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Arle Nadja Master
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I knew about SRB2 since the days of 2.0, but our family did not allow me on the PC at the time, and I forgot about it.

Fast forward to 2020, I was finally allowed on the family computer, and I downloaded 2.2.

Needless to say, I never regret the decision.
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In 2017, I saw this video about Sonic drowning themes and they included SRB2 ( I thought it was called Sonic Robo 2 Blast back then) then I saw gameplay of 2.2 in December last year so I downloaded it. Loved this game ever since.
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The Only Beat Main on SRB2K
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I found out about SRB2 from SRB2 Kart when I joined the Kart community in 2019 after seeing a stream showcasing it.
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[Insert meme here]
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Mod showcases for the game were (and still is in Dave's case) quite popular amongst The Lucky Coin Trio, plus GameChamp300 did a review on SRB, so I eventually decided to download 2.1.25. Then 2.2 came out and I love it so much.
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