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fickle's camera mod that she refuses to give a good name to Details »»
fickle's camera mod that she refuses to give a good name to
Version: 2, by fickleheart (ms reflec beat stan) fickleheart is offline
Developer Last Online: Feb 2020

Version: SRB2 Rating: (6 votes - 5.00 average)
Released: 12-09-2019 Last Update: 12-30-2019 Installs: 6
Re-Useable Content Code Changes Is in Beta Stage

This EXE mod is now redundant, as all of its features are implemented in 2.2.1. The rest of the post is left as-is for posterity.

If you have the 32-bit version of SRB2 2.2.0 (the default), download fcam-v2. If you got the 64-bit version from somewhere, download fcam64-v2.
thanks SCOTT0852 for building the 64-bit version!
Linux users: see this post (I'm not well-suited to provide support for this build if there are OS-specific problems)

I saw people bitching about how the game shoves keyboard-and-mouse controls down your throat now. Perfectly fair, it's not really an accessible control setup, but old analog mode sucks too. To that end I put this together in a couple hours over the last week to try and come up with a middle ground.

This EXE attempts to provide a camera better-suited to a typical 3D platformer control setup, known as "Simple" controls, on by default in this EXE. "Camera Options" is also greatly extended in Simple mode, to expose all of the options for controlling exactly how the auto-camera behaves.

I have tested this with a camera distance of 224 and a camera height of 50.
If you switch off of Simple controls and then back onto it, these will be set automatically for you, but if you just load the EXE, it will still have the default settings. Keep that in mind!

Notable features:
  • Player abilities activate in the direction of the player (or of input), like how old Analog mode used to work.
  • An automatic camera has been created, which hopefully works a lot better than old Analog mode did at facing where you want to see. If it doesn't, the manual camera controls will no longer have to fight the auto camera for dominance.
  • The "Center View" button locks the camera behind the player and temporarily reverts to old-school tank controls, and will also activate a loose targeting system to face nearby bosses (or other objects, if enabled from the options).
  • A couple of minor QoL features have been added: horizontal camera rotation speed can be adjusted, and joystick deadzones can be configured with separate options for digital thresholds and analog deadzones.

Source code

This should* be entirely netplay-compatible.

*note: may not be if there's a bug

FAQ and known issues

Spoiler: FAQ and known issues

The application could not start properly (0x0000007c or whatever)
Go get the 32-bit release of 2.2. This EXE isn't compatible with the DLLs from the 64-bit release.

The camera snaps funny when it resets
Known. I'll fix it some day maybe.

This camera screws up really badly in (some situation)
Oops? Show me what's wrong. If it's because of a Lua addon, I can't do much about that, but for vanilla game and standard stuff, I'll do my best to fine-tune it.

I don't like (some aspect of the new camera)
Check the settings in Camera Options and try tweaking the slider that sounds most like it's causing your problem. Turning all of the sliders down will result in a fully manual camera with the rest of Simple mode's changes in place.

This garbage still gets stuck on walls everywhere and needs babysat
Yeah. You'll still have to control the camera. Maybe just less so. A perfect autocam needs hints in the environment, which SRB2 doesn't have.

You should do (some thing that improves the camera)
Great idea! I'll get back to you on that.

But SRB2 was designed to be played with a keyboard and mou-
Playing kb+m is fine and dandy, but you're not gonna win over people who come in expecting a typical platformer experience by yelling at them to play it like a shooter. Give them an option they're familiar with. Let them gravitate toward the optimal control scheme on their own time. Or don't! They can stick with whatever control scheme they want, and that's fine too.

Spoiler: console variables for menu options

Player 2 cvars are on cam2_ instead of cam_ unless otherwise noted

The base toggle for Simple mode: abilitydirection/abilitydirection2 [Camera/Movement] (having this on with directionchar off is unsupported)
Rotation Speed: cam_rotspeed [1 to 25]

Shift to Player Angle: cam_shiftfacingchar [0.00 to 1.00]
Turn to Player Angle: cam_turnfacingchar [0.00 to 1.00]
Turn to Ability: cam_turnfacingability [0.00 to 1.00]
Turn to Spindash: cam_turnfacingspindash [0.00 to 1.00]
Turn to Input: cam_turnfacinginput [0.00 to 1.00]

Lock Button Behavior: cam_centertoggle [Hold/Toggle]
Sideways Movement: cam_lockedinput [Strafe/Turn]
Targeting Assist: cam_lockaimassist [Off/Bosses/Enemies/Interests/Full]

Spoiler: changelog


- Updated to current master
- Note: master has its own camera rotation speed option, so I consolidated into that. You'll have to reset your option for this.
- Fixed tailsbot fly when P1 has standard controls and P2 has simple controls (see MB thread #41)
- Fixed camera reset snapping weirdly (see MB thread #37)
- Added "Sticky Hold" option for Lock Button Behavior: this behaves like Toggle, but automatically releases if you let go and aren't locked onto anything (see MB thread #23)
- Changed defaults to my personal preference
- Separated camera distance/height settings for Standard/Simple modes (see MB thread #27)
- Note: your current camera settings will be saved to Standard's camera distances. You may need to set this back to default if you've been using Simple camera.
- Disabled lock-on in Ringslinger (see MB thread #22)

v1: initial release

Download Now

File Type: zip (1.89 MB, 644 views)
File Type: zip (1.99 MB, 380 views)


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Name:	srb20058.gif
Views:	1024
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Name:	srb20063.gif
Views:	531
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Name:	srb20035.png
Views:	625
Size:	92.9 KB
ID:	23657  

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Name:	srb20036.png
Views:	512
Size:	78.0 KB
ID:	23658  

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Old 2 Days Ago   #62
Default I love it.

This helped me a lot when playing, especially since I use a steam controller.
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