 since 2.0.... 0? :V
And a veteran, since that. I love porting chars to 2.1, and hope to make friends here.

I know TheDoctor since a few days, so... :o
I started at 2.0.6. Was playing sonic gems collection, and there was this nice song in the music thing for sonic the fighters. So I searched it up. The first video I saw was one of an SRB2 mod with the song in the background. So I wanted to know what SRB2 was. That's how I got here XD
I still log onto this account sometimes for the express purpose of viewing my childish tirades...
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Old 06-09-2014   #1375
Permanently Banned

i, darckssoni im 13 im new here but im was playing srb2 from when i have 12 year
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Old 06-09-2014   #1376
Phantom-blade's Avatar

I am Phantom-blade, Formerly Ghost the hedgehog, I am also on the Skybase, I am a "slight-newbie" at making WADS (Levels, Characters, Graphics, EXE modding...) and a "unable-to-script-or-code-Lua-and-SOCS" and a nice, calm, friend...
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Old 06-12-2014   #1377

I'm jkirk256. I'm a beginner at making doom (not srb2) maps and i wanna keep track of this game cuz hey, I been playing this game since i was 14. :p

(jkirk256 received a warning for this post: Use correct grammar and spelling.)
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Old 07-01-2014   #1378
That one guy
LykosLQ's Avatar

I'm LykosLQ, 15 years old. I'm just that person who came back to join the forums for no real reason. I have a horrible addiction of Maplestory, Terraria, and Minecraft. I do sprite occasionally sometimes, and I also have a deviantart.

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Old 07-03-2014   #1379
IzumiSoul's Avatar

Hi, I'm IzumiSoul. You may call me Izumi, Isu, or Emi/Emily. I joined about a month and a half ago, but I had artwork to do for an anime convention so I was busy with that. Aaaanyhow, I have a profound love of course for video games, anime, artwork, piano, and I have an affinity for rhythm games. (StepMania and Osu!, namely) I'm 16 and I live in a dead city with nothing to do so I end up online quite often so of course with my love of video games and artwork, I've actually been learning some spriting. Welp, that's me~
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Old 08-04-2014   #1380
Legendary Emerald
Custom User Title
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Oh, I suppose I should make a post here, now that I've been lurking with this account for almost a year.

My name is Legendary Emerald. I'm a fanfiction author, college student, and music/gaming enthusiast. I also have an interest in animation, both overseas and here in the US. Fandoms I've been involved in include Mega Man Legends, Sonic the Hedgehog, Kappa Mikey, and My Little Pony. My favorite musician is Marilyn Manson and my favorite videogame is non-existant because I have at least 10 contenders to choose from (with one of them being Sonic 1 for the Genesis).

I don't remember what year I started playing SRB2, but it was one of the Final Demo (1.09) versions that I first played. I had fun with the main game and explored the level packs that were available at the time, such as Mystic Realm and *memory becomes fuzzy*. After getting my fill, I didn't return to the game until the 2.0 release, where I fell in love with the game all over again. I continued to play into the release of 2.1, and when I finally discovered the joy of mouse and keyboard control, the game made it into my top 10 favorite games. Quite an accomplishment for a product in a perpetual state of incompleteness!
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