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SRB2 Freeplay - Mega Server Mod Details »»
SRB2 Freeplay - Mega Server Mod
Version: 1, by Lion Sora (SRB2 Freeplay Owner) Lion Sora is offline
Developer Last Online: Apr 2019

Category: Version: SRB2 Rating: (1 votes - 3.40 average)
Released: 08-23-2018 Last Update: 10-13-2018 Installs: 1
Multiplayer Levels SOCs Scripts Re-Useable Content Sprites/Graphics

The SRB2 Freeplay mod adds more to your server's functionally.

The main features of this mod are:
Infinite lives - players always have 50 lives every time they re/spawn when enabled
Cheats - All basic and a few custom cheats
Server Info - Adds extra server information like a server description
Event System - Allows server owners to announce events with a special sound

Spoiler: Commands

Sandbox [on/off] - allows object spawning and team changing at will
CheatMode [on/off] - enables all cheats that can be used by any player
inflives [on/off] - all players will keep 50 lives when they spawn)
Event [name] - announce events for all your players
EndEvent - stops the current event
ServerInfo - shows if any of the modes are enabled and other server info
More commands soon

All commands are shown by the "FreePlayHelp" and "FreePlayCheats" commands

Spoiler: Extra Features

A player join sound

Resources Mod
The Resources mod include custom objects from other sonic games like the ice spring from mania, the unused special stage 1up from sonic 1 and much more

Hangout Maps (Soon to be extended battle maps)
The role play levels pack is only for those who want to chill out with friends
These levels may be reworked to become extended versions of the battle maps

[Optional] Freedom Planet Core
Requires: Freeplay_Core.wad - Water and Fire Shield
this mod is made to recreate the functionality of freedom planet in SRB2,

Spoiler: Features

200 gems for a extra life
new shield sounds
Freedom planet items and pickups
A health system and hud you can toggle on and off ("FPHud true/false" "FPHealth true/false)
3 Levels - a 3D and 2D Test level and a edit of GFZ replacing the rings and monitors

Known Issues:
Error loading some level tags - This is because Freeplay_Resources uses TD level tags for a test level, this is normal because Freeplay works on both SRB2 and SRB2TD

Kart Version

(Credits are below, message me if I've missed anyone)

Download Now

File Type: zip [Freeplay] Freedom Planet (6.24 MB, 201 views)
File Type: zip SRB2 (489.0 KB, 264 views)


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Name:	iqnc7w2.gif
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Views:	323
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Name:	8x6UmZV.png
Views:	331
Size:	151.6 KB
ID:	13418  

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